Akal Airsoft testing Arena Flakjak Goggles

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2015 social networking revenue 25 1 billion Facebook monopoly

There is no doubt that today China is the King of social networks beyond Facebook, although not many people use, but does not prevent Facebook have earned a lot of money.

Recently, data analysis firm eMarketer released in 2015 report on social network advertising revenues. Projected through 2015, social network ad revenue will reach $ 25.14 billion, higher than the Agency’s previous forecast of US $ 23.68 billion.

Dominance of Facebook to $ 16.29 billion in advertising revenue accounted for 64.8% of the whole market, compared with last year, Facebook’s advertising revenue increased by 41.8%. Look whether it is up or ring, Facebook is growing fast. According to statistics from eMarketer, Facebook’s average per user for Facebook to bring the income of 12.76 dollars, relative to last year’s US $ 10.03 is also gratifying gains; and Facebook before the monthly active user numbers have exceeded 1.5 billion, one-day users exceeded 1 billion.

Social network advertising revenue growth and forecast

Mentioned but it is worth noting that eMarketer Facebook revenue growth momentum in large part thanks to its photo service using Instagram’s drastic expansion. Yesterday, Instagram team just announced that more than 400 million monthly active users! Instagram last year has already brought us $ 600 million in revenue for Facebook.

Recently Twitter not to be optimistic about income growth was also lower compared to last year, Twitter’s revenue this year is expected to grow by 61.8% (in April this year, the Agency predicted that the growth rate of 66.9%), to 2.03 billion dollars, a global market share of 8.1%. Disney case

Social network users and revenues brought about by forecast

EMarketer senior analyst Debra Aho Williamson said: “Twitter is slow growth in the number of users of its advertising revenues have had an impact. Twitter has already improved its advertisement positioning function, but its advertising effectiveness is still limited. Advertisers want their ads to more users, and more difficult on this on Twitter than on Facebook. ”

Casually mention that not long ago, Mark Zuckerberg in XI XI Jinping visited the United States and had a conversation, don’t know if Facebook can also enter China, Facebook did not earn more money? But wash for bed, you want more.


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iPhone 6s Plus Disney iPhone case

In actual use, Plus feel just like an iPad Mini Mini–, especially in landscape mode, Plus cross-screen keyboard or directly join the cut, copy, paste, and the arrow keys, and then create a new note and email are suspended like a piece of paper on top of the entire interface, very unique. It seems that Apple is great at screens of different sizes have different characteristics of the interface.

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Mosaic bath towels Censorship Towel

From Carmichael Studio creative Collective, mosaic bath towels (Censorship Towel)-nude bathing is how a breach of security regulations it, so give it a mosaic on it, just put this towel around ~ I have to say, this kind of dark and light color matching, it is personal and intimate, haha. Marc Jacobs Galaxy Note 4 case Marc Jacobs Note 4 case

Designer: Carmichael Collective

[ viacarmichaelcollective.com]

Marc By Marc Jacobs Black Zebra Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Ali listed first anniversary share price since its peak nearly halved

On September 19, 2014, the company listed on the New York Stock Exchange, a crowded, everyone would envy. Its shares rose on the day 28%, raised a total of $ 25 billion, becoming United States largest IPO in history. iPhone 5 spiderman case

Excitement no longer after a year, investors had become more calm.

After the first day to close at $ 93.89, Ali’s share price began a roller-coaster ride, the highest points in November, up $ 119.45, then turn down, dropped below their IPO price of $ 68 in the near future, September 18 closing price of us $ 64.42, down 46% from the highest point.

Spiderman iPhone 5 Case

According to foreign media analysis of The Street, Ali fell mainly due to China’s economic downturn. In addition to slower growth, as well as questions about brush unilateral also have certain effects.

Ali, but last year there were some bright results, such as the double single-day sales of more than $ 90, set a new record. According to data from the Chinese investment group CLSA, Alibaba is still 80% of China’s e-commerce market share, far ahead of other competitors.

“The company continues to occupy a leading position in the field of e-commerce in China, is also betting on China’s economic growth has been good,” Luria, an analyst said. “But China’s economic growth slowed Ali’s performance becomes more difficult to predict. ” Spiderman iPhone case

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Microsoft Surface 3

New atom performance ARM processors have and top closer, but are worse and the mainstream core of the series by a mile, but taking into account the thermal power of 14W and 2W gap, which is understandable. Use it for routine minor Office enough and finally surface series can also run X86 program! Said performance flaw, is that it does not use the SSD, and broken eggs eMMC 4.5, which even with the eMMc 5.0 modern Android flagship.

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Great new Documentary Seeks To Examine The Aborted George Miller ‘Justice League: Mortal’ Movie

New Documentary Seeks To envision The Aborted George Miller ‘Justice League: Mortal’ Movie

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case Superhero Batman

Posted The day before thanksgivings, May 27th, 2015 08: 00 pm GMT -4 by Jerr Motes

‘The Death of Terme conseillé Lives’ is a documentary directed when John Schnepp that looks upper back on the aborted attempt to reboot you see, the ‘Superman’ cinematic franchise in the 90s, which was slated to be directed when Tim Burton and would have was seen Nicholas Cage as the Man among Steel. The movie famously made it sort of far into development but in last minute, the entire production was abandoned despite Warner Brothers already the perfect millions on it. In 2007, someone else high profile super hero movie seemed to be in development at Warner Cousons, ‘Justice League: Mortal’, which would are helmed by ‘Mad Max’ mastermind George Miller. Like ‘Superman Lives’ the movie made it pretty far around production, with a cast assembled and able to start shooting in Australia when the delete word to-do was completely scrapped.

Quickly in the footsteps of ‘The Death among Superman Lives, ’ a new written, tentatively titled ‘Miller’s Justice Category: Mortal’ seeks to examine the plotted movie and its ultimate demise, generally attributed to the writers strike that most hit Hollywood at the time. Director Ryan huffman Unicomb and producers Aaron Support and Steven Caldwell, working with window tinting film writer/author Maria Lewis, are planning to occupation interview cast and crew members which are attached to the project to learn around the development and ultimate scrapping of this occurence project. One unique area that your filmmakers hope to showcase is the budget impact the abandonment had throughout the planned Australian shooting location. Additionally , comic book fans can look toward some never-before-seen artwork and outfits.

The intention to make the documentary was just completed, as Unicomb explains, “We had to get the story out there to help all of to gauge interest… I have for ages been fascinated with project, which would be in your identical vein as 2013’s Jodorowsky’s Fa?te and this year’s The Death among Superman Lives: What Happened?, about a Terme conseillé movie that Tim Burton would direct in the 1990s. ” Unicomb has private investors lined up on his planned doc, but could also turn to fans to help with money.

‘Justice League: Mortal’ featured every cast of mostly (at you see, the time) unknowns: Armie Hammer whilst Batman Samsung note 3 case, Adam Brody as Flicker (Barry Allen), D. J. Cotrona as Superman, Megan Gale whilst Wonder Woman, Common as Purple Lantern, Santiago Cabrera as Aquaman, Hugh Keays-Byrne as the Martian Manhunter, Anton Yelchin as Wally To the west, Zoe Kazan as Iris To the west, Teresa Palmer as Talia Approach Ghul, Jay Baruchel as Maxwell Lord and Stephen Tobolowsky whilst Alfred Pennyworth. Only Brody, Usual and arguably Baruchel were “names” at the time and even today, only Sludge hammer has gained any real prestige. Gale and Keays-Byrne appear in Miller’s current hit ‘Mad Max: Ferocity Road. ’

‘Justice League: Mortal’ would have borrowed heavily from the comedy book miniseries ‘Infinite Crisis, ’ but would have also taken an email from ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ with Barry Allen dying and in addition Wally West taking on his mentor’s identity. (Although Brody and Yelchin are much closer in age and additionally most would think Barry and in addition Wally would be. )It would certainly seem interesting to see more of what has been, expecially now that WB is advancing with a new DC cinematic universe that will help ultimately include an updated The legal League.

Are you intrigued to see about that documentary?

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‘Price not a primary consideration’ as Bowers & Wilkins introduces the T7, its first Bluetooth speaker

That honeycomb periphery isn’t just for showcase: it’s a Micro Matrix that “braces the speaker, reducing cabinet reverberation for a cleaner, more precise sound”.

Mini Portable Speaker Hi-Rice SD-808 with USB/TF Card/FM Radio

Renowned British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins is bringing the dog’s first ever Bluetooth speaker to Queensland, through authorised distributor Convoy Globally. Called the T7, this speaker conflates a stylist modern design with Small Matrix technology for awesome premium quality reproduction.

The T7 is square in shape and about the same size of any kind of hardcover book, with two 50-millimetre drivers covered by a front having grill bordered with a hexagonal format — the Micro Matrix — which provides “substation cabinet stiffening”. To 18 hours of battery life ıncluding a hand-holdable form factor, the T7 was made for portability, though at RRP $499, it is a brave user it takes this speaker to the seashore or poolside. It is more meant for room-to-room use, on the verandah as well the garden.

This is the second time right away that a well known audio brand it place sound quality at its primacy released its first Bluetooth speaker, immediately Bang & Olufsen’s striking BeoPlay A2. We asked why with taken so long for such a highly respected brand like Bowers & Wilkins to release a Bluetooth speaker. Chris Martin, B&W brand manager found at Convoy International responded:

“B&W’s number one focus is always sound quality and sound recordings performance, ” he said. “Bluetooth has generally used low piece rate codecs which simply are not able to deliver high fidelity. But with the particular wider adoption of the high-quality aptX codec among phone and product manufacturers, Bluetooth audio has achieved a level of performance that provides ‘hi-fi’ from a truly bluetooth portable speaker. ”

There is no doubt this release will be welcome with whoops and cheers produced by B&W’s devoted fanbase in Australia. What if they have already purchased a cheaper natural, from the likes of Beats and it could be UE? We asked Martin if thez T7 was a response to the market moving about to lower-priced speaker alternatives. This individual demurred.

“Price is never a primary thing to be considered for a new product introduction from BLACK AND WHITE. As John Bowers once pronounced, ‘If you build a better tool, people will buy it’.

“However, the convenience and wide adoption as to Bluetooth streaming, along with factors for example, the huge growth of internet audio woman services, has led B&W to develop yet launch the premium T7 Wireless bluetooth speaker. ”

The T7 was already picked up by Apple for sale in the dog’s retail stores, along with selected David Andrews and Move outlets and quite a number of independents.

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