From meditation and yoga to spiritual movements we consume beliefs

Com in seminars organized by the Swiss Pavilion of the “focus” of Buddhism.

Now in China social has appeared a is obviously of social phenomenon, is “religious” of resurgence, social began general concern religious, this “concern” is from Visual level first began of, because many people and no opportunities contact to religious of taught acting was internal ceremony, but first from some external “Visual” symbol began familiar this unit religious resurgence, many theme, and symbol more is to Visual of experience form began slowly return to social daily experience among.

For example, we know there are many “religious” activities related to, for example, charges the Zen and yoga activities, although these “religious” background was weak or strong, but the Basic is derived from the traditional religious forms. Why is this paid-for religious spending? One important reason for this is because today’s society contains a strong sense of religious needs. From the fields of religion, education and market behavior often mixed together, if only from an external perspective, we can easily see that the logic of consumerism, and religion appears often as a commodity, for example, now often see some of the so-called Club-style meditation, gathering activities, often with a strong religious and cultural consumption. In fact, judging from the Buddhist community, Chan Buddhist “commercialized” is not new, but from the Ming and Qing dynasties onwards the religious market normal trading activity, so many monks in modern times is committed to the Elimination of the Chan Buddhist “commercialized”.

Therefore, from an external perspective, consumerism is today “religious revival” a feature of “religion” or “types of religious” gradually produce new model of consumerism. After rapid growth in wealth as modern people, it needs to provide spiritual goods. Whether it is meditation or, there are a variety of “types of religious” experiences, and even some forms on the surface to be “spiritual” activity, but there is still a strong logic of consumerism. It is a derivative of the consumerism trend of contemporary China, especially the metropolis like Shanghai, is obvious. Some relations between believers and temples, for instance, is often connected through a variety of ritual activities, when temple ceremonies, they will be handed over to the temple funds, monks blessing, salvation and so on, they simply give money, meaning loss of Dharma education, seen from the outside, it evolved into a market transaction.

Of course, all kinds of gathering activity the more stylish, held in temples, clubs, cafés and other space incense road, harp road, ceremony, although not necessarily all of these activities are presided over by religious people, but also tend to have some visual characteristics of Buddhism and Taoism, for example on the “Zen” of symbols, and so on. Which is, of course, in order to meet the needs of the emerging class of spirit, this type of market consumption patterns than in front of the temple to support mode is “religious”, but its visual characteristics tend to be religious. Of course, in the field of consumer, because their motives are often involved in such activities is out of the worldly life does not meet, is attracted by the sanctity of religious, often not from the market logic to understand. In addition to yoga, chicken soup for the soul, spiritual growth, such as the name of various training courses, its more obvious characteristics of market logic, but this kind of activity, often there are the core of “spiritual teacher”, mentor and student relationship will be more complex.

Watch the contemporary resurgence of traditional religion, another important external perspective is the cultural identity dimension. For example, some of our popular middle-class lifestyle, with obvious religious symbols for many features, but sometimes we are not fully aware of. Such as muji product philosophy behind the “minimalist” concept, and “Zen” philosophy is closely related to the religious ideas and symbols because it is intimate, but not so much think of the “religious” aspect, but rather as a sort of inherent cultural identity. City Hall managing large trash Let rubbish into

Of course such as the guqin, the tea ceremony, calligraphy, heat and so on, in fact, have to do with cultural identity, but these cultural forms is often with Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism as a whole hook up, so we sometimes do not bother to think they belong to a particular religion, but we often through these visual symbols, a visual identity is closely linked with Buddhism and Taoism culture them. Of course, in the resurgence of the traditional culture in the process of all religions for some segments like “Zen tea” symbols often associated with Buddhism. On traditional culture and daily level, we can observation to many similar of phenomenon, even we itself are began was involvement to such of field domain among, like I has been preference coffee, but recently years, found many of friends are began concern drink tea, in home decorative Shang also began will “tea” of elements introduced, this is both strange also is normal of a phenomenon, because religious began through these culture of Visual symbol began again returns to daily.

Dang consumption doctrine, and material doctrine increasingly flourished of when, public on sacred sex, and beyond sex of pursuit on began natural appeared has, this is human spirit development of a important traits, dang material desire level reached must of degree, will makes spirit level of pursuit began appeared, despite this spiritual life of sought often also does not must purely, and and material doctrine, and habitual of culture identity related, but this is is economic fast development of social by will by of a article path. For example most of the 80 ‘s and 90 ‘s you by literary, artistic works attain a sense of meaning in life, when many of the cultural vanguard movements are a form of expressing themselves through a renewed search for meaning. Next, I’m going to “Visual” to show you some.

First incense to pray is the Spring Festival pictures, this is more common in recent years, “Visual”, of course, we can easily associate with the model of consumerism, such behavior can also be called a culture of identity, is a cultural custom. People with Buddhas and bodhisattvas through incense formed some sort of interest within the meaning of the exchange relationship, I burned incense, gods or Buddhas, bodhisattvas and their family will be blessed to me. This logic of consumerism with the spirits lurking in the deep consciousness of our nation, and has been hidden, when people lack a sense of time, tend to fall into similar to the Taoist temple to pray, this is an unconscious Act. So we can pay attention to, and burned incense to pray why are becoming more and more popular over the years, even with a “crazy”, participants in burning incense around the lunar new year’s day every year, not only the blessing are middle-aged and older, young emerging sectors are slowly join the ranks of blessing, all in news coverage every spring festival, you can observe very clearly. What did that prove? This part of the young middle-class groups, in their educational experience and not much traditional cultural background, he grew up living in a religious environment, has today become participants in a religious site, in fact, is more or less for the anxieties of life, the sense of malaise about the future of the future, that is, lack of significance.

Second is an old house converted private clubs and clubs in this category today, more and more, and most of them are based on Confucian culture as the core. Such a “traditional religious culture” of space, the audience began to expand into a number of emerging sectors, such as entrepreneurs, public officials, celebrities, and so on. Observe this kind of space, for most people, most can be described as some kind of interpersonal space, but as above, this category “types of religious” appearance of the space, and above consumerism, cultural identity and the meaning of anxiety related. This a class although has must of social status, but in culture identity Shang basically is blank, they how many on traditional culture some identity, more important of, they inside has disturbed sense, dang I yiqian for field interview Shi, had with some similar class of people Exchange, on obviously feel they life meaning of sense actually pretty strongly, certainly this sense is complex, not only has purely spirit Shang upgrade of pursuit, also and on reality wealth changes of anxiety about.

There is, of course, the so-called middle-class culture, in recent years, some groups began trying to escape from the city, pursuing a certain ideal of idyllic, secluded life and urban culture is more or less a certain degree of criticism and discontent. But this “culture” is an obscure hybrid, and consumerism also closely together, that is, “life is elsewhere” also can be made into a variety of products for consumption. In this cultural movement, Visual symbols of the religion are very obvious. Now concern the zhongnan mountain seclusion, is a case in point. In our Web search Zhong will find middle class emerging class of urban and rural life on an imaginary, “Zhong Nanshan,” this symbol following some sort of comfort. They seem as long as far away from the city, will be able to settle in Paradise soul. But in fact, the group is unlikely to care about their spiritual resources which systems, Confucianism and Taoism or Buddhism, they use “religious symbols” are mixed, there is no clear religious affiliation. They just urban culture, materialism, consumerism is very resentful, will enter the forest, “Zhong Nanshan,” has also gradually became a symbol of resistance to urban life.

So today’s religious or “class of religion” (also referred to as spiritual) symbols, probably can be observed in terms of the above, which essentially reflects today’s return of religious movements, of course, the religion needs to put a quotation mark. While it may represent a simple dissatisfaction with consumerism, but he may appear as a very commercial. Now run many of the for-profit tea, sweet soon, will actually foster a operating as a market of “spiritual marketing”, and include a tea ceremony, incense, yoga, meditation, and so on, was supposed to get rid of consumerism, the “spiritual” movements at this time back to the logic of consumerism.

Our “traditional religions” and “Watch” which will be found? Traditional religion in modern society has started a number of heterogeneous content, monks, using mobile phones, for instance, is often seen as incompatible with the traditional Buddhist image. This Zhang photos is Shanghai University next of a temple, building layout are compared traditional, but the monk monks is is a Deputy foreigners faces, although we will think such of picture compared “aesthetic”, but this “watched” is still let we was some strange, we where of culture, and group identity makes we on Buddhist of cognitive still some preconceptions, we will on this dressed in Han biography monk clothing of Westerners how many will feel strange, but in Taiwan, such of “Visual symbol” is easy see.

Certainly, traditional religious of different quality of, or said “modern”, still is in transformation of process in the, like this Zhang released Zhang photos is Swiss as Museum exhibition of works, participate in crowd still is to old mainly, still has representative traditional Buddhist of Visual features, is old of lay groups mainly, this and we General on Buddhist of “aging” is anastomosis of, despite behind is Pudong of modern building, but such of Buddhist image looks still is old, and traditional of.

Question: I think Han Buddhism full secularization, what do you think about it?

Cheng Qing: the decline of Buddhism in China there are a variety of reasons, and now Taiwan representing another possibility of rehabilitation, city, can achieve, but I am not sure. In traditional social in, Imperial, and literati and Buddhist of relationship is close, but in today of China social in, social elite is and Buddhist of relationship very alienation, everyone by see of Buddhist image, in public space in most is released, and incense and so on, and mass released also brings has many negative of perception, this let many social elite from outside phase Shang on hard accept, because they regardless of is from behavior mode also is aesthetic fun aspects, are cannot accept this Buddhist of symbol. Although now starting to reconnect with the mainstream sectors of society such as entrepreneurs, celebrities, but most Buddhist close, simply feed, and in teaching and practice, is very rare. Intellectuals close to Buddhism was relatively small, at best, be seen as part of traditional culture. Of course, I think it is possible to change, albeit slowly.

Question: should this change from inside, outside there is no significant change.

Cheng Qing: of course, you can’t just blame external community, essentially because Buddhism is only available for rendering the contents. Just like people to burn incense, temples and very disgusted, but he cannot reject, because it is the general belief of the Chinese model, so for thousands of years, and folk belief after being diluted, he can only come to burn incense to the Buddhist temples to pray for, Buddhist temples also cannot provide the appropriate education.

Question: we’ve had a lot of people, they put their homes in Shanghai sold, money donated to the temple, behind the behavior of our message is superstition, explained that monasteries was old-age security.

Cheng Qing: in fact, just like us, today, religion has many inherent difficulties, many temples and Buddhism without too much education, but as a family, you have to convey certain basic Buddhist principle of believers. So often say, you want to do more charity, charity have any merit, but this kind of information, if not behind teachings and practice support, finally is easy to fall into the world’s trading patterns. As a temple and needs believers support from believers, they need a spiritual Temple to settle, but if there is no continuing education on Buddhism, it will generate a lot of disputes and conflicts, in fact, very much these phenomena in the Buddhist community. If religion is not a reasonable education, participants will always be at the level of this trade to practice religion. For example used to tackle the burning incense to pray? We teach level can be explained, but the problem is how to explain, let believers to truly understand. But we generally explain the logic is, to support you, Buddha will bless you, the logic chain is problematic, that’s superstition.

Question: where is this fundamental? The emergence of this behavior probably is related to the system, because our system is not supporting religion, religious support is very small.

Cheng Qing: I personally think that the stage. In 30 years in the process of development, is a process of strong accumulation of resources, because the Temple had been destroyed in the past, need to amass funds for construction, so this generation of monks whose main mission is to restore the temple. But this generation of monks for Buddhist study and practice will be lacking, but this is the Mission of this generation of a family. But today those 20 or 30 monks, will teach and practice level gradually, if such a trend continues, perhaps the next 20 years will appear a different image of monks. Today Taiwan Buddhist position is higher, mainly due to the late 60 ‘s and 70 ‘s had a lot of college students to learn the Buddha, monks, eventually went to Japan and the United States received doctorate in Buddhism, resulting in social status in the Buddhist community as a whole follow up. But on the Mainland, does not have the means to have such a group, this is a staged process, but I think this is the future direction of development of Buddhism in China.

Because, historically, the inheritance rely on the teachings and practice of Dharma, practice behind a system theory to support, we know what is the truth behind the phenomenon, not simply think that it’s just about the mythology of gods, bodhisattvas. Enhance the education level in the Buddhist community, are today must go to efforts of Chinese Buddhism, again revived Chinese missionary, if there are no teachings, you see the temple, still a simple prayer and superstition.


The State administration for religious want to take the survey in Henan province

CCTV news clients, November 28, according to reports about the Abbot, the State administration for religious concerns, requests the Henan religious affairs departments to coordinate the relevant departments to verify the situation. Henan province attaches great importance to this, investigation to verify the composition unit, has now released some of the findings. State religious Council said: we respect the findings of Henan, reported for other content, I hope Henan take surveys, published as soon as possible.

Investigation team has released some of the findings

On July 25, a signature by “justice”, reporting on problems of Shaolin Abbot post began circulating on the Internet. Since then, Shi yanlu, who real name report social sustained attention. According to the report, in Henan province, the authorities concerned in line with fair justice, the principles of law and rules quickly set up an investigation team. Henan daily reported on November 28, a few days ago, Shi has been reported involving a breach of discipline problems, head of the investigation team received the interview.

Report said the Abbot had been when CHAN moved, Honorary Abbot of the Shaolin Temple, shide, the Abbots of their responsibilities for the illegally obtained and published Shi “was moved to” material. Investigation team after an investigation confirmed that he was “moved” is not true, as someone else’s private behavior is invalid, Abbot since membership is given as law compliance.

By “justice” of network reports and Shi yanlu, who are referred to the Abbot two “illegitimate”, and releasing a certain female Han Mouen, related to a certain girl Liu ya. According to the respondents in charge, after investigation and verification, medical conclusions show that, since October 2004, after the operation, release has lost its fertility. Han Mouen release 2009 adopted foundling. A ticket to the dongji islands of Zhoushan real

Shi has been reported related to having a woman Liu ya, the Group also conducted investigation and evidence collection. According to police household registration information and learned during the investigation, Liu ya is the four-brother Liu Moubiao son, Shi Hu’s daughter. Investigations show Liu Biao provides set of related material, paternity tests confirmed, is Liu Biao and Liu ya Chen’s own daughter.

Head of the investigation team, told a press conference, Shi has been reported in question of economic and other issues, is under investigation in accordance with law.

Bull morning news modified curtain on November 27 you have to know 7 messages

Bull morning news 丨 modified curtain on November 27, you have to know 7 messages

Integrated body point of view, asset securitization, layout of the civil-military integration, the military became the main line. Surging journalist interns Peng Zhikai Gao Jianping

From November 12, large sideways has 11 trading days.

On November 26, the Prev shock fall, coal, nonferrous metals doing well, supporting stocks in more than 3,600 points continue to shock and gem after record high the day before the shock all the way down. Day, the Shanghai composite index closed at 3635.55 points, to 0.34%; the gem which was closed at 2833.2 points, to 2.22%.

Disk themes focus on differentiation. Graphene, the cross-border e-commerce and the Yangtze River economic belt index gainers, rising, and 3.1% and 1.16%, respectively. In contrast, robots, virtual reality and industrial 4.0 index Decliners, down and 2.25%, and 2.21%, respectively.

After the brief amount, transactions in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets two days in a row broken trillion, and volume, and volume was 426.2 billion yuan, respectively, 680.1 billion yuan, more than 1.1 trillion yuan.

After hours, a number of media reports. Securities and Futures Commission to the brokerage issued a notice recently asking brokers not through over-the-counter derivatives business to customer funds are melting, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges trading listed stocks and stock new sanban. Securities total issued five prohibition, largely focused on equity financing the interest swaps will only sell yesterday, not buying, involving about hundreds of billions Yuan. Return swap deposit or advance payment transactions, so the deal has strong leverage, return swaps can leverage common to 2 to 3 times, some of the proceeds of swaps of leverage is up to 5 times. Regulators continue to clean up the lever, but market participants believe that, as the scale of the money in stock market abnormal fluctuation of the former field of external funding is much smaller, only fraction of current financing within the field, so the cleanup will be very limited impact on the market.

In addition, the night of 26th, CITIC Securities, guosen securities said, on suspicion of violation of the relevant provisions of the regulations on supervision and management of securities companies, the Commission decides to initiate an investigation of the company. However, the exact cause and punishment is unknown at present, visible are two brokerages continued the storm since the stock market crash.

Back to the market, the broker policy next year will be at the end season. Shen Wan Hongyuan believe Prev next year at least to touch 4,000 points, guotai Junan securities, said it was the 4,500 points, given by China Merchants securities said that fluctuated between 3000-4000 points and did not rule out a similar 2015 stage hot conditions in the second quarter (around 4,700 points).

“Shortage of assets is the price of China’s economic restructuring, is a chronic problem, will subtly change the market logic, a transaction type to an unprecedented bull market patterns. We might even call this new bull market spiral transition cows. “China Merchants securities said.

What about recent? Institutional consensus is that short-term market hard shocks, stock pattern of differentiation, and sideways after the uplink is the probability of the event. And finishing when, no one knows.

Huarong securities, financial monitoring, incremental funding as a whole is gradually approaching, market sentiment will not be reduced, but the increment size is limited, it is difficult to promote market-style changes, short game leading structural funds in the stock market, the national team under steady-state market index expected stronger growth is expected to continue.

In terms of specific actions, seize the opportunity structure, hotspots under frequent switching should not blindly high up, while lower yields expected fast in and fast out, increase the frequency band.

At the message level, the military currently are being created by the biggest hot spot, Russo-Turkish dispute had not yet been cleared, China’s military reform and to Central Military Commission and reform working conference held in Beijing from November 24 to 26th. General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, the Central Military Commission, to deepen defence and army reform leading group leader XI Jinping attended the meeting and delivered an important speech; in the Department of Defense on November 26 will hold a regular press conference, spokesman for the Ministry of defence said, will soon publish information relating to the reform of national defense and the army.

Judging from plates, hot market continued to emerge in recent months, repeatedly speculated the defense industry has been relegated to second-tier in the early, accumulation of plate or were far ahead.

Integrated body point of view, asset securitization, layout of the civil-military integration, the military became the main line.

According to guotai Junan’s calculations, currently State-owned military enterprises around 8 trillion in total assets and net assets of about 3 trillion or so. Arms around about 3 trillion in total assets and net assets of about 1.5 trillion.

Anxin securities believes that the world’s nearly 80 military enterprises are listed companies, and the securitization of China’s top ten military industry group rate of majority was only about 30%, compared with the securitization of State-owned enterprise 60% targets there is a large space. May be concerned about stocks, glarun technologies (600562), aerospace (000547), aerospace Chang Feng (600855), aerospace light (600501), space science and technology (000901), aerospace power (600343), China Moon (600118), straight stock (600038), China Aviation electronics (600372), the photoelectric shares (600184), electronics (600990).

XI Jinping stressed, should focus on implementing the integration of military and civilian development strategy, advancing across major reform task forces and form elements, military and civilian integration of multidisciplinary, cost-effective development pattern.

Civil-military integration concepts: Hager communications (002465), China creative (300045), and unistrong (002383), Galaxy electronic (002519), the core technology of vibration (300101), kingsignal (300252).

Meanwhile, XI also suggested that efforts to build winning the information war, effective fulfilment of the Mission of the modern military system with Chinese characteristics. Military information technology stocks: the TRS (300229), Blue Shield stock (300297), surfilter (300311) and so on.

In addition, joint combat system is also cause for concern, such as science and technology (600391), zhonghaida (300177), and Defense (300397), rifa precision machinery (002520) and so on.

On November 26, the nonferrous metals sector rise, individual stock trading. Due to the weak market, and more outgoing in non-ferrous metal industry production value-insured or purchase domestic news. Situation analysis of zinc industry forum, held recently, 10 industry backbone enterprises represent consensus plan 2016 essential zinc output reduction of 500,000 tons. Reuters also reported that China Nonferrous metals industry association has proposed to the national development and Reform Commission, asking the Government to buy metals such as aluminum, nickel and cobalt, indium, excess production. Precious metals purchases expected reopening of tungsten rally signs, metal tungsten stocks: tungsten industry Zhang Yuan (002378), Xiamen tungsten (600549).

“Thirteen-Five” railway investment is expected to continue to maintain the momentum of growth for the period. According to the economic information daily reporter, railway “Thirteen-Five” planning has been completed, the “Thirteen-Five” period the country no less than 23,000 km of new railway, a total investment of no less than 2.8 trillion yuan. Midwest railway, inter-city railway is the focus of future planning and construction. “Twelve-Five” railway investment accumulatively reached 3.47 trillion yuan for the period, much higher than the “Twelve-Five” plan of 2.8 trillion yuan, even beyond 2013 adjusted data 3.3 trillion yuan.

Market rumors of Huawei’s latest flagship phone Mate, released on November 26, 8 using Graphene batteries, Graphene on the day stocks rallied affected by this message. Huawei said at a presentation ceremony, taking into account such factors as cost, the success rate of Graphene has not reached commercial conditions, Mate battery does not use the 8 point.

In addition, on November 30 will begin playing a new, today is the last trading day: 10 new listings will begin next week, purchase, sinolink securities believes that today the expects to raise funds was 3.94 billion yuan.

Market will increase turmoil? Country gold securities on this compared optimistic: due to this times shares issued time throughout has next week 5 a day, and raised funds are is unlikely to, is expected to on market funds surface effect relative limited, which, December 2 (Xia Wednesday) will is this times freeze funds up of day, is expected to freeze funds about 1.057 trillion, General Shang, this round shares total freeze funds total 1.1 trillion yuan, freeze body volume relative first half of does not is big!

In addition, on December 2 will thaw first funding about 51 billion in a single day, release of funds the maximum on December 4, about 564.6 billion yuan was thawed in a single day.

On international markets, on November 26, the United States markets were closed all day because of the Thanksgiving holiday, 27th, stocks are still trading, but will close three hours early. 26th European shares trading, in addition to Russia and the Turkey stock market, the vast majority of European stocks.

“Further reading” big positive negative November 27 listed companies announcements

Important matters

Zhengtai electrical appliance: photovoltaic business restructuring proposed 9.4 billion yuan of assets

Pass medical reasons: restructuring more than 5 billion yuan to expand medical services business

Tempus international reorganization intended to 880 million Yuan holdings tour travel

Zhangzidao: preparation of strategic transformation of 1.45 billion yuan in power

Eastern NC: Golden technologies through increased as the company’s largest shareholders

Zhejiang rich holdings: 458 million Yuan Forte a dream to star partnership to sell all the remaining 20% shares

Real development: subsidiary of 3.26 billion yuan, Hongkou district, Shanghai, a State-owned construction land use

Hainan coconut Island: the first shareholder of 18.47%-owned wealth and wisdom of the East upper

M/major contracts

Zhonghong shares: to be 450 million Yuan holdings Asia travel, tourism services platform

Hirota shares: Taobao proposed 150 million shares of evergrande Football Club

Shen Nong gene: to be 700 million merger and acquisition wave Lotus genes controlling stake Zhou Wan word detailing China s financial reform

Black Sesame: proposed mergers Jin Ri 100% edible oil stock 660 million Yuan to expand industry chains

James Baxter: the subsidiaries to be 200 million acquisition of Shenzhen development business

Huaxing venture: estimated 1 billion to 1.2 billion yuan to buy the station network investment, operation and management of enterprises

Gravity media: 120 million shots, such as the hidden song of God open up variety show

Hagrid communications: 52.52 million the total amount of virtual reality for contracts, as China Mobile’s purchase bid Enterprise


Kang-new: the holdings of controlling shareholders 22.854 million shares, accounting for shares of 1.59%, employee loyalty today to buy 22.3313 million shares

Guochuang hi-tech: accumulated holdings of controlling shareholders 2.1316 million shares, accounting for 0.49% of the total share capital of the company, increase project has been completed

Huasheng tiancheng: 1.1756 million shares of the company’s stock holdings Chairman, shares of 0.18%.


CITIC Securities: the alleged breaches of the regulations on supervision and management of securities companies, the Commission decided to make the company investigation

Guosen securities: the alleged breaches of the regulations on supervision and management of securities companies, the China Securities Regulatory Commission on the company for investigation

Officials in Hunan were found taxis do not give money to beat police officers

Officials in Hunan were found taxis do not give money to beat police officers, officials said General re-deploy its staff to

Master Jiang’s taxi

Upstream news clients reported that the app broke the Cili County, Hunan province, surnamed Tang led a taxi in traffic overload do not give money and beat out civilian police. On November 25, overload and police departments respond to upstream, Cili said, kicking police are true, drawn but the attacker as a normal employee. Hunan businessman reported County survey brokers

The passenger of a taxi without paying

On November 23, the micro letter public, “brother sister” broke the news that, on November 22 at about 2 o’clock in the morning, Cili, Cili County, Zhangjiajie city, Hunan province, one of the passengers from the hotel by taxi at the gate to a lane near the Cili County Fire Department.

Upon arrival, take a taxi meter amounts to 7.7 Yuan. Taxi driver Jiang teacher said, the passenger said “taxi is the extent of my” master Jiang be careful. Master Chiang presented to carp, Cili bridge police station the police.

After civilian police, the passenger assault police in public and threatened “carp bridge police station to pay the price.”

Insiders say the passengers to overload one surnamed Tang, Cili County leadership. “Brother sister” in the article, posted a picture of the leadership and surnamed Tang in the police station to be interviewed.

Assaulting a passenger has been detained

Upstream journalist survey confirmed that the passengers refuse to pay fares and kicked police is true. Cili County Public Security Bureau on the incident, issued a written decision of administrative penalty.

Information shows that punishment is called Tang Lian, aged 43. November 22, at 2 o’clock in the morning, his arrival by taxi protest Bill of fare, a taxi driver asked the public security police.

After the alarm, two carp bridge in Cili County Public Security Bureau police station police on duty rushed to the scene to deal with, “in the course of police ride to quarrel with the police of the middle-aged men of Tang Lian, refusing to work together, the insults not only police but also with his feet and kicked police. ”

Personal statement and justification of the above facts to Tang Lian, live video and photographs, witness testimony and police police notes and other evidence.

According to the law on public security administration punishments, police decided to Tang Lian administrative detention of 5th.

Official response: non-official

Tang Lian is the overload-led identity, police say does not disclose.

Upstream news understands that, Cili County in Hunan province, Zhangjiajie city, East of 709,000 people in the total population. Last November, for the concentration and control of overloaded vehicles, Cili overload overload work Conference for the first time hosted by Li Daoguo, Director, “demand overload staff full-time dedicated, responsible and duty, active, strict adherence to discipline and integrity disciplines. ”

Cili County Secretary for transport upstream of Zhu Jingwei told the news, not overload officials of Tang Lian, “he used to be an ordinary employee of rural management station has been seconded to work in overload. ”

The afternoon of November 25, overload, Cili said Tang Lian work in overload, but refuse to pay fare and assaulting a police officer “a” don’t know “, and” leadership did not know “.

This is Marlon Brando and his final reconciliation

Marlon Brando (Marlon Brando) life to protect their privacy. In 1957, Truman Capote in his interview “Anatomy” of his childhood. He’s described Brando’s alcoholic mother: “later, I looked at her in front of me, and gradually lost their lives, like a broken porcelain. “Brando flew into a rage after seeing reports, nearly 20 years after an interview with depth.

To the end of his life, he decides to himself. In 2007 Brando’s biography of Marlon Brando biography is the basis for his account of Robert Lindsay. This year, the United Kingdom biography Director sidifen·Laili (Stevan Riley) and because he made a film biography–the Marlon, hear me say (Listen To Me Marlon).

This is Marlon Brando and his final reconciliation

This is the last time Brando and their reconciliation. Narrator of the film all come from dozens of years Malone recorded audio tape, also used his 80 make digital avatar to simulate a floating head, by his own intention to tell everything.

This film was more private than the biography of Marlon Brando, nor other people’s perspective is entirely his own. So garrulous 100 minutes in the first 30 minutes is a bit tough, especially hear the hometowns of Marlon Brando’s own hypnotic, repeatedly told myself to be calm, more boring.

But when the camera goes back to his childhood, all live together. Digital portrait is redundant, because the story was Marlon Brando. He in the car named desire at Leigh flirting with a call, button on is triggered. Wild and erratic play, beast in his face on the screen, never let the audience figure out what your next move is.

Documentary with his high-spirited, lots of movies and trailers are the most familiar part. But time can not stay forever in the Broadway theatre work was not finished, “easy rider”-like night town see young people step onto motorcycle racing.

This is Marlon Brando and his final reconciliation

Marlon Brando gave himself a question, eye becomes the title of the film: why my life would turn out this way? He gave his answer, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking of the old Marlon Brando’s answer, far from that simple.

He came from a “cursed” family. Family men in cold, feminine characteristics is alcohol abuse. His traveling salesman father cold and violent, full of actors of the artistic mother “what can pop it out”, but is often drunk, ultimately from their sister and the three people in the “beat it”.

Brando spent a life time and reconciliation, to say in the movie “I finally understood my father, his mother four years walked out on him, he has no chance to blow.” Mother, he often miss, or throw away the hate and pain.

For the ups and downs of his life, and in his later years no one side alone (although there are three ex-wives and a Butler for his children under 16 admitted, and more are not admitted), he finally got himself the answer hidden in inconspicuous in the film: “one’s life accumulated bad feelings are out of ten years ago. ”

This is Marlon Brando and his final reconciliation

Marriage and suicide 6 lover and close friend woli·kaokesi he finally buried with life, he almost made no mention. He killed daughter boyfriend’s eldest son, Christian, is the only camera in the film, from his words. He tears just before a public performance? Last posthumous daughter gave birth to Sean why he “abandoned” in the treatment of hospital, her daughter committed suicide five years later he will cancel his grandson’s inheritance rights of the Tuc, all these questions have not been answered. Director even issues not raised, is to respect the wishes of the late Brando, or is impossible to pursue?

In short the absence of these key issues, this biography film destined to become a riddle’s works, and it can only be a lonely old man muttered.

But life was not to be the answer. A documentary should do, is a record of the search process.

Malone, listen to me, at least in a purely personal way combed the Brando’s life. Whether it’s recorded tape of Brando himself, is also a Director, were deep into the drama. Final piece is both dramatic and disappointed, from an early age little boy sitting under a tree outside the home in the morning, and finally says “death is difficult to play”, and hope that in the end only one person accompanying the elderly, they first end echo of Brando’s life turns into a long poem.

This is Marlon Brando and his final reconciliation

Film part though is that people are already familiar with the news, the Director was acting out of a vein, from the “acting” in his life. From Brando was born in not happy childhood in of had to “played”, 18 age to hundred old meeting through performances release inside demon of extreme happy, to became “Stanislavsky school” of disciples firmly believes that acting must through inside on role of empathy and to, despised with skills “performances”; is in late film Paris last of tango zhihou decided “again also is not acting Shi from emotional Shang destruction himself, future will only with skills to performances, anyway audience also see not out what difference”, With this acting of Brando’s life was best at, and also seems to be the only good thing is his mind change. Sun why choose graduate school 5 expert tutors

Another hidden thread is his quest for peace. Brando preconceived fears in the public attention and can no longer be ordinary facts, during the filming of rebel ship bounty in Tahiti after the book of home and indigenous girls got married and had a really calm and happy time. Film his efforts, but no mention of how everything is collapsed, just through one after another of his films and his personal interpretation of life’s ups and downs. Final placement begins again with ECHO, is the near-collapse of the old man over and over again and tell myself to calm and meditating for a long time for a moment of quiet.

Marlon Brando died aged 80, weighing 378 pounds. He recalls in the film themselves and how does the food from friends to enemies, how food in the comfort of his lonely childhood in the fridge, how redundant this Stud into a fat old man unconsciously. It seems he does leave the problem to the inability of childhood, was also destined to this is a sad story has been said one final judgement of tragedy.

The 6 things you need to know about the retirement

The 6 things you need to know about the retirement

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On November 20, the society issued a news release saying, is the gradual retirement age are being studied, and said in the programme process in the formulation of their retirement age, will take full account of the views and opinions of the community, overall balance.

Why delay? Delay when to retire? Because the pension is not enough yet? Issues of concern to all of these, take a look at one Department answered.

The 6 things you need to know about the retirement

Why delay?

Society had expressed during the two sessions this year, Yin Weimin, Minister of the Department, the existing retirement age policy is determined in the early 50 ‘s of the last century, life expectancy in China is less than 50 years old, and now the situation has changed dramatically, the population’s life expectancy has reached more than 70 years, it is necessary to adjust according to the actual situation.

At present, our country is facing the pressure of an ageing population, the labour supply situation is grim. It is predicted that the 2050 China’s share of the population over the age of 60 will be 38.6%. At present, the dependency ratio of endowment insurance for employees is 3.04:1, or 3 people 1 person by 2050 down to 1.3:1, 1.3 people have one. From the international point of view, the retirement age is a common practice to deal with population ageing. Since 1989, 170 countries delaying the retirement age in the world.

In addition, many professional and technical posts, 50, 60 staff are experienced, highly skilled stage, this high-end low elasticity of substitution. If this part of premature retirement, is a huge waste of human capital.

In fact, the current retirement age in all countries in the world, in addition to some African countries, most countries were at the age of 65, 67, by contrast, the average retirement age is less than 55 years old, is the world’s first country to the retirement age.

The 6 things you need to know about the retirement

Gradual retirement age is what?

Gradual retirement age policies are policies adopted by some States, in particular the developed countries of the world. What is called “progressive”? Is a long time to gradually achieve the goal of raising the statutory retirement age. Even though pace slow, but is gradually on the whole. According to the Department, can be summarized in four words–“step slow, progressive place”, which would merely prolong the retirement age for a few months each year, after a very long time to reach the mandatory retirement age.

So, if policy was implemented when you’re retiring age, most likely, is based on the original retirement age extension only a few months ago.

When delay retirement?

According to the introduction, in advance of the implementation of the retirement policy, will publish implementation in at least 5 years, give everyone a psychological expectation. As envisaged in the man Department and planning and retirement policies but also through development, public consultation, reported to the Central Government, published a few processes, announced after a several-year buffer period. Therefore, in recent years, retired folks, for this when the “no pressure”.

The 6 things you need to know about the retirement

Delaying retirement will affect my pension?

Yin Weimin said the future of old-age insurance fund balance, face enormous pressure. Moreover, provincial co-ordination due to old-age insurance for employees of enterprises, there are imbalances between regions. But what is very clear is, old-age insurance at present overall runs is smooth, “everyone’s pension is guaranteed.” Whether it is old-age insurance for enterprise employees, and old-age insurance for urban and rural residents are receiving greater than not only ensures the issue of treatment, but also balance slightly.

In the first 10 months of this year, for example, the National Fund’s total revenue exceeds total expenditure of more than 210 billion yuan, most of the provinces Fund accumulated balance Fund payments for more than 8 months, to ensure that the old-age insurance benefits paid in the current period.

How to ensure that pension benefits?

In 2014, data released by the Department showed that China’s old-age insurance for enterprise employees balance 3.06 trillion yuan, 384.3 billion yuan in pension accumulated balances urban and rural residents. And pensions average yields only 2.32%, most years below the inflation level, at great risk of devaluation. Such a large sum of money, how to ensure that the value?

In June, the society, the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the basic endowment insurance fund investment and management measures, to the public for comment. This new comprehensive disarmament “pension funds cannot invest in the stock market” inhibitions, investments in premise, expanded the scope of investments of the Pension Fund, previously available only to save banks, buying Government bonds, now listed securities investment funds, stocks, shares, futures and so on, can be bought.

In fact, Guangdong Province has tried. In 2012, approved by the State Council, commissioned by the Guangdong Provincial Government, National Council for social security fund investment balance of basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, Guangdong Province capital of 100 billion yuan, 2013 yield to 6.2%, beating the 2.6% inflation rate over the same period. Child abuse by the Nanjing accused delegates delegates

Meanwhile, one Department will step up efforts to expand the collection and payment of social insurance, promote the basic old-age pension national coordinating and accelerating the development of multi-level old-age insurance system, and continue to promote the support ability of pension.

The 6 things you need to know about the retirement

How to ensure that pension safe?

Pension market, realization of investment diversification, specialization, netizens have to worry about it, “such a big risk, what?”

Man Li, spokesman of the Department said, is the lives of the masses of the pension fund money to ensure that pension issues to consider absolute safety is always the first.

First, the State’s strict supervision of social insurance funds, social insurance fund into a financial account, two lines of income and expenditure management, earmarks, no organization or individual may seize and divert. Once the acts of embezzlement or misappropriation of social security funds, found together, and to ensure the safety and integrity of the social insurance fund.

Secondly, investment, regulatory agencies, information disclosure system of asset allocation strategies, and will also carry out a full range of regulation. In order to balance the risks and benefits of new regulations will set a “red line”: investing in stocks and stock funds, mixed funds, equity ratio of pension products, account shall not be higher than the net asset value of the Fund’s 30%.

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Source: people’s daily

Original title: important! On retirement, the 6 things you need to know

Released Thirteen Five proposal put GDP growth above the national

Currently, all provinces of the country was redoubling its efforts to develop the local “Thirteen-Five” plans. As of 20th, Hebei, Fujian, Shaanxi and other provinces have already been published on the development of the province “Thirteen-Five” planning recommendations. Combs, these areas are proposed, the “Thirteen-Five” economic growth higher than the national level. In addition, also made clear the goal of residents ‘ income doubled as much, but the difference in focusing on specific implementation measures.

Economic growth–GDP growth is higher than the national average

“Thirteen-Five” target for economic growth, the CPC Central Committee for formulating national economic and social development set by the recommendations of the 13th five-year plan, to maintain rapid economic growth, by 2020, doubling the GDP in 2010.

At the local level, Beijing, reporters comb found, Hebei, Fujian and Shaanxi provinces in the province “Thirteen-Five” planning recommendations to refine the economic growth target have proposed “growth rates higher than the national level.”

On the development of the CPC Hebei provincial Committee in Hebei province, national economic and social development set by the recommendations of the 13th five-year plan, economy in the high-speed, growing faster than the national average; development into the high-end, quality benefit increase is higher than the surrounding area; environmental governance work, air quality improved significantly more than in the past. Hebei has also been proposed for specific growth requirements, namely: GDP average annual growth of 7% in the province, and by 2020 of 4 trillion yuan.

Governor of Hebei province, Zhang pointed out in the description of the proposal, the “Thirteen-Five” period the province’s average annual economic growth rate determined to be around 7%, which is considered a positive market expectations, taking into account uncertainty factors affecting development, to keep the economy running at reasonable intervals, also help point guide to all aspects of the transformation and upgrading, improve quality and efficiency. This is a positive, conservative, at work will strive to develop better, and faster. Energy price reform 2017 years ago opening a competitive

Fujian also higher than the national economic growth, and realize the goal of doubling GDP in advance. The CPC Fujian Provincial Committee, Fujian province, on the development of national economy and social development set by the recommendations of the 13th five-year plan, the province remained stable and relatively fast economic growth, higher than the national average, and in the “Thirteen-Five” period ahead of gross domestic product and per capita income of urban and rural residents by 2010.

Shaanxi set “Thirteen-Five” goals are more specific. Shaanxi Province, according to the CPC Shaanxi Provincial Committee for formulating national economic and social development of the 13th five-year plan proposal, the “Thirteen-Five” period to maintain rapid economic growth in Shaanxi Province, in improving the quality of development benefits based on the average annual growth rate above the national average, per capita gross domestic product of more than $ 10,000.

According to 6.9% national GDP grew in the third quarter of this year, GDP growth in the first three quarters of 6.5%, Hebei, Fujian’s GDP growth in the first three quarters of 9%, 7.6% of Shaanxi GDP growth in the first three quarters.

Income – a definite income multiplier specific measures have focused on

In terms of urban and rural residents ‘ income, the CPC Central Committee for formulating national economic and social development set by the recommendations of the 13th five-year plan to “2020 rural and urban residents ‘ per capita income more than double by 2010” goal, most clearly around the goal of income multiplier, but the difference in focusing on specific measures.

Hebei’s target is slightly higher, explicit request “of urban and rural residents per capita disposable incomes more than double by 2010”. In terms of concrete measures, Hebei Edition “Thirteen-Five” planning proposals, implementation of urban-rural income promotion project. Sound science of wage determination, and payments of regular security mechanism, improve the minimum salary increase mechanism, the enterprise collective wage negotiation mechanism, market factors and the distribution according to contribution mechanism, fully implement wage reform policy, reform of the system of subsidies.

Fujian is proposed, in the “Thirteen-Five” period ahead of urban and rural residents ‘ per capita income more than double by 2010. In terms of concrete measures, Fujian plate “Thirteen-Five” planning proposals, implementation of urban and rural residents ‘ income doubling plan. Construction and economic development of the minimum wage adjustment mechanism. Improve the wage payment guarantee mechanism. Establishment of regular pay increases for civil servants and regular adjustment of the system a reasonable balance between the regional wage gaps within the province to promote income distribution tilted to the front line workers. Deepening the reform of institutions and pay-for-performance system. Strengthening the regulation of monopoly industry salaries and wages double to effectively regulate excessively high incomes.

Focused on farmers in Shaanxi Province. Shaanxi version “Thirteen-Five” planning recommendations “of urban and rural residents ‘ income surpassing the national average” goal, and called “focus on increasing farmers ‘ income increase income levels.”

In terms of concrete measures, raised in Shaanxi Province, rural economic survey, fully tap the potential for growth within agriculture, develop two or three industries in rural areas to increase space, broaden external channels of increasing rural, empowerment of farmers ‘ houses, contracted management right mortgage, pledge, transfer of rights, do everything possible to increase farmers ‘ income. Improving the salary increase mechanism of enterprises and institutions to promote equal pay, and equal pay for equal work in the same city. Sound enterprise collective wage negotiation system, deepen the reform of salary system in State-owned enterprises, improve market factors and mechanisms of distribution according to contribution.

Reporters noted that Shaanxi focus focus on farmers, which “farmers need to speed” of the status quo. Data show that the first three quarters of this year the per capita disposable income of urban residents in Shaanxi Province 20029, 6553 per capita disposable income of rural residents, urban and rural residents ‘ income difference about 3.06 points higher than the national per capita income of urban and rural residents is 2.83.