Hong Kong s official response to the Mainland s two child policy not have any

Hong Kong shoppers who buy milk in the store. Oriental IC data

International online news, 18 plenary session decided that a couple two-child policy is fully implemented. Hong Kong Secretary for food and health, said Dr Ko Wing-man, they look at the effects of new policies on Hong Kong. !mAfter the woman was out of the closet: listen

Hong Kong introduced since January 2013 “double non-zero” policy that private hospitals and public hospitals are not receiving couple are not the view of the pregnant women give birth. Since full implementation of the mainland recently announced that after a couple two-child policy, some people worry that the new family planning policy of the Mainland will not be raised more pregnant women from the Mainland come to Hong Kong to give birth, or even to “grab the milk powder” to this, Dr Ko Wing-man, said at this stage has no intention of changing the “zero-two” and “limiting milk”. Export restriction since the introduction of formula milk powder, milk powder supply stability in Hong Kong, the authorities regularly to survey, thinks there is no condition to consider a change of policy.

NPC Deputy LAU Pui-think of the area, the policies of population increase was brought about by the country, the proportion of Guangdong or Shenzhen rarely, so the new measure will not affect Hong Kong. High demand for baby-related products from the Mainland, Hong Kong businessmen can seek new business opportunities in this regard.


JPMorgan Zhu Haibin suggest Thirteen Five flexible intervals growth targets

Photo: network XI Jinping China is perfectly placed in long term

“The next 5 years will remain in a period of economic adjustment, especially in economic growth will slow down in the next one to two years. “JPMorgan Chief Economist Zhu Haibin, China on October 28 in the” Thirteen-Five “Outlook seminar said.

This is the Chinese Government first economic five-year plan in a clear downward path, so the market “Thirteen-Five” economic growth target is especially concerned.

Zhu Haibin believes that the ideal situation is not to talk about the digital target, reaffirmed by 2020 GDP doubled, which implied the average growth rate is actually 6.5%. Does not identify the specific benefits of a digital target is that for annual work can provide greater flexibility, formed in practice closer to the actual economic growth targets.

Prior to this, member Huang yiping of the Central Bank’s monetary policy Committee has also referred to a similar view. Yiping Huang pointed out that sound economic growth is stable at present, and if it continues to adhere to the “target” is likely to result in a passive situation. Future should really implement the proposed “regulation” framework to define the limit of growth of inflation, to defining the lower limit of growth in unemployment.

Economic growth in the third quarter, “the 7-” behind some changes worth paying attention to. Manufacturing and services accelerate the differentiation, and fixed asset investment continued to decline, the continuation has become the norm for some time. However, after the market fell in the third quarter, landing the expected answer has not been outside the financial services industry, which includes real estate services, retailing, catering and other services, in the indicator continued to rise in the third quarter.

In this regard, Zhu Haibin forecasting, financial services in the four-quarter decline will be larger than the third quarter, there will be some amendments to certain effects of the four quarters of growth in services. Manufacturing and Services Division is also likely to reverse in the four quarter.

In his view, because, especially in terms of investment in the four quarter fixed asset investment may improve, the key is related to a recent two-month economic policy adjustment and monetary policy on the one hand, and successive interest rate cuts drop, while fiscal months in which significantly more positive.

However, after going through a short period of correction, Zhu Haibin was not optimistic about the economic recovery in the next year or two. He predicted that this year’s economic growth could be 6.9% in 2016 and will continue to drop to 6.6%.

Mainly on the grounds that, first, go to the productivity process continues, not reached a new stage. Reflected in the key areas of industrial surplus, such as cement, glass, steel, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries, despite the drop in production this year with varying degrees of, but basically the oversupply situation change, capacity is expected in the next two years will continue the process.

Second, and related to real estate. Despite the rebound in house prices are nearly half of this year, land sales in September alone from negative to positive, but Zhu Haibin believes that this property is different than past recoveries are expected negative growth in real estate investment next year will be 2%. The reason is that this round of sales and house prices there have been reversed, but oversupply in the real estate market is still obvious, you might need to close to 5 years to clear off the current inventory.

More importantly developer attitude is different. “Although developers welcomed the current prices, but only a small number of developers said would buy again, and then developing new properties for sale. Most real estate developers of a mind to finish this round can go, exiting the real estate market. ”

Third, the policy adjustment is positive the last two or three months, all the monetary and fiscal policy in the near future to steady growth efforts. From the experience of the past few years, largely after the economic short-term recovery, monetary and fiscal policy will go back. If nothing else, will not see the expansionary fiscal policy in the coming years. Effects of fiscal policy on macroeconomic future depends mainly on PPP and quasi-fiscal measures how much. Monetary policy, reducing a larger space, rate cuts are very limited, October this rate cut is very likely to be the round end of the rate cut cycle.

However, Zhu Haibin says, “Thirteen-Five,” released during the reform dividend in four main areas, including land reform, technological innovation and industrial upgrading, market and continues to open up, once a breakthrough is likely to bring some long-term economic growth more obvious dividends.

18 after the session report, including financial reform, fiscal reform and various areas of reform, reform of State-owned enterprises have introduced specific content, but the land reform is not a global deployment, or stay at the 18 session of reports more broadly within the scope of this paper.

5-10 years in the future, a new round of land reform has the potential to be real reform of bonuses, or to drive China’s sustainable economic growth, coupled with economic restructuring.

Zhu Haibin judgment, this round of land reform and the last round of land reforms would have made a big difference. After the last round was 1998 housing reform, after a series of changes of land system in urban areas, including land line hanging system, land, financial support for infrastructure investment and so on, forming a bonus round on land reform.

And a new round of land reform, focuses on rural land circulation system corresponds to the concept of household registration system reform and urbanization in new. How to by way of marketization implement of rural collective land circulation and value, and the resulting cash flows may no longer be used for the Government’s investment, but to improve the social security system, including the farmers how to create jobs, how the provision of basic urban services, is the focus of the next round of land reform.

Corresponding, in new-type urbanization process, will provide employment opportunities in the process of industrialization, transformation is rooted in the city, rural people become human.

Zhu Haibin believes that once the breakthrough progress in the land, and successfully implemented, it could be driving China’s economy a driving force in the next round of economic growth is very strong.

In addition, Zhu Haibin believes that China is unlikely to rely solely on the consumer a horse can drive the growth of the economy as a whole. If you want to maintain a stable growth in manufacturing industry must upgrade. Therefore, structural adjustment and economic restructuring will no doubt be a theme of the next five years.

He pointed out that several years of innovation in terms of new business model than technology innovation much faster and not step on two legs, there is plenty of room for technical innovation. How to implement the “made in China” 2025 “, if there is some specific targets, such as spending on research and development, education, supporting the measures, and in the” Thirteen-Five “during focus.

Zhu Haibin believes that China’s manufacturing advantage still exists. After a technology upgrade from low-end to high-end development process, should recognize that Chinese competitors in the global market from emerging market countries, to middle and high income countries, such as Korea and the euro area, for them, costs or have big advantages in China.

Forgotten husband look like I d like to see an empty bed a woman s vacation hot

Forgotten husband look like, I'd like to see: an empty bed a woman's vacation hot

This vacation was called “Pat refused to leave”, sparked because of separation of resonance. Pictures from the Internet

After the literary letter of resignation in the history, a “Pat refused to leave” is turned.

“Forgotten husband look like, I want to see. “The afternoon of October 26, Chinese traffic official Micro-Blog released a request for leave, on leave to write a phrase. The official Micro-Blog said: Plaid shirts, engineering a dog is actually fairly hard touching, especially perennial site couple in two projects. The difficult landing a gulangyu Island tourist

This vacation was called “Pat refused to leave”, sparked because of separation of resonance.

Twitter user @ breeze 65 says: very irritated, sent winter clothes don’t know how to write addresses, wilderness, go go a few times, train sits out by bus, the bus sat out walking on two feet, to site the first thing is to wash clothes, very sad.

Users @ my big stomach King says: reminds me of the sister of singer wrote that called the Hunter’s song, went to the site of Qinling Mountains of seniors, over time would coast to another site on the Hill to visit his lover, only a fixed railway in the mountains will understand that kind of life.

Information can be seen from vacation, a party on October 18 between 27th and took 10 days off, from Jinan via Xian to Lhasa. Leave of absence hit mosaic, look up can be seen on “railway 20 group limited” and so forth.

The afternoon of October 27, surging 20 Bureau of the limited staff of the propaganda Department of party Committee of the Group News (www.thepaper.CN) confirmed that the note from the hand of female staff from the project Department of the group, the staff member surnamed, not old, not long married, leave to write this sentence means ridicule.

27th, authors of note surging woman told the news, she is 29 years old, working in Jinan, while her husband worked in Lhasa, they had been married for several years.

“I have asked to go home this year, but accidentally didn’t meet my husband, so this time deliberately leave to visit him. “The party said, because leaders are well, write a note also wants to teasing about, refer to the” so I’d like to see in the world “written above notes, later, send pictures to friends, but being Internet” fire up “.

Said that although she and her husband separated, but not much of a problem, do not wish to leave attract too much attention, so as not to affect the family.

Microsoft reached a 15 year one day highest Bill Gates returned to the world

Photo: network

This weekend is the big day of Wall Street technology company, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google’s parent company Alphabet shares a strong rally.

Apples for $ 679 billion market value is still at the top, followed by the Alphabet, the $ 495 billion, while Microsoft sold at 422 billion dollars in third place.

Stimulation of the latest earnings, stocks closed on Friday, Microsoft shares rose 10.98% to $ 52.87, Alphabet added 5.61%, to $ 719.33.

Microsoft’s shares also were mounted again by Bill Gates the richest man on the throne. According to real-time rich list released by Forbes magazine, Microsoft founder Bill Gates in the afternoon of October 23 to return to global rich list first.

Market Watch says Super 10.08% Microsoft shares were higher on Friday, to $ 52.87 a share, a 15.5-year record. Under the influence of this Gates name US $ 79.4 billion in wealth.

The huge increase in Microsoft, United States investment company, Portfolio Manager at Becker Capital Management investment Saide·palaka (Sid Parakh) said: “everyone is talking about cloud computing trend, Microsoft and Amazon are benefiting. ”

Google, Microsoft and Amazon’s revenue growth, partly due to their transformation into a computing resource providers, as more and more enterprises looking for an affordable alternative to provide services. Check out these futuristic high tech washing

Amazon sales data released Thursday also beat analysts ‘ expectations and promote the growth of Amazon Web services (AWS), the business grew 78%, revenue of $ 2.09 billion. This also helped the company in the case of analysts profit.

Microsoft is also more Office productivity tools and other enterprise users to the cloud, these services are hosted on the company’s own servers. Microsoft’s profits and revenues for the latest quarter also exceeded market expectations. Microsoft calls “smart cloud” business achieved revenue of $ 5.89 billion, exceeding average analyst expectations of 5.72 billion dollars. Revenue increased 14% to $ 2.4 billion.

But the other two – “personal computers” and “productivity and business processes” on both the revenue decline. It was reported that “personal computer” was 17% revenue fell compared with the previous quarter, business revenue of $ 9.38 billion; and “productivity and business processes” 3% drop in operating income, amounted to $ 6.31 billion.

“While many companies are developing business, but in fact, only two companies have realized the scale of enterprise cloud platform innovation, that is, Amazon and Microsoft. “Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a conference call.

But in terms of personal business, and Microsoft at the beginning of October has just released a new product for the consumer market, including its first notebook computer–SurfaceBook and upgraded tablets, two high-end phones.

The company has also begun its Windows 10 operating system to develop more product sales, and Windows 10 is free, the company aims to sell App, Games videos, Web search advertising and other advertising space, rather than just rely on the Windows gets to stimulate people to buy the upgraded PC products.

In addition to the earnings news this Friday evening, China cut interest rates suddenly drop, stocks rose, Holt stock index rose 2.02%, shares jump also activated the United States Science and technology unit, United States NASDAQ index rose 2.27%.

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Neijiang Sichuan police town doctor rape of a girl under the age of 13 false

Neijiang of Sichuan news network, October 24, yesterday, in Dongxing district of neijiang town outside the clinic, because a “clinic doctors in the town had one while parents were not present, who will be in infusion bottle of sleeping pills to blend into the girls, little girl rape after confusion” information, are hundreds of people watching. Subsequently, the information on the Web quickly fermenting. Breaking News

Yesterday evening, Dongxing district, neijiang Public Security Bureau branch’s official Twitter @ neijiang Dongxing POLICE response to the incident “briefings”, informed says: October 23, 15:40 P.M. Xu, netizens, “Fei Yan Tunan” posted on Twitter, “a female student in town at a clinic doctor had a rape” information caused users concern some people listen to talk to onlookers near the clinic. Police investigations, not verified by Internet users at the time of posting, false information. Currently, the Internet has deleted the information, police are looking for further investigation to verify the circumstances of the incident.

Godfather of Barcelona Cruyff reportedly diagnosed with lung cancer there have

The last two weeks, following Germany legendary striker Gerd Muller after suffering from Alzheimer’s, another bad news hit the fan’s heart.

On October 22, Spain the Marca quoted the Catalan radio messages, said Barcelona’s former manager, Barcelona President Johan Cruyff at Barcelona hospital diagnosed with lung cancer, hospitals are now evaluated his condition.

Godfather of Barcelona Cruyff reportedly diagnosed with lung cancer, there have been few years smoking history

Cruyff smoke in the dugout.

Johan Cruyff, now 68, is one of the legends of international football striker, Netherlands representative figure of the total total football. He was three times European Footballer (1971, 1973, 1974), and in the 9 years of coaching Barcelona, Cruyff built “dream team” won 4 league titles (1991, 1992, 1993, 1994) and 1 cup (1990), and in the 1991-1992 season champion to win the European champion clubs ‘ Cup.

Johan Cruyff a few years smoking history, in the dugout, he leaves the deepest impression is one after another smoke, smoke and in media interviews, he often doesn’t leave my hand, Catalan media even said Cruyff to smoke 20 cigarettes a day. Weeks of compromise and Hunan TV’s arts | Wang

In 1991, Cruyff underwent bypass surgery for the first time, and announced in 1997 heart attack and had to quit.


2015 exam applicants has exceeded 320 000 are still more than 1300 jobs nobody

2015 exam applicants has exceeded 320,000, are still more than 1300 jobs nobody

On March 22, 2015, the national postgraduate exam test centers in Nanjing forestry University, candidates prepare for admission. CFP information

Beijing, Beijing, October 20, 2016-a 10-day exam registration is now more than half way, as statistics from the 19th at 17 o’clock, more than 320,000 people have been invited to the exam, the hottest job competition than at 1430:1, but still more than 1300 jobs are still no applicants.

Exam registration usher in peak–enrollment growth total registrations exceeded 100,000 people in a single day over the same period last year

On October 19, 2016-online registration on the 5th day of the national civil service examination. According to Hua Tu education statistics, the exam enrolment growth significantly in the 19th, as of 19th at 17 o’clock, total number of applicants by 18th 221984 increased to 326546. This is since the beginning of the exam registration and enrollment of more than 100,000 people in a single day for the first time.

Because of the one-day surge in enrollment, the 5th day of the exam registration, the current total number of applicants has more than over the same period last year. Currently the total number of applicants, this year’s exam was no cooling in heat, but the recruiting base due to enrollment increases, at present, this exam registration-competitive ratio is still lower than a year earlier.

Exam registration schedules more than half of 19th man website, the Department published the “civil service examination division heads on 2016 ‘ exam ‘ and answered questions”. In a question and answer session, officials reminded candidates, don’t wait too late of the list.

Head of the civil service examination Division said in a question and answer session, candidates with incomplete filling of the material, to have a supplementary material for yourself time for candidates who fail to meet the job requirements, through accreditation, to have a change for their other positions.

The official said that according to past experience, sign up for the last 3 days are the number of applicants up to that time, and most congested time online. Hope that the majority of candidates registration information as soon as possible, choose a good position, sign up as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the last entry in a hurry, one is hard to login to submit registration information, and second, once eligibility is not qualified may not have time to submit other post.

China expert analysis, education public exams, exam registration data from calendar year, because of the need to set aside after the audit does not pass the entry modification time, annual register, from the 5th day into the peak of registration.

Status “hot and cold” no competition-the hottest gang 1430:1 still a desert for thousands of jobs

5 days after the start of the list, the current applications up to 3 jobs from people in the top jobs, the rest from the Shanghai frontier inspection and national affairs authority, the Inner Mongolia Seismological Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Shenzhen Customs, the Huangpu customs.

15,659 positions are available in the exam, and total enrollment 27817, but ended 19th candidates, the largest number of top positions, the cumulative enrollment is close to 10000 people.

Heat on competition shows that at present, exam registration remained most popular posts from one Department of the China employment training technical instruction Center. The Center’s “skills competition (highest rated national skills recognition Office)” recruiting only 1 person, but, 19th at 17 o’clock already attract 1430 people had signed up.

Competition heat for the seismological Bureau of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, the second “Technology Director for monitoring section and the following” jobs, competition for 794:1. In addition, the first seven positions of the most competitive, and competition are more than 500:1. Shanghai to bid farewell to Li Xinhua repeatedly

Annual exam registration, status “hot and cold” phenomena exist to varying degrees, while some jobs remain “Trinidad one of” heat of competition, while some jobs from the registration delay after starting out.

Now, as at 19th recruit positions in all the test in this country, have to apply for positions at 14301, total posts of 91.3%, but still 1358 job candidates still failed to break the zero.