Veterans administration. Beach carnival arrests, movie cancellations reported after weekend violence

Simply by Matthew Bowers The Virginian-Pilot© Summer 4, 2015

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Police have revealed two arrests after weekend challenges and reported gunshots that coerced early closings at a monthlong capital city carnival at Mount Trashmore.

Authorities also said Friday’s Summer Picture Night showing of “Toy Story case” will be postponed because the carnival is able to continue closing at 8: request p. m. for safety requirements.

Charged Saturday night with a concealed-weapon violation was Terrell Pace, 23, of the 800 block of Whitehead Ave. in Norfolk, police had said Wednesday. A juvenile also had been charged with assaulting a criminal officer.

Police earlier this week revealed that there were no arrests.

A new police spokesman said the department’s communications staff initially wasn’t informed about them.

Police said fights certainly out Saturday night, and they added reports of gunfire but hardly any injuries. The carnival, scheduled to operate through June 23, closed as soon as possible that night and every night since.

Criminal court, sheriff’s deputies, Parks & Adventures Department staff and carnival administrators met Wednesday to review safety tactics, according to a city news release.

They decided continue the early closings and strengthen security with extra officers as well as deputies.

Saturday patrons who purchase ride-ticket wristbands after 7 delaware. m. may pick up vouchers after 6 to 8 p. m. weekdays by the carnival office at Mount Trashmore by showing a wristband or possibly receipt from Saturday, the city had said. The vouchers are good for the the rest of the carnival.

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