Smartphone biometric predicted the Ebola virus

Numerous kinds of sensors, such as Apple’s Touch ID and Samsung Galaxy series heart rate record, completely changes the way users interact with the Smartphone. But now, experts say, using a combination of sensors and cloud data represents the general direction of future innovation, particularly in the entire health care industry. Michael Kors Case

Smartphone + biometric = predicted the Ebola virus?

In yesterday’s SXSW Festival organized by the Biostatistics seminar, founded the University of Southern California, “human data centre” (Center for Body Computing) Professor Leslie Saxon talks about his own understanding of future Smartphone industry combined with biometric research breakthroughs on human diseases have a big impact.

Saxon said, “if we say that our average is, unconscious head 150 times a day looking at mobile phones. But data on the monitoring of the frequency data in the body, such as facial scans to measure their blood pressure, heart rate, physical data and are stored in the cloud. It was a waste of time ‘ looking down at the phone ‘ process has been transformed into an enabling body data collection. If you can make as many users as possible in the action, which would become a global health monitoring. ”

For more detailed examples are using biometric technology of intelligent mobile phone, world body data can be aggregated together, the researchers were able to predict human health changes in a timely manner. For example, when a deadly virus before the Ebola epidemic, scientists were able to predict what right will erupt, and rapid response mechanisms.

Saxon said the primary difficulty is that the applicability of current smart phone and not a very good implementation of biometric features, more is need to use wearable device. His companions said that, in the near future, I believe that this situation will improve.

Cloud medical data of most concern is–the data privacy security. Saxon said current global data can easily be attacked by hackers steal or abuse. So she proposed the establishment of biometric security institutions of governance, privacy and the reasonableness of the use by the monitoring data, and to ensure that human health data would not be interests.

Saxon said, “there’s no data to biological parameters are much more important than our own. So, at this point, mankind needs to make efforts more. ”

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Tesla Model s-P85D

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Tesla Model s-P85D Michael Kors

Michael Kors Case

P85D Tesla MODEL s is Tesla sells cars in the fastest and most expensive, in terms of appearance and the remaining few models did not much change, the main change is to drive and battery capacity. MODEL s-P85D, 691 peak horsepower BHP, four wheel drive, 0-96 km/h in 3.2 seconds.

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Mianyang Sichuan died of cancer girl the family is accused of refusing to return

A commitment to return back for good, yanting County, Mianyang City, Sichuan province, Miao Xiang Wen Tong Shi Niu community several cadres have made difficult.

In December 2015, cow Miao Xiang Liang Yue 13 year old single parent girl (not his real name) had cancer, helped raise donations of more than 110,000 yuan to the families. Father Liang Yue Liang Fayong promised after the end of treatment, the remaining money donated to others. On January 14, 2016, Liang Yue’s death, caring people, community leaders hope that Liang Fayong residual money refunded to donate to someone else, but was refused. Shaanxi two sisters injured by Rescue Corps detachment

Prior to that, said Liang Fayong foreign money has run out. On February 24, Liang Fayong news contacted the surging, he said things have been handled well, do not give him a call.

Mianyang, Sichuan died of cancer girl, the family is accused of refusing to return as promised with a sound

Miao Xiang Wen Tong Yan ting Shi Niu community for Liang yinying organization contributions.

Community: have promised to give it to others and then go back on

On February 24, Shek Temple surging township office staff told news, after 2015, Liang Yue illness, contributions, including cadres at township level were conducted in January 2016, Liang Yue died.

Wen Tong community Liang Haiyan, Director of women surging to the memories, the afternoon of December 14, 2015, in yanting Cancer Hospital, Liang Fayong told the assembled community leaders and caring person, he receives a sum of money was recorded by Liang Haiyan, if money is remaining behind, will be donated to others.

Liang Haiyan said that her record of donated more than 110,000 yuan, Liang Fayong has not received any contributions other transfers are not clear.

Wen Tong Liu Fengyong says the community Director, after the death of Liang Yue, party branch Secretary of the fan communities with Liang Fayong fathers accounting over the remaining money, forty thousand or fifty thousand Yuan, Liang Fayong father promised to return 40,000 was granted, but the next day when they contact the then members of their fan, then was told that money has run out.

“We are embarrassed now, would have liked to donate money to the town remaining a child suffering from uremia, can do about it now. “Liu Fengyong says after several cadres have been communicating with Liang Fayong communities, but he said they have run out of money, and now to work, to see people again.

According to the Chengdu business newspaper, reporters at the querying of yanting Cancer Hospital that, Liang Yue was admitted on December 20, 2015 and died on January 14, 2016 out of hospital, shared medical 17759.31. Liang Fayong told reporters that the children treated a total of more than 88,000 yuan, the funeral cost more than 10,000 yuan, give money to a person who needs to 6000 Yuan, currently is running out, including to buy very expensive human albumin for Liang Yue. But reporters from the hospital was informed that human albumin each bottle of 500 Yuan, according to 600 Yuan a bottle, and 25 days in the hospital only 15000 Yuan.

On February 24, Liang Fayong news contacted the surging, he said things have been handled well, do not give him a call.

Mianyang, Sichuan died of cancer girl, the family is accused of refusing to return as promised with a sound

Miao Xiang Wen Tong Yan ting Shi Niu Community contribution registration details.

Expert: recipients to return donations

Controversial events, some netizens think, since the amount was donated, it should be dealt with by the families themselves. There is one think, if promised to give to others, we should not go back on.

In this regard, the Tsinghua University Center for innovation and social responsibility Director Deng Guosheng told the word news, from a moral and ethical standpoint, recipients should be returned to charity. But because the donor is not through charity, no contract with the recipients, just private gifts in nature, there is no relevant legal provisions, the donor’s interests could not be protected by law.

Deng Guosheng recommends that public donations should as far as possible through regular charitable organizations, on the one hand, donors can enjoy the preferential policies of tax reduction or exemption, and secondly, institutions based on recipient objects to the actual situation, to arrange the donation, while safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the donor. In addition, Deng Guosheng stated that people now enough trust to charity, and direct donation may produce similar embarrassing situation, therefore, charity organizations should take measures as soon as possible, standardization and transparency as soon as possible, enhance their credibility.

Chongqing Kang Yu lawyer firm lawyer Chen Baoyan said, from legal angle told, similar personal donation of situation, from China Civil General and contract method in the of related provides view, if donor both had has had oral or written agreed, is should comply with agreed, returned or donated out remaining good paragraph, but recipients who no or not admitted do had oral commitment, is consultations difficulty larger.

A suspect involved in the brawl Deputy Director of the police station of Hainan

“Anho gantry threatened mass sheep pulling a gun, Deputy Director of the police station, smashing the 6 years old grandmother to his injured……” the afternoon of February 17, some netizens on tianya post said, “in one clash on February 9, Yang has not fulfilled the duties of a police officer failing to calm and an end to the conflict, but to take part in this conflict. “On February 18, reporters learned that the matter attracted the attention of dingan County Public Security Bureau, at present the Council Commission for discipline inspection has been involved in the investigation.

A suspect involved in the brawl, Deputy Director of the police station of Hainan: six old man kick injuries, pulled out a gun threatened residents

Sheep kick woman

A suspect involved in the brawl, Deputy Director of the police station of Hainan: six old man kick injuries, pulled out a gun threatened residents

Sheep in a suspected gun action

“Kick my 68 year old mother was Deputy Director of hurt” Hubei hundreds of poor students being asked to

The morning of February 18, Longmen, 164th dingnan Street shop manager Li Qingyong introduced his lawful operation of fireworks in their homes, February 9, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon for about 20 minutes, in the Sun next to a stall selling cigarettes Fireworks bamboo (Longmen police station security supervisor) may suddenly get angry for business reasons, his old father and my niece called and ruthlessly dumped a can of drink. He saw this scene was very angry, and came up with theories of Sun, eventually beat up two people. Relatives then on both sides involved in the conflict.

Li Qingyong’s brother Li Qing Ping said, “during the course of the conflict, Longmen police station Deputy Director Yang failed to calm and an end to the conflict, but hands-on participation. Of sheep was wearing civilian clothes after a rushed to the scene, rush hit me and my brother, and pulled out a pistol from the leg, put a gun to my brother said something threatening. “Li Qing Ping said his 68 year old mother sees that picked up a straight Fireworks came to sheep, sheep-a smashing to the ground. After his mother fell, Sun then kicked in the head at her foot, causing her symptoms such as vomiting and dizziness, were 120 ambulances rushed to the hospital that night.

Monitor display: day 03-5:21 P.M. seconds, a man who wore blue shirts (Li Qingyong said the male sheep) upon arrival, bent over suspect pulled out a gun from their left leg movement; 21 minutes and 15 seconds, the man holding a pistol, 22 minutes 58 seconds, the man kick a woman. Li Qing Ping said the night of the incident, both in the coordination of the police station, Yang said the day was not his duty, in order to “settle”. At present, his mother still in dingan County people’s Hospital for orthopedic treatment, five earlier that day, sheep and 4000 Yuan, Sun advance to the hospital medical expenses.

Dingan County Commission for discipline inspection, Public Security Bureau has been involved in the investigation

On February 18, this reporter went to interview dingan County Public Security Bureau, discipline Inspection Commission in charge of the Council, the Council was informed that only the day before yesterday the matter, leading to this priority, discipline Inspection Commission has obtained surveillance video of the Council and involved in the investigation. The charge, currently Deputy Head of sheep in normal work, pending the outcome of the investigation is not available for an interview. According to reports, the sheep on a living in Longmen town, the day of the incident is in the prepared state, wear a gun and no violation. When Yang was in increased fighting capacity is to hit people appeared on the scene, the current survey results have not come out. Sheep have not pulled out a gun, and did not see on the monitor. When a reporter took out a sheep one suspect pulled out a gun and surveillance video of suspected gun shots to the head at, the official said, and this requires further investigation and verification.

The official said sheep kick a woman one is true. But is under what circumstances occur? Sheep are under attack? Both sides in the conflict and said what? These have yet to be investigated. The official also said that in the process of conflict, a police station also was wounded. Fighting for both sides, a suspicion of the police station, the matter has been dealt with by the security service to investigate, the survey results are expected to come out next week. In addition, sheep have no other violation of case is under investigation. After investigation, the Council will be handled fairly and impartially.

Zoucheng Shandong traffic police checking for drink drivers were wounded the

Zoucheng, Shandong traffic police checking for drink drivers were wounded, the police: driver has to be controlled

NET exposes police ground photos @ zoucheng online network

NET exposure in zoucheng city Shandong Jining traffic police checking for drink drivers, wounded by the driver fell to the ground, surging February 17, told police brigade publicity Bureau, Public Security Bureau staff in zoucheng City News (www.thepaper.CN), events resulting in police brigade eight squadrons a traffic policeman injured, currently the driver control.

Many Twitter users on February 16 and explosive material, said that night in zoucheng City Public Security Bureau traffic Police Brigade in Yen Ching Restaurant near the garden when checking for drink drivers, a suspected drunk driver and the traffic police have been physical clashes, the traffic police was knocked to the ground, was sent to the hospital.

NET exposure image, a man who was in police uniform lying in the middle of the road, a number of traffic policemen stood in around him, and the traffic police under a stretcher.

This Police Brigade publicity Bureau confirmed, occurred on the evening of February 16, police drink-driving is under way at that time focused on the campaign, in which a policeman was injured and is still in hospital, but was wounded still needs investigation. Police Brigade leadership is meeting eight squadrons in this case, the details of such investigations only. Landslides buried 22 plant in Shenzhen about 900

Zoucheng City Police Office of the Police Brigade squadrons of eight civilian police said they know is that the driver had been controlled, event-specific circumstances is not clear for the time being.

Anhui rural gambling young people compete most directly a years wages enough

Xinhua, February 14 in Hefei, jobs won’t save 20,000 yuan a year, did not think the new year will lose more than half–during the Spring Festival, rural youth have reflected to reporters in Anhui Province, Spring Festival gathering will put on the Board, and some even lost all will be a year of hard money.

Anhui rural gambling young people compete most directly, a years wages enough to play a couple of cards

Several of the rural elderly play mahjong to kill time. Visual information in China

“Not to the Lantern, I lost close to 10,000 yuan. “Xu Qiang Zhong Dian Xiang youth ‘ an (alias) working at an electronics factory, Changshu, Jiangsu, 1 year’s salary is 30,000 yuan, even usually are reluctant to buy something nice, but Chinese new year back home on the table were” haemorrhaging “. He told reporters that from 23 to five in early he has almost every game. Relatives playing mahjong, eat a dinner reunion became landlords, even if sometimes you can’t scrape together 4 people, can also be pushing Pai Gow, fried golden. First he thought bet as usual are 5 “mouth”, but during the Chinese new year over 10 times, four rounds of Mahjong lost thousands of Yuan. Xu Qiang, had to continue to play expect to recoup, but lose more and more.

Reporter learned that rural youth in their hometowns, such as Xu Qiang minority. Most of them are 20-something, just out of work every two years, holding just the sum of their deposits. During the Chinese new year cards wins in five thousand or six thousand people are very common, many people lose tens of thousands of Yuan, or even borrowed money from their parents.

Why young people back to the rural areas involved in “gambling”? People told reporters that life with busy work, rich in the city compared to youth almost the first month at home in their hometowns. Guangdong killed child suspects arrest details

“Not suitable for recreational and cultural activities for young people in rural areas. “Xiao Miao Xiang Zhao Minxia said youth in feixi County. During the Chinese new year, she had to accompany my mother to dance the square dance, watch Lu Opera. “While we are rural children, but starting from the junior high school in the city, so entertainment is different from the old. Although the village cultural center there are plenty of activities, but we do not like. “Zhao Minxia said she has worked with the little sisters is about good, back to Nanjing to shop in advance, party.

But there is no other way to pass the time, gambling has become a rural youth compete in the most direct way.

“Can’t counsels people at the table. “Xu Qiang said that young people who have the ability to see the village in the past who have no skill, it depends who is diligent, farm work is done well, or school attended. But we have to go out after work, in addition to making money, we lost the unifying values. We compare your House and your car a few years ago, in recent years, many people have bought a house in the city, back for the new year will stay for 10 days, therefore table of “tickets” has not paid the most intuitive “evidence”.

“When the tiles, a few pigs and white. “Look kids wasting money and time on the table, their parents felt about this more. Luan BU Su Zhen Qing Nian Wang Juan told reporters that her parents worked for a year at home, in the fields of crop and cattle combined has earned more than 10,000 yuan a year, mother is in poor health, younger brother is still at University. Did she intend to 3000 supplement to your parents, did not think her husband’s hand will lose five thousand or six thousand Yuan. Look in the eyes of her parents is very hard, several times to advise a husband, but her husband was still there, also reprimanded she don’t know “would rather lose money can’t shame” the truth.

“I just want to go home for the new year light, round and round. Don’t let gambling stirred new year also stirred our family and friendly and happy days. “Juan said.

Theme stock outbreak gem rose more than 4 the Shanghai composite index recovered

Theme stock outbreak gem rose more than 4%, the Shanghai composite index recovered 2,700 points

On February 2, the index did not fall trend continued yesterday killed, instead of opening the rebound rally, recovered in 5-day moving average on the 2,700-point and station. Dongfang IC

The last week before the Spring Festival, red envelopes can be expanded? On February 2, the index did not fall trend continued yesterday killed, instead of opening the rebound rally, recovered in 5-day moving average on the 2,700-point and station.

Up close, the Shanghai composite index at 2749.57, or 2.26%; the gem at 2075.29, or 4.15%. There were 120 stock trading between the two cities, no stocks fell.

On the following day after hit a new low for the year, transaction zoom on the two cities on the day, total volume was 403.2 billion, 158.9 billion in Shanghai and Shenzhen 244.3 billion.

Complex: the aerospace industry take the lead tug, theme unit full flowering

Earlier on the day, Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened mixed, rebounded early collective military plates, CNAC photoelectric lead limit, direct satellite, China shares, gainers.

On the news, February 1, XI Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, State President, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, southern to the Eastern theater, theatre, Central Northern Western Theatre, theatre, Theatre Award flag and issued instructions.

In addition, the aerospace sector strong lead, leading stocks shot up 2,700 points.

Beijing, February 1, 15:29, from the Xichang satellite launch Center in China with long third c carrier rocket successfully launched the fifth generation Beidou navigation satellite, marked the Beidou system global network made a solid step forward. SFC fusing mechanisms of negative effects than

The other side, small theme unit comprehensive strength, Spike led the gem 5%. Under the influence of Spring Festival approaching, electronic payment sector performs strongly, zhengtong, Tianyu information trading. Large data, such as satellite navigation plate or close to 6%.

Near midday’s close, try for nuclear power plate group, China first heavy, good electricity shares line limit.

Open in the afternoon, high shock occurs after a short-lived decline between the two cities, hot wheels support index strong again. Real estate comprehensive high, holding, forbidden city Ningbo Fuda, Pearl River holdings, Dalian friendship, culture, Crown jiakai city limit.

The other side, lift trading boom online game concept, century China, Qing Bao, CIS-NET technology 12 stock trading. In addition, the ghost shares return, Adams took the lead, double money trading in shares, deep pool a are linear block trading.

Focus: four factors that help a shares stabilised

Insiders pointed out that, from a technical perspective, quickly pulled in early trading to break through the 5th line of repression, formed Bull trend. Light plate-taking pressure while outbreak theme unit, led stock indexes on the fast attack.

Guangzhou wanlong pointed out, the current a-share price-earnings ratio is close to 2008 calculated on a capitalization-weighted approach historic lows, especially the biggest bank stock valuations are at record lows, this will greatly blocked the a-shares dropped deep space again.

In addition, four factors boosting shares rebounded on the day.

1, strong foreign hunters wish

Data shows that January new RQFII lines a nearly 9-month high. South East funding company disclosed that on Friday, the A50 ETF RQFII ETF Fund owned the South access to nearly 400 million yuan in net purchase, for nearly two months since the largest purchase. On Thursday also found nearly 300 million yuan of the Fund’s daily net purchase.

2, two financial balances falling below 900 billion yuan

Shares of two financial balance continues to decline, falling below 900 billion yuan. Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange data show that as of February 1, the SSE financing balance of 528.384 billion yuan, down 4.65 billion yuan from the previous trading day; SSE financing balances reported 369.246 billion yuan, a decrease of 4.828 billion yuan; cities totals 897.63 billion yuan, reducing 9.478 billion yuan for the 22 trading days in a row down, and the lowest since December 8, 2014. In addition, the February 1 to display the short bear power weakened further, the market take advantage of self-help.

3, ample liquidity power shares stabilised

Western securities pointed out that, at the Central Bank after consecutive shots median price stability after the devaluation trend temporarily reversed.

In addition, the Bank continuously through the open market operations to inject liquidity into the markets, net capital since January more than trillions and statements will continue to increase around the Spring Festival of open market operations, and expanding the scope of participation of short-term liquidity adjustment facility, ample liquidity also helped shares of short-term stability.

4, banking bills, bad step by step process

China Minsheng Bank, Bank of Ningbo have issued a bulletin on the day to clarify relates to ABC 3.9 billion yuan bills. The two companies said, after verification, report says the business, are carried out among normal instruments, without using a ticket broker.

“In February, not necessary to be pessimistic”

Essence securities analyst Xu Biao notes that collapsed was valuation-fix oversold bounce probability is large, but the medium term there is still a downside risk. But on the whole in February, but not necessary to be pessimistic. At least, in February, following four aspects of the overall impact on the market was positive.

1, history, share a single months killed dropped sharply after months of basic good: index total there have been 9 one-month drop of more than 20%, removed in 1992 an exception of the a-share market was first established, the remaining 8 months after the collapse, the Shanghai composite index rise in varying degrees.

2, and Yuan exchange rate short-term more stability, risk preference continuous declined of trend or get ease: exchange rate problem for shares market of effect can from two a dimension degrees to consider: while, investors worried Yuan devaluation caused capital outflow raised domestic interest rate level to raised assets price fell, but actually, from near a months of situation view, Bank to short-term liquidity tool alternative drop associate guarantee has interest rate level of smooth.

On the other hand, RMB trend uncertainty concerned would seriously affect the market’s appetite for risk, however, as the Central Bank set the exchange rate anchor at 6.6 per cent, short-term exchange rate stability has become a more consistent expectations, investors ‘ risk appetite would probably rate stabilization.

3, a dialectic view on “underweight” problem with market declines, the reduction will also drop to the freezing point: since the beginning of regulators to do more to ban non-strict requirements, but investors are still worried about the supply block trading ban and increased pressure. But after the market fell sharply, and judge the sharp reduction in power is already in decline.

4, the “two sessions” will come at the beginning of March, in General, should come on in the second half under the February “two sessions” is expected.