Top digital agencies StudioPMG Wins Two Hermes Awards

IRVINE, Calif., June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — StudioPMG, an award-winning corporation of digital marketing, mobile treatments, and marketing analytics solutions, announced today it has received two Hermes iPhone 6 Plus cover New Awards. StudioPMG received a your antique watches award for the Acorda Therapeutics, Incorporation. website, as well as a gold award for that Acorda social media campaign.

Hermes iPhone 6 Plus Leather Case Rose

“It’s reasonably rewarding to see the projects we get in partnership with our client, Acorda, notable for excellence, ” said StudioPMG’s Executive Vice President, Joe McBride.

One particular biopharmaceutical company develops treatments for individuals suffering from neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and more. The Acorda Facebook page recently surpassed twenty-five, 000 likes and Acorda internet marketing has achieved a Klout return of 64, putting it top among the 5% of all social influencers. The newest responsive website design at Acorda. por has increased mobile and tablet workouts by 45% and reduced any mobile bounce rate by 53%.

McBride said these projects have witnessed extraordinary results. “It means Acorda is now engaging many more people by the communities they support. “

One particular Hermes iPhone 6 Plus leather case Creative Awards are an world wide competition for the best in traditional, digicam, and emerging technologies in online marketing. Entries come from corporate marketing and sales and marketing communications departments, advertising, production, and create agencies, as well as web and digicam creators.

Gold Hermes Award: Acorda. com. See a Case Study. Gold Hermes Award: Acorda Therapeutics Social Media Canvassing campaign. See a Case Study.

About viewpoint Headquartered in the heart of O2 County, CA, StudioPMG is a company logo experience agency offering strategic digicam marketing, software development, and fresh services to clients in a great deal regulated industries including healthcare, drug, biotechnology, automotive, insurance and finance. The digital agency’s focus on including brands to life through innovative opinions, and its ability to engage audiences through uniquely crafted messaging has introduced the agency advertising industry attention from The Clio Awards, The Webby Awards, The Stevies, The Tv Awards, and more. For over a decade, StudioPMG has leveraged its expertise of creative and strategy; mobile and additionally web applications; paid, earned and additionally owned media; experiential and friendly events; and analytics and implementation to develop purposeful digital solutions where solidify the relationship between its consumers’ brands and their intended audience.

Pertaining to Acorda TherapeuticsAcorda. com – Started in 1995, Acorda Therapeutics is mostly a biotechnology company focused on developing solutions that restore function and improve lives of people with neurological complications. The Company has one of the leading pipelines around of novel neurological therapies. Acorda is currently developing a number of clinical and additionally preclinical stage therapies. This pipe addresses a range of disorders including post-stroke walking deficits, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, neuropathic pain, MS and spinal-cord injury.


Éxito Beckham Donates Harper’s Designer Using To Raise Money For Save Our Children

Victoria Beckham has declared that she will be donating 25 brand outfits from her daughter’s set of clothing to raise funds for Save They.

Marc By Marc Jacobs iPad Mini Silicone Case Dog

It’s no secret that three-year-old Harper Beckham is one of the world’s best primed tots, and now Victoria is supplying off some of Harper’s most well-known collections as part of the Save The Baby’s Fashion Saves Lives sale.

Originator has specially selected 25 apparel (shoes and all) to offer to the sale, including pieces starting from designers Marc Jacobs mini iPad case, Charlotte Olympia, Stella McCartney and Gucci.

A price start from £250 for a dress yet shoes and go up to £500 for a complete outfit, with 100% of the profits going to Save Our Children’s work to end child demise from preventable causes by 2030.

“I am delighted to be important the wonderful work of Store the Children through the Fashion Saves Worlds sale, ” Victoria said. “As a mother, I passionately mind-calming exercise all children, wherever the survive for, have the right to a happy, healthy one’s life. Everyone out there can do their half by purchasing or donating, ensuring those under 18 all around the world have the opportunity of a brigher lengthy, ” added the former Spice Would be the.

This isn’t the first time the mum of 4 has used her status as one of the most potent women in the world for the good. That kicks off in august last year Victoria sold more than six hundred clothes from her own wardrobe to bring up money for mothers2mothers.

Harper’s apparel will be abialable for purchase at the Mary’s Living & Giving shop for Store the Children in Primrose Hill starting from 10am on Thursday 18th 06.

You can see the outfits Victoria yet Harper Beckham have dontated all by clicking through the gallery below.

Chloe cream sequin shoulder dress yet marc by Marc Jacobs iPad mini blue cat booties

Chloe cream sequin shoulder clothe and Marc Jacobs blue kitty pumps (Save The Children).

Jessica Chantal gold skirt with a related Marie Chantal flower shirt

Jessica Chantal gold skirt with a related Marie Chantal flower shirt (Save The Children).

Bonpoint jeans who has a Chloe peach/white collarless shirt, Chloe peach coat and Flower Hello Martens

Bonpoint jeans with a Chloe peach/white collarless shirt, Chloe peach coat and Flower Doc Martens (Save The Children).

Bonpoint bluejeans teamed with a Marie Chantal teal jacket, Chloe blue shirt yet Ralph Lauren brown pumps

Bonpoint jeans teamed with a Marie Chantal blue jacket, Chloe blue it ought to be and Ralph Lauren brown booties (Save The Children).

Marie Chantal brown dress and Gucci booties

Marie Chantal brown dress yet Gucci pumps (Save The Children).

Chloe cream dress and Minnetonka brown moccasins

Chloe cream clothe and Minnetonka brown moccasins (Save The Children).

Chloe red sequin dress and Red Doc Martens

Chloe red sequin dress yet Red Doc Martens (Save Our Children).

Chloe brown playsuit associated with a Chloe white ruffle popular and Chloe brown pumps

Chloe brown playsuit paired with a Chloe white ruffle top and Chloe brown pumps (Save The Children).

Chloe brown dress with senior bow and Marc Jacobs charcoal cat pumps

Chloe brown clothe with gold bow and Marc Jacobs black cat pumps (Save The Children). □

Mischka Aoki ink flower/jewel embellished dress (Save The Children).

Chloe gold individual dress (Save The Children).

Bonpoint grey cords with a Marie Chantal bird/sequin shirt, Chloe puffa blouse and Marc Jacobs green/blue booties

Bonpoint grey cords with a Jessica Chantal bird/sequin shirt, Chloe puffa coat and Marc Jacobs green/blue pumps (Save The Children).

Yellow color Stella McCartney flower dress (Save The Children).

Alfie & Saturday orange spot jacket teamed who has a Bonpoint brown button top yet Bonpoint neon orange shoes

Alfie & Tuesday orange spot fashion teamed with a Bonpoint brown icon top and Bonpoint neon tesco mobile shoes (Save The Children).

Jessica Chantal gold pumps with a Brown lightly Caramel Baby & Child blouse

Marie Chantal gold pumps who has a Brown Caramel Baby & Tiny skirt (Save The Children).

Healthy Caramel Bay&Child peacoat with a related Chloe cream/green/blue pattern dress

Healthy Caramel Bay&Child peacoat with a related Chloe cream/green/blue pattern dress (Save The Children).

Chloe grey clothe and Charlotte Olympia black kitty pumps

Chloe grey dress yet Charlotte Olympia black cat booties (Save The Children).

Bonpoint cream color blue flower dress and Jessica Chantal blue pumps

Bonpoint cream color blue flower dress and Jessica Chantal blue pumps (Save Our Children).

Roksanda Ilincic pink clothe with black bow detail yet Silver Bloch pumps

Roksanda Ilincic pink dress with black ribbon and bow detail and Silver Bloch booties (Save The Children).

Chloe navy blue duffle coat with a Chloe navy/gold dress and Charlotte Olympia the glaring pumps

Chloe navy duffle blouse with a Chloe navy/gold dress yet Charlotte Olympia red pumps (Save The Children).

Chloe cream blooming embellished dress and matching Chloe brown bow pumps

Chloe cream color flower embellished dress and related Chloe brown bow pumps (Save The Children).

Marc Jacobs graphite trousers teamed with a Chloe graphite, sheepskin collar coat, a Chloe white blow detail shirt, yet Minnetonka brown moccasin boots

Marc Jacobs grey trousers teamed who has a Chloe grey, sheepskin collar blouse, a Chloe white blow point shirt, and Minnetonka brown moccasin shoe boots (Save The Children).

Jessica Chantal cream/pink net skirt blouse with Marie Chantal dandelion publish blouse and Chloe cream scallop edge shirt

Marie Chantal cream/pink net skirt skirt with Jessica Chantal dandelion print blouse yet Chloe cream scallop edge it ought to be (Save The Children).

Chloe hazel dress with a pair of Versace grayscale gold pumps

Chloe brown clothe with a pair of Versace black and senior pumps (Save The Children).

Playtimes Bluetooth gamepad game adaptation is a problem

With the arrival of touch-screen, whether it is Internet, chatting, or playing games, our handheld device most of the work is done by touch. Today to introduce a cool time compatible with Android and iOS systems Bluetooth joysticks. For your mobile phone to add a handle, you can phone a second morph PSP, to play Contra, 90 tanks, and King! Initial contact, or take a look at the official video presentation.

Basic appearance we see its appearance, size just like a iPhone mobile phone fairly. Handles theme for plastic construction, regulation distance. After opening you can see the handles layout. Separation of design, can take out the handle alone. Fixed the phones above, user-friendly design. But for some must be vertical screen play of games such as Temple Run would have been unable to. Look in the back, still can. The Bluetooth handles compatibility, support for Android and iOS systems. Connection is simple, just press and hold the Mode key for 3 seconds, and then click the device. Experience

Small series of first experience using Android phones, cell phone model millet 2: using this Bluetooth in Android system handles, action is more complex, requires ROOT, also required manufacturers to provide simulation game virtual buttons “Game Keyboard game keyboard” software, or most of the game didn’t play. Follow the prompts to set, step, or a lot, hope that the next generation can improve this experience.

Small series of test games, including Super Mario, tank battle, drift city, metal slug, KartrideRush etc.

At first small series of no ROOT, and then use direct connect Bluetooth phone handle, will soon be able to connect, but only the direction keys can be used, a, b, x, y are not available. ROOT after the software is set up, but has prompted the following errors, tossing one afternoon, not just dig good cups. solar lighting kits

Test under iOS handles usage, follow the manual instructions, enter the iCade App Store, suitable for iPad games paragraphs 59 and 58 suitable for iPhone, games are simple: solar powered light

Choose two games Velocispider Zero and Influx Survival, tested the handle is not supported.

Was recommended by the manual download urban racer 5 (Asphalt 5), test key is invalid, tilting the phone can control the direction of the game.

Test some of the popular games on the iOS platform, including the Temple Run, Minigore (Monster Battle Boar male), Jetpack Koyride (Jetpack), plants vs zombies, etc:

Not setting it, Temple Run by the handle operates around key not turn key combination is needed to turn more uncomfortable to play, while for other kinds of games, the handle is a little overwhelmed.


We have also introduced iMpluse, iControlpad2, iCade Mobile variety similar Bluetooth joypad, we believe that under this handle on the Android platform set slightly complex, how to improve in later versions, without Root access to all functionality is essential on iOS platform it is possible to directly connect directly, without too much complex settings, But this one handles the biggest problem is the game number and adaptation problems, need keys for each game simulation settings, if you are unable to handle many of the most popular games to play can greatly reduce the practicality and fun.

In addition, the Smartphone’s touch-game mode, the PalmPilot is a kind of progress, we also see in the above test, now in control of the game on a Smartphone is not just a game controller key is so simple, such as dual joystick shooter, with a joypad is difficult to simulate, for games like cut the watermelon is does not. But grew up playing PSP 80/90 later said that this design could give them a feeling of nostalgia, if you’re interested, you can look at.

Learn more about the new cool device, please pay attention to @ love machine


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Ultra-Thin Bumper Case for iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

TPU Rubber Ultra-Thin Bumper Case for iPhone 6 bumper or it may be iPhone 6 Plus

Bicolor TPU iPhone 6 Bumper Black/White

in nine years old colors (Blue pictured) for

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Apple first generation iPad mini, the only remaining Retina

Lei feng’s network news, Apple this Friday on the website of the first generation iPad mini, now only the iPad mini 2 and iPad mini 32 is equipped with Retina screen tablet.

First generation iPad mini release in October 2012, configure the slightly outdated, it is still 32-bit A5 processor, no Retina screen. Now choose the mini people, General choose cost-effective mini 2. It is worth mentioning that, when the mini 3 was released last year, because of differences with the second generation are only increased by fingerprint recognition and much gold is optional, so is condemned. Hello Kitty iphone 6 cases

Hello Kitty Silicone iPhone 6 Case with Chain Black

Impact on a large screen, flat and weak presence of. IPad has several consecutive quarter drop of more than 20%, even analysts predict, the Tablet is just a transitional product, would die out soon. Hello Kitty phone case

It is expected that first generation of iPad mini step by step after the sale, Apple gradually empties stock. At present we cannot determine whether the apples new iPad mini will be released in the autumn of this year, more news now points to the legendary big-screen version of the iPad Pro.

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Cher’s Back Covers ‘Love’ Magazine

Once the first major celeb to be exposed as part of case Marc Jacobs‘ fall 2016 campaign, we had the feeling that Co?teux was ready for a comeback. Now, Love magazine has made it endorsed.

Marc By Marc Jacobs TPU iPhone 5 iPhone 5S Case Monogrammed

The 69-year-old’s back — comfortable by her shock of raven hair — takes center stage near the latest issue with the headline “Cher’s Back! ” (Ba dum, tsss). An upturned collar on her Marc Jacobs cases coat gives the photo, flick the handiwork of photographer Brian Sims and stylist Joe McKenna, a regal aura rightfully produced by the pop queen.

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Love editor in boss Katie Grand and Marc Jacobs have worked closely before, collaborating to both Jacobs’ campaigns as well as past Fall in love with cover shoots. We’re guessing our own designer’s fall collection will favor the photo spread that is connected with the Derek Blasberg penned interview, simply hey, we’re not complaining.

A picture posted by LOVE MAGAZINE (@thelovemagazine) on Jun 16, 2015 available at 12: 44am PDT