An economist s year end summary wearing a face mask could not kiss you tearing

An economist's year-end summary: wearing a face mask could not kiss you, tearing the mask I can't breathe

An economist’s year-end summary: wear a mask cannot kiss you, tearing the mask I can’t breathe. Surging pregnancy induced hypertension information

2015 will soon be over, this year with mixed feelings.

In recent years more and more intellectuals, Economist at 2015 seems particularly special. Some already in the legislature, also under the eaves, some from deep gardens, some from the vast lakes, birth classes, having risen from, some have been professional, suddenly across borders. Government, business, needless to say, society is also a cinch, even the school has been known for other systems such as political science, history, and so on “big brother” have openings on the economy. Economy, should be the most popular of that slogan, is really popular and original, much innovation.

This situation generally have three possible. One is the economy is too hot, who can’t resist a few words.

One is economic it so people suffering, forbearance. Not … … Anyone for a few sentences.

One is the economy is hard to say who? Live (the mouth) for a few words.

Of course, apart from this, if possible, is too bad to say, have to endure, who could not help, he went to the economy a few words here.

Very complicated world

In 2015, China has made considerable progress in the international arena. RMB into SDR, Asian Investment Bank established United States to raise interest rates despite no malicious crashing our quiet good.

However, whether it is true that years of quiet? Heard in a forum, some experts “who are hostile forces” sparks badaoxiangxiang. From political talk about finally falls on the economy in the end of history.

It is. The Fed raised interest rates has the United States been aggressive back, breaking plays on people’s anticipation of dollars has been in decline. The Fed raise interest rates during a meeting

Made the commitment that United States remains powerful people won my heart, affectionate said the world will return to the United States dominate the landscape of man, we bowed to each other, on the traffic separation schemes.

Can see that from this year’s geo-political conflict, 2015 is very special, small, bold, big carefully which emerge, condemning all but little real, everyone was very restrained. This is a sign of global multi-polarization continues to deepen, is the result of world economic outlook remains uncertain. States, in order to maximize the benefits of their, bide your time, waiting to move.

United States as well. It is not dying, it is no longer booming.

No substance is meaningless

Between China, needs to recognize its own position and orientation. United States power has profound accumulation, it’s strong ability to internal clearing and repair. There must be a clear understanding, we and the United States, whether in hard or soft power, there is a considerable gap. China is a rising power, but a powerful China still has a long way to go. Bring a multipolar and voids may seek more development opportunities in China and time. But it should be noted that China’s geopolitical environment is not so good, either defense or political fronts for a long, public safety, and therefore need plenty of preparation and solid foundation to guarantee the stability of the national development strategy.

In fact, scholars cannot be too academic. Hostile forces always exist, weak national strength and control disorders, control lost, heaven is my enemy hostile forces do not exist, national greatness, perfection, maturity, all this land is full of friends.

2015 tells us that international competition, the country is a natural symbiosis, and economic power base. Storehouses: real, knowing etiquette, the sluggish economy, insufficient food and clothing, spirit, doctrine, morality, honor has become very pale. This is probably the reason why all scholars to talk about the economy, no substance, is meaningless.

National complex

This year, China also took a lot of things.

Stock market into focus. This table now, no matter what happens, there will be a lot written description of its impact on the stock market. What does falling down, exchange rate adjustment is also calculated, even the Yuan enters SDR, United States interest rates, changes in China’s foreign exchange reserves are not want to ridicule, but includes international terrorist attack or visit the associated events can also be analyzed, and the stock market.

This, this, this, was because of cerebral sulci and Gyri directly or because of reflex arc is too long?

Of course, it’s easier to understand, for example “reform cow” concepts, such as how will appear. Also easier to understand “leverage Bull” How come, roll and go for a ride the dust.

The devaluation of the Renminbi, and panic. Some people say, will reduce the mess, while others say, remain strong forever strong. Decline in foreign exchange reserves, and panic. Some people say, the National Treasury, other people say, not empty never empty. In fact, just not long ago, the appreciation of RMB and foreign exchange reserves continued to increase, did you ever panic? Exchange rate movements is common enough, and reserves is not waste, but not to waste. Market-oriented environment, everything can be tools, everything can be a weapon at the same time, all the Defense could hurt yourself because of too passive, all attacks may be too active to become a burden.

You simply, he’ll gross

Look at the United States after the 08 crisis with monetary easing policy composite skills, as well as the rate rise before using public opinion market bearish expectations, raising interest rates for the first time means for a smooth landing. Any changes in the economy need to be fully prepared to ensure a smooth transition, or policy of delay and additive effects would be enough to make the new policy circles and even destroyed.

On both the domestic and international markets, we need to do, is not a unipolar or unilateral evaluation and judgment, but diversified, multi-polarization, multi-level, multi-dimensional three-dimensional thinking and analysis, and based on the eyes ears come up with smooth, ambush plan.

Reform of in-depth bone marrow also need has perfect of details completed penetration of path, no what policy on can said is good or bad, if it not after on future overall of full is expected to, not know into of best time, not understand wants to reached of early, and medium-term, effect how, not prepared good reached or up not to target the how amendment, not do prepared to what when on can steering or exit. Fast-changing market that research must be deeply deeply, to scrutinise the policy.

If we think too simple market, the market will take care of us was rude.

Ideas are complex

This year there was an article fire, says look down on Chinese intellectuals. Chinese intellectuals saw is not fire, because they despise each other for a long time.

In 2015, Chinese intellectuals also have their own events, an old lady was awarded the Nobel Prize. But did not immediately become an occasion, commented immediately in accordance with differentiated into both sides of the camp. Think Nobel Prize has no meaning at all, China already has enough strength, does not require any proof. The other side think the Nobel Laureate was a “three noes” status, testifies that there is no power to the cultivation of China scholars.

On both sides are quite convoluted. Treat Award for dirt, give me I am too lazy to, is clearly winning the prize got soft are eligible to say, and that is, although a person an award doesn’t mean anything, number but the international component of the overall prize is for a country’s overall level of research can have a location, if you have the strength, speaks for itself. Did you mean coming black Chinese research? Brick Award for, “three noes” scholars in the United States, and Germany would not get funding and research team, happened in China can be reused and developed for the benefit of contributions, Executive power was undeniable. You are to prove that China’s scientific research system is the best in the world?

Distinction between the camps not only dazzles, also unconscious, discussion will ultimately find, the so-called proposition is properly return false, so-called argued in detail are nothing more than self between beats.

Must be an ability to think

Economics is the most popular word of the year “supply side”. After some modification, structural supply and supply side. However, it turned out, heated disputes. What is the supply side, how not to fall into the rut of neoliberalism, and fell in the trap of demand stimulus, all desire good problem. But mutual accusations, it becomes complicated.

The point is, to criticize each other incredibly distracting, blurring the actual focus of the issue.

The results, still does enshrine new concepts to became a “anything and everything to contain” Golden basket, a lot of economics are also classified as belonging to the demand side supply side. Opponents will be on the supply side will come back, but it seems like change is not supplied, jump things up that have structural problems of demand and supply issues.

Is the prime example of self left mutual fight.

All criticism and completely agree with is the lack of ability to reflect, not intellectual body.

Intellectuals to have independent thinking. Meaning, not only to think independently, and to have the ability to think. We should not fear criticism, this is the inevitable result of independent thinking. However, we should not fear, because if you don’t know what to be sure, what is the basis for your criticism and reference? Can’t say pilots get through without stumbling and what is right and what is wrong, is a sign of lack of judgment. Can’t slice analysis pointed out the correct direction and path design, is a sign of lack of creativity.

All said they were telling the truth, in fact, you even true and false cannot identify. If you’re positioning himself just said what they wanted to say, so you think Ma’s contribution to society is not necessarily better than one Sun.

The society is very complicated

Entrepreneurs this year was a concern. From Li Ka-shing, don’t run drama run or run off, Xu Ming all run away, where are Guo guangchang, Wang ran too fast find it myself, along with anti-corruption in the financial sector into deeper waters, as wave after wave of people to talk about.

When people discovered that the business community has a “Godfather”, simply because behind “Andie” cult collapses, Idol aura fades. Review comes as political and business relations, public opinion has become mature and could be more people. Reconstruction of the entrepreneurial spirit, want to be the “father”, the mental real entrepreneurs spend in business.

US officials have in the past to become entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs to become scholars, scholars have to cycle for government officials may have to end.

In recent years, scholars are quite popular. Its title was not on the one hand, officials, businesspeople, reticulocyte, star has to seize this “uncrowned king” Crown. On the human resource really isn’t enough, all aspects of forums, meetings, invitations, a think-tank abound.

Also red in this financial “Ponzi scheme”, a famous dispute being played on a precious metal Exchange. Here’s the really weird thing:, a lot of people applauded, he wrote a number of popular jokes circulated widely. Ignite again who is a scholar of controversy.

Certainly cannot be beat for people writing romance, it defines to be a professional scholar, but his mass base is legitimate. For investors, he was more like a “fortune teller”, rather than “knowledge”.

Contrary, the crowd of Schadenfreude, so strange. Doesn’t matter because he’s jealous? His overly jealous? Take credit for him jealous? He enjoy the bustling jealous? This jealousy, envy isn’t once had? Admiration for his overnight fame? Envy of his fame and fortune? Envy of his blind cat hit the dead mouse?

If the thought scholars in China is very typical, academic sad isn’t it? Not sadness for the people of knowledge? Learning in worship, envy, desire to do fortune teller.

I want to be quiet

You don’t have to despise the one who, as you are not a stranger. But now, to learning not to despise the fortune teller, has become very difficult. This is the real issue.

Community to “scholars” demand is so strong, evaluation is often very disappointing. Why is that?

As many of our entrepreneurs and businesses, want the Godfather went away, “father” we care, you must first “Godfather” mechanism cut off. What is the reward and punishment mechanism is what product. Our assessment of academic systems, to determine our ability to get the number and quality of researchers.

If the first cantilever style unit arrived, but their fingers a silver-tongued, who would like to read every night Green Lantern case?

If we of evaluation system, regardless of is internal of also is social overall of, are is to who can has more big of power, and more high of status, and more of wealth, and more ring of reputation to decided who is better of scholars, and not to who is better of scholars to decided who the has more big of power, and more high of status, and more of wealth, and more ring of reputation words, we how can get has learned of Mr?

More and more scholars is a good thing, but I hope not because scholars increasingly easy to do.

In today’s world, connectivity, calm down, maybe all of us can be a scholar. Difficulty is, calm down. Is difficult, there is a better environment, an appropriate mechanism, encourage calm down to. Calm down, it can be a House of gold color ruyu, is reasonable. Real pay and value all real scholars access to peers, this is not just a blessing to the scholar, it is a blessing to the community.


Scholars should fix? Scholars should be defined? This is what scientists issue, which is also the common problems.

How to place everyone, perhaps by all sectors of the business community and other common problems.

Wear a mask,

Unable to kiss you.

Tear away the masks,

Can’t breathe.

In 2015, in the face of the complex, the memories. Tu see this poem to my liking, to complex, and encourage each other.

(Note: the original lattice made haze in the sky for a friend. Important note: it is not for me. )


34 scenic spot of maxianshan mountains Lanzhou Alice was trapped and rescued

Lanzhou, China, according to network news, as of December 26 at 11 o’clock in the evening, trapping 34 mix of scenic spot of maxianshan mountains, Lanzhou has safely down the Hill, is now returning home by car. Shaolin Temple vegetarian singles package of 50

Earlier, according to the CCTV news, December 26, at about 8 o’clock that night, 34 trapped hikers in the scenic spot of maxianshan mountains, Lanzhou lose your way. Local to set up temporary search headquarters, mobilization of a township, two villages, police emergency response unit, fire, 20 4 rescue dogs, 3 ambulances to rescue blue rescue team Gansu emergency reinforcements.

Storm threatens Christmas launch terrorist attack on mainland China Guangzhou

Storm threatens Christmas launch terrorist attack on mainland China? Guangzhou police denial: no warning

Recent network “violent elements will launch a series of terror attacks during the Christmas season the Mainland”, official denial that the unpublished information related to early warning.

December 23 at 22 o’clock, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog Twitter @ Guangzhou Public Security Bureau published rumor, individual Internet users say the Internet spread the so-called “storm will launch a series of terror attacks during the Christmas season the Mainland” and other information, verified, Guangzhou police temporarily confiscated the clues or related warning was issued.

Police advise: involved in cases of violence and terrorism-related information, please refer to the related functions to publish. Please everyone do not believe in rumors, not rumor. Official landslide loss in Shenzhen rose to 59

North Koreans mark the four year anniversary of the death of Kim Jong Il queues

On December 17 in Pyongyang, people canye the kumsusan Sun Palace. The day is the anniversary of the death of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il SI.

North Koreans mark the four-year anniversary of the death of Kim Jong-Il queues with flowers

On December 17 in Pyongyang, people canye the kumsusan Sun Palace. The day is the anniversary of the death of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il SI. Xinhua Lu Rui photo source: Xinhua

North Koreans mark the four-year anniversary of the death of Kim Jong-Il queues with flowers

On December 17, at Pyongyang’s Mansudae square, the bronze statue of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il with a bouquet. The day is the anniversary of the death of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il SI. Xinhua Lu Rui photo source: Xinhua Baby crying when the nurse opened the operation

North Koreans mark the four-year anniversary of the death of Kim Jong-Il queues with flowers

On December 17, at Pyongyang’s Mansudae square, the bronze statue of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il with a bouquet. The day is the anniversary of the death of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il SI. Xinhua Lu Rui photo source: Xinhua

North Koreans mark the four-year anniversary of the death of Kim Jong-Il queues with flowers

On December 17, at Pyongyang’s Mansudae square, people visiting the bronze statue of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il to lay flowers. The day is the anniversary of the death of the late North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il SI. Xinhua Lu Rui photo source: Xinhua

Interview with Phoenix TV Chinese channel Executive Director media is losing

“With the arrival of media, media convergence, network interactive, the new deal introduced, rapidly changing environment, the media must constantly refresh your brain, thinking about new direction of the television industry.” Phoenix Chinese channel Executive Director Yan Gao said.

The afternoon of December 9, 2015, Institute of East China Normal University, College of communication and Phoenix the Phoenix Group and build a “personnel training bases.” The day at East China Normal University Minhang campus, Yan Gao for the spreading of mass heart granted the colleges, shared his experience in the industry for nearly 30 years of accumulated experience.

One sincere “nagging”, Yan Gao recommends students in school have to consciously improve their ability to learn rapidly and people exchanges and communication, resource integration ability and adaptability. In addition, job in the media industry prepared to fully integrate live and work to do. “The world is so big, just go and see, take advantage of all opportunities to experience. ”

Media environment is constantly changing, Yan Gao presented adhere to, challenge, change, innovation, the four key words. “To have the courage to stick to and change in the trend and challenge our limitations, inherent powers of authority and dogma. ”

Surging accept News (www.thepaper.CN) exclusive interview, Yan Gao, in the moment, innovation and persistence is the root of all life, “give up the stick, drift, will lose its vitality.”

Interview with Phoenix TV Chinese channel Executive Director: media is losing its leading public education function

“Dialogue Yan Gao”

“Haven’t seen a particular thing and truly fit the whole media concept”

Surging news media earlier put forward the concept of media is based in Phoenix. In your understanding, what is the media?

Yan Gao: this is the problem we have now. Although traditional TV media Phoenix, Phoenix news, news client, information plates, Phoenix finance, but what is the media, and we are still trying to explore.

According to my understanding, all media is TV show on TV, but this process full use of other media properties, over the years, our own TV station, Web site, on the vertically and horizontally integrated, feels that way.

Now TV has part of the use of new media, such as buying something shake it shows the use of the letter is to use new media tools to enrich TV shows, but it spread, divergence, vertical services accurate arrival rate, how much help, it was still not clear. Similarly, there are plenty of programs, such as new clothes to the goddess is cooperation and e-commerce and Internet +, but for me personally, yet did not see a thing is truly meet the full concept of media.

Media is the core of the future of professional news and views

Surging News: in an era of media development, Phoenix’s biggest competition is what? Next strategic planning will have any specific new initiatives?

Yan Gao: one thing is for sure, to be able to hold the initial idea, held the responsibility of the media and features, only some fancy resort, is dangerous.

My personal opinion, regardless of TV and online media content providers, professional news and professional point of view is the core of the future. First-hand, the professional position of objective news, convincing expert views, documentary look at the history and practical point of view, this is Phoenix’s core brand values.

To strengthen this part of the force, watch the TV itself, the content itself. Of course, there is a majority of TV series and reality shows that these dramatic content, but this is not the Phoenix market.

On the future development of the company, the Phoenix is also considering use of media resources, including news, documentaries, etc, integrating information vertically in place of development and service, this is the future trend.

To show people on the front lines, can’t make money for arts programs will follow, to see if we can integrate into your own character. All media, the age of big data does give precise references and opportunities in certain sectors, but in the media and cultural industries of these have strong personal preferences, if research data coming out of late, so I think stick to media quality at the moment is very important. Give up the stick, drift, loses its vitality.

Do not press speculation, the bottom line to keep another day 40 000 private security companies anxious to China

Surging News: now in Internet communication, some vulgar content tends to spread faster and wider, look at how this phenomenon?

Yan Gao: the confusion we often encounter against much. For example, our program for more than 10 years of Miss Chinese Cosmos pageant insist there is no swimsuit segment. Many people told us that it will more fire plus swimwear, but there are a variety of display modes, why must it be shown in the light, not sell bathing suits?

For so many years, we know what kind of news is attractive, we have many times, with one eye open might formed a certain effect, but we have nothing to do. We are very proud to be from no one’s own negative news, but peer has to bear is that programmes do not fire, attention, as well as others. Today, we live down, speculation was hot at the time and many things did not stick, so be sure to keep the bottom line.

Look at it there are three levels: the individual level, platform level, the social dimension. Every media person, hold onto their bottom line first, then look for your bottom line, willing to communicate with you with the same platform. On the social level, it can hold people always have power. While the media is getting lost leads function, but if everyone is a brain to lose the bottom line, it is nothing but to cater to the public. For us is to keep another day, first to stabilize himself, fortunately there is always a pile and your bottom line to the same person, and your bottom line can be found the same platforms, that there is hope for this thing.

Is critical to attract young people, think twice about young investment platform

Surging News: what do you think Phoenix now faces the biggest challenge?

Yan Gao: Phoenix challenges from within. Concept or whether the media itself that year shows pattern of Phoenix is committed to innovation, after more than 10 years of operation, gradually forming a unique model, and Chinese-language media in general have a lot of differences.

See in Phoenix before the Japanese drama, drama feel very fresh, but this wave of the TV flipping and moving too fast in recent years, Phoenix has resulted in gaps in comparison with them. Phoenix has its own personality, and recognition of the brand, on the operation of the program settings, and how to find new breakthrough without change, this is Phoenix’s biggest challenge.

Surging News: Phoenix audience prefer higher ages of Chinese elite, whether it will consider in the future to attract more young audience?

Yan Gao: Yes, Phoenix attention to provide depth-style content, these elite on Phoenix’s stickiness is strong in the past, with the diversification of channels of access to information and ideas and changes in age, their choices are changing. How to attract the elite, how to attract new young people, this is critical.

We now also is in caution exploration, both cannot put content do have too old of, also cannot blindly caters to young audience taste, should with other media of way to training, and guide young cognitive Phoenix values and brand, does not necessarily to let they sat in TV Qian, but to will quality content with they familiar of platform and spread way slowly penetration, future company also will consider more younger platform of input and development.

Surging News: for the development status quo of China’s media industry and what do you suggest?

Yan Gao: I have come across abroad, Hong Kong’s media, I think the quality and professionalism of young media practitioners on the Mainland, is too general and the world standards.

Often reporters, including Phoenix’s own reporters, unaware of their interview, also asked respondents what activities. Such an unprofessional and lack of basic knowledge of media everywhere, a lot of people don’t even have a basic common sense. Practitioners ‘ quality is not high, how can requires the platform to give you a chance? How the atmosphere of public opinion, the media, now a lot of people are not qualified to ask, to make yourself Foundation. There are too many students in this major, their nature to the media did not understand, did not fully prepare and input. Media work is leading to the public education function, once an error has occurred, the result is irreversible, the way even some business people do not understand for a long time.

Beauty benefits of using private security companies between Britain and Russia

Beauty benefits of using private security companies between Britain and Russia, and what China can learn from

United States “Blackwater” corporate security personnel are being implemented to protect United States Government personnel tasks. Oriental IC data

In the course of the rise of great powers, increasing threats to citizens ‘ security and interests overseas, it is facing challenges. Extremist groups since last month “Islamic countries” (IS) the killing of a Chinese citizen to Mali in Africa three Chinese citizens were killed in the terrorist attacks, this is fully explained.

Human history is not difficult to find, private military forces have been active in the arena of war, especially the rise of great power era.

As far back as ancient Greece time, mercenaries as “war” and “adventure” features in Greece the Polis flourished beginning; Queen Victoria, United Kingdom using a large number of mercenaries, to become “Japanese empire”; United Kingdom during the administration of Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted that “in some particular system or environment can use of mercenaries”. As United Kingdom of Sandline International in Iraq more than 20,000 employees responsible for the maintenance of law and order, over British forces in Iraq number of forces.

As the superpowers, United States previous private military forces are active military action figure. As early as during the Gulf war, 1 out of every 10 behind the war American soldiers from the private security company employees for their service. To the bombing of Yugoslavia, this proportion rises to 1:1, this is reflected in its contribution to the Montenegrin opposition has trained a large number of military personnel. Iraq war, large numbers of private military forces more directly into the war to perform dangerous tasks, for the American State has achieved the low casualty rate. United States Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld referred to private security companies “contract contractor” directly incorporated into “Defense Ministry total force.”

Private security firms as a result of a new military revolution, with its efficient and convenient, economical and practical and non-politicized and so on in the military struggle in the new period plays an increasingly important role, to some extent, or even different powers in the period of the rise of a powerful tool in the process. But it is undeniable that, as its advantages, the potential negative aspects should not be ignored.

“The positive aspects”

After the end of the cold war, is restricted by the international community, represented by the mercenaries of old-style private military force is gradually disappearing. But because of the massive disarmament in Western countries unable to meet the growing demand for military, United States and other countries a national defense part of the privatization trend. Mercenaries through development and reform, started with the company operating mode so that they are easy to evade the constraints of international law. In the late 20th century, represented by the private security companies new private military arm started fast and stable development, and increasingly in many ways an important role of a power game.

1. political dividends

In today’s world, among countries has become the consensus of mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, and making the “State” for military intervention in the name of more and more “support”. It also forces world powers in the use of military force in the game has more political concerns.

Private security companies have unofficial feature, allows the Government to bypass the international and domestic political pressures and indirectly gain political dividends.

United States famous private security company Blackwater with a large number of military personnel, including senior retired General, known as “General number per square foot more than the Pentagon” has become America’s “sixth branch”, appearing in a Pentagon inconvenient places.

United States military professional resources Ltd (MPRI), as one of the world’s four major private security companies, more than once for more than 120 African leaders and at least 5,500 African troops to provide security and training. There is no doubt that this helps United States influence quietly promoted in Africa.

With four major private security companies of South Africa private armed corporations (EO) in several African countries showed a strong fighting in the civil war, which also raised South Africa’s position in the leaders of African countries.

2. economic benefits

Economic benefits of huge private security companies. According to statistics, the global private military company profit of as much as $ 200 billion a year. Because of its huge profits and the broad market, the industry in the United States are classified as high-tech industries and high paying industry.

Meanwhile, the industry can also save the army’s training expenses. For example, the British Army training a commando takes £ 2 million, and the cost of private security companies to recruit professional soldiers are much less. Israel veteran fighting powerful and low cost and by favored States that “where there is war, where Israel mercenaries” argument is the field on their shoulders.

In addition, private security companies will also promote the re-employment of displaced men, to solve the problem of rehousing. Military skills focused on fighting form, compatible with the market economy is relatively weak.

Or in Israel veterans, for example, took more than 20 years of extreme tension after life, this group has to be quickly effective integration is very difficult. But when they regained weapons to overseas battlefields, excellent training qualities to make them immediately “popular” private security market.

3. power support

Private security companies to absorb the world’s military elite, itself has a strong combat capability.

Iraq during the war, the United States 8 name former commando’s private security guards, in 5 hours pushed back hundreds of Iraq resistance forces attack with 2 costs of injured and killed more than more than 100 Iraq militants. In a conflict in Africa, cooperation of private security companies in the helicopter, to more than more than 200 combatants compete successfully completed the task for thousands of rebels.

And by providing military training for the regular army, and can also enhance the combat effectiveness of the regular army. Sushulinfujianli push petrochemical strategy of

Private security personnel from national retired special forces elite units such as the composition, bilingual national advanced training methods and has a wealth of practical experience, can provide scientific and effective training for the regular army to increase combat effectiveness. United States Blackwater billed as the world’s largest private training institutions, trained more than 40,000 people a year, or United States Marine Corps are training here.

Based on the above characteristics, at a time when reservists fighting weak, private security companies can make up for the lack of power.

Blackwater, about a brigade strength of the standing of private soldiers and aircraft units, including helicopter gunships, archived for 21,000 former Special Forces members, veterans and retired law enforcement data can quickly replenish reserve forces in time of war.

It is worth mentioning that, the major military powers of the world requires private security companies and conducted routine training with the regular army, received basic training, as well as to provide consistent operational requirements, to provide better support in the former active-duty forces.

4. the tools

Private security companies in the fight against terrorism has a unique advantage.

First of all is to avoid asymmetric warfare, made up for the regular army in response to the terrorist attacks and guerrilla warfare and other aspects of the short Board. During the first Chechen war, Russian army is struggling for four terrorist attacks, weighed down casualties rise. But in the second Chechen war, Russia gave up large forces attack battle mode for the first time, but capable special forces and Interior troops to hunt terrorists, achieved remarkable results and achieve the final victory.

Secondly, the range of private security companies are no longer limited to local community. Terrorists movements between countries, when the regular army to fight, cross track and against the fleeing terrorists likely to cause political problems. Private security companies because of its non-State and political, can more convenient to avoid transboundary damage brought about by the political dispute.


It is undeniable that, as private property is relative to the deficiencies of the State property of the armed forces of the armed forces, as well as the cohabitation phenomenon in the industry was growing too fast, making it negative.

1. the damage the country’s image

Powers of supervision of private security companies in the world is not enough, Government’s scale of mercenary companies, benefits, training, lack of specific monitoring. And scope of services of private security companies are often more volatile areas, where disorder, lack of effective supervision. This gives the employees in a local way opened the door, and do whatever they want, but it seriously damaged the country’s image in the region.

For example, the United States private security companies in Iraq during the war, bad behavior, it took the Americans suffered from a serious image. America’s top military officer said, “they each went out once and made a number of enemies. In the eyes of the local people, they are hired by the American Gunners. ”

2. impact of army construction

Undeniable is that such traditional national companies providing salaries to a certain degree of impact on the army building, the formal military occupation of certain challenges to stability.

Is the US armed forces, special forces, for example, the annual salary of about $ 55,000, and join the annual income of the private security companies can be as high as $ 110,000 to 220,000. As a result, benefit from the American most such companies, are often victims of their “undercut”. For example, the British army’s most prestigious elite units-the 22nd special air service battalion, in Iraq shortly after the war there were 64 collective of officers and soldiers left the barracks to go to private security companies. In addition, the United Kingdom special sea diligent forces there have 80 players bluff situation.

An elderly couple was hit and killed on zebra crossings liuzhou Guangxi a three

An elderly couple was hit and killed on zebra crossings, liuzhou, Guangxi, a three-day exposure more than courteous drivers

On December 2, the monitor video display, see two pedestrians in a car when you cross the street, do not stop and yield. Talmadge

An elderly couple was hit and killed on zebra crossings, liuzhou, Guangxi, a three-day exposure more than courteous drivers

On December 3, beizhan road, liuzhou city, a woman holding a child while crossing, praise for courteous drivers points. Talmadge

Beijing, December 4 in liuzhou, liuzhou city, Guangxi traffic Police Department from December 2, on the zebra crossing roads in front of the school in the city to start electronic police capture, punishment is not courteous driving behaviour and by media illegal vehicle list. Campaign to punish the past three days, a total of 153 people were exposed. Shandong 119 abducted children search online some

November 29, Guangxi liuzhou city, an elderly couple in the city says “for comity like” Word was hit and killed on zebra crossings, raised media attention. City traffic Police Department decided on December 2, the crossing road in front of the urban schools startup electronic police capture, punishment is not courteous driving. Motor vehicles passing through crosswalks did not slow or no parking lines in case of pedestrians by crosswalks will be fined 150 Yuan, 3 points of discipline.

On December 4, the traffic police in liuzhou not acts of comity, Zebra and improvement on the third day, a total of 153 people were issued a ticket, and most of the vehicles involved was fined red light violations. In this regard, the liuzhou municipal traffic Police Department daily through the media exposure for comity fined for vehicle license plate number on a regular basis, and through supervision by public opinion to restrain the driver drive of civilization.

In addition, that afternoon, the Transportation Bureau of liuzhou city, traffic Police Department Symposium comity Zebra activities carried out, saying it would promote “courtesy zebra crossing”. The meeting, the Transportation Bureau of liuzhou city, Vining asked, hengda of liuzhou city buses the bus companies, taxi companies and operating bus company agreed, adding “comity, Zebra”, set a civilized example.

Transportation Bureau of liuzhou city Party Secretary Li Yufen, bus companies, taxi companies will introduce real programmes. “Comity zebra crossing” into industry regulations, was captured by police buses, taxis, and internal penalties. Meanwhile, its appeal to the media to open “for comity like” and “exposure is not courteous” section, to trace the taxi and bus shooting.

“Punishment is not the ultimate goal, and hope through system constraints allow the mass to form civilized traffic awareness. “The propaganda Chief of liuzhou City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment said Peng Lin Ya.

It is reported that “courtesy zebra crossing” in Nanning, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Hangzhou, success in areas such as. These cities are on the bus, taxi-related rules and punishment, let it take the lead, form a good social atmosphere, eventually led the civilized driving private cars.