Secretary of Hebei Lok Ma Mistress said to buy a House I give her 3 million

Secretary of Hebei Lok Ma: Mistress said to buy a House, I give her 3 million, she went to lend

Liu Fu

Repent people: Liu Fu

Original post: Party Secretary of Hebei Chicheng County, guyuan County of Hebei province

In connection with the charges: accepting bribes, the crime of huge unidentified property

The verdict: on December 24, 2013, the Shijiazhuang municipal intermediate people’s Court sentenced him to 17 years ‘ imprisonment, and confiscation of personal property of 700,000 yuan.

Crime: from 2003 to 2012, Liu Fucheng duties, receive bribery amounted to 7.38 million Yuan and gold bars for 4 (total 400 g) and property does not mean legitimate source of 5.5636 million Yuan.

I grew up in the farm, in politics at the beginning, I have both kunpeng wings of ambition, industry for the people’s aspirations, but after when I held the real power, temptations will come let me forget the beginner’s mind. When favors, gift the first breakthrough in my defence, I thought the clear gradually became chaotic, quickly produced a “cave effect”. Eventually, the pleasure due to frenetic pursuit of money, sex, let me slide into the mire of crime and unable to extricate themselves.

From 2003 to 2012, I have served as Party Secretary of Hebei Chicheng County, guyuan, a number of “friends” posted up, bosses in the community around me, and my brother, intimacy. At the beginning of taking a bribe, I still feels ill, sleepless. With the constant bribes, gradually ease. Daughter, my father died, I went abroad to study, “real estate big shot”, “tycoons” on a silver platter gift to express my “friendship”. Only Home funerals matter, I received a gift of about more than 2.5 million Yuan. Businessmen give me my house as a wedding gift giving opportunity. Their generosity is not because of my personal charm, but because of his power, as long as me on this “tree”, they could green light projects operating in guyuan, defeating competitors and earn big bucks. Suspected massive copying of Shandong University

Guyuan in cadre and personnel adjustment, I have absolute power, some officials in the County also before and after the new year gift to me. There have been dozens of cadres has sent me a gift, amounting to more than 1.8 million Yuan. I “return” arrange for cadres, do not speak the principle of party spirit, and do not measure de cadres, has brought significant damage to the party’s cause in guyuan County. My daughter is still short of 2.15 million Yuan purchase, I asked an investment real estate in guyuan boss revealed this information, he took the hint, and immediately sent me a provision of this part. My wife betrayed and themselves to help each other for many years, with one boss alone sister become my mistress. When she said she wanted to buy a House and I lack my help, in order to please her, I found my “grace” developer, “” 3 million Yuan for her. I didn’t know until the trial phase, mistress take the money does not buy, but 2 million yuan in banks bought financial products and the remaining 1 million Yuan lending, at the time she had a profit of 500,000 yuan.

Have a party many years of education, how could I not know that their behavior is the law? These gifts when unobserved, is only in the shadow operation of illegal and criminal acts. But my friend “brotherhood” atmosphere, and me trusting this then let me be right.

My promiscuous behavior bribery bribes, private life, will no doubt tied myself to the stigma of history-post. I realize now, walking between the temptations and law, it is important to know self-control, knowing the severity, withstand various tests, hope that my painful lesson can be used to alert people.


This cable if you can tie a knot I live to eat Xiang

This cable if you can tie a knot, I live to eat, Xiang

Is said to have, on data line, and headphones line like, in package package inside why can winding out various complex of knot, has became a troubled people has long of problem, also let scientists are flexible broken has head, what is what mystery of mechanism in works, led to people clearly neatly put in of data line, last took out of when always around have mess…… For this reason, even the birth of a branch, called “knot theory” (Knot Theory), that specializes in natural knot of the rope. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

Starbucks iPhone 5 Case

However there are no eggs, put bags of various lines every day, take out, still doggedly stuck with … … Finally, the designers could not stand it, they pushed the mathematicians with a thick handouts, and then gives the rude but effective programs–do not like the knot? Well, you can’t tie a knot:


This is card data line (Connex), you can still easily into a purse or Pocket, but returned to form designs for the intertwined it can’t-even if you want to not! Was just too convenient storage, well, so from now on, any finish can be forgotten, work/school, and grabbed the cable into the bag of clean bareness ~ life is so free and easy. Starbucks iPhone 5 Case


Design: Mobile Accessory Project


Zhang the 92 consensus is both principle and now the ball is in good faith in

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Taiwan leader-elect Tsai Ing-wen said last week expect the Mainland to show some goodwill, Taiwan Affairs Office Director Zhang 24th to attend the Boao Forum said that, the “92 consensus” that there is no litmus test for goodwill. City’s goodwill has made it clear, both on the “92 consensus” persistence and adherence to the path of peaceful development, to continue to promote cross-strait cooperation in various fields. “Especially for the ‘ 92 consensus ‘ insistence that this is our principle and our good intentions. He said the current cross-strait relations at a critical time, “now the ball is in the other’s hands!”

According to the rating agency reported on March 24, Hong Kong, Taiwan leader Tsai Ing-wen recently told Taiwan said in an interview with the China Times, requires city, on May 20, Taiwan “handover” before releasing more goodwill. City, country Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office Zhang zhijun on 24th morning, attend the opening ceremony of the Boao Forum for Asia said in media interviews before the approach, “said there is no goodwill, a large Touchstone is the attitude of the ‘ 92 consensus. ”

The “92 consensus” is so important, Zhang explained, because it defines the nature of the cross-straits relations; the “92 consensus” since 2008 in order to embark on the path of peaceful development between the two sides, so much to benefit the livelihood of the results achieved.

Zhang said, and now Taiwan politics has changed, Taiwan on cross-strait relations and policy changes of concern. Mainland’s Taiwan policy is clear and consistent, and not because of Taiwan’s election results change. Zhang believes that the “92 consensus” attitude, how to recognize the nature of the relationship between the two sides, this is a litmus test of whether there is a bona fide, and standards.

In addition, Zhang also made it clear that China wants to hear Tsai Ing-wen, the answer to this question: “We note that Taiwan also concerned on cross-strait relations said a lot in this case, mainland side, we hope to get the answer to the question, is what is the nature of the relationship between the two sides. Just to clear this problem, the future of cross-strait relations in order to see it clearly. ”

Zhang said this side of the continent in good faith is clear, both on the “92 consensus” persistence and adherence to the path of peaceful development, to continue to promote cross-strait cooperation in various fields. Especially the “92 consensus” stick, both mainland principles and goodwill.

Zhang said, cross-strait relations are now a major node, this ball in Taiwan’s hand.

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Original title: Zhang: the “92 consensus” is both principle and now the ball is in good faith, in Taiwan on the hand

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Missing college student body bag filled with stones tied to iron chains Shenzhen

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Tied Shenzhen 1 college students missing back chains drowned in the Lake, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Public Security reported: the investigation, man drowned and ruled out homicide.

Killing Lin of college students attend Shenzhen Polytechnic (full-time College). On March 22, father Lin Lin to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN), whose son was found dead in the Shenzhen xili Lake, and tie chains, bags filled with stones.

Mr Lam said, found in the surveillance video from a local, as early as March 7, around 8 o’clock in the evening, Lin xili entered the resort after the incident, the forensic autopsy in the field, ruled out the possibility of foul play.

The night of March 21, Nanshan District, Shenzhen public security through the officer of advise: Nanshan police received a report of March 20, Siri resort nearby underwater salvage out of the body of a man, was found, man drowned and ruled out homicide.

Mr Lam told the surging news, Lin in last and there is nothing unusual, and said police are investigating the specific cause of drowning himself not to say too much. Ambulance drivers in Sichuan province for 13 toll

High speed truck explosion involved owner in Beijing Hong Kong and Macao without

High-speed truck explosion involved owner in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao without qualification of dangerous chemical transport, 5 killed, 20 wounded

Emergency rescue operation. New social graph

According to yongchang County, Gansu province propaganda department news, Beijing-Macao high-speed Hunan miluo truck explosion in the territory concerned owners of Zhao Sheng Hu, male, 44 years old, Xin Cheng Zi Zhen Liu kezhuang villagers in yongchang County, no qualification for transport of hazardous chemicals. He drives a truck explosion at delivery on the way back from Guangzhou. Specifics are verified.

Xinhua previously reported, on March 19, a loading suspected inflammable and explosive licences trucks in Gansu province near high-speed miluo River in Hunan province when a fire broke out in the territory exploded in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao, and ignite the 2 cars and 2 trucks, 7 caused by other vehicles damaged. As of 6 o’clock in the morning, confirmed leads 5 killed, 20 wounded. Vehicle loading goods had been burned to the ground.

It is learnt that the fire has been put out of the scene of the accident. At present, public security, fire fighting, safety, environmental protection, health, transportation and other departments at the disposal site, the cause of the accident is under investigation. Family for Joe Heilongjiang 20 pay Note baking

Site for the G4 high-speed long 1414 km in Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao. Near online newspaper said, after tanker explosion, one kilometer outside of the House Windows shattered, East of the town of Changle and nearby tremors in miluo city.

The youngest Bureau level cadres in Beijing Chang Yu concurrently serve as Vice

The youngest Bureau-level cadres in Beijing Chang Yu, recently had his new position after having been removed from the Party Secretary, he serves as Deputy Minister municipal party Committee propaganda department.

Chang Yu was elected party Secretary in 2012, at that time, some media with “Dr Qinghua is 37 years old” in such a conspicuous title to describe his new position. He Shuo Fang Bo is a student at Tsinghua University, and has also taught at the law school. After leaving school, worked as a Communist Party of the town, Pinggu district, and to hotan, Xinjiang has built, at the grass-roots work experience in hardship areas and frontier, are outstanding young cadres.

There are 10 million young people in Beijing, and accounted for half of the floating population, to service this population group takes quite some time. Chang Yu are very good at using the Internet and other new technologies, new ideas to work, and actively promoting the Communist Youth League in the field of social development to make a difference, Beijing Youth League to create the “community youth” project, and Chang Yu is inseparable from the promotion. Chang Yu said: “youth can participate in organized activities and crops, rather than education. ”

Chang Yu in 77 on the anniversary of the outbreak of war led the representatives of youth and children’s pledge

Universities gathered in Beijing, Chang Yu often went into college to do youth work. His alma mater as speeches in Tsinghua University, encourages students to actively reach out, “stay away from grass-roots nearer, nearer the truth, more close to native scholarship is more practical! “In the people’s University report, he called on” each of our young people, should be in system and policies to improve the process and become a constructive member of it. ”

Chang Yu at the Renmin University report

Worth noting is that in any capacity, Chang Yu who is also Vice Minister of the propaganda Department, there is no updated list of personnel in Beijing today. Chang an Street (app ID:Capitalnews) can tell you that his new identity and future of an extremely important work.

Apart from Chang Yu, also had an important message to mention: Zhu Yan, Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Municipal Government, Beijing, Chairman of energy group, army and Navy at the beginning of last year after the Lok Ma, a post vacant for more than a year. Zhu Yan is also second in the recent transfer to the Deputy Secretary-General of the State-owned enterprises, and before him, Xu Bo had been a member of North-controlled Group Vice President.

In addition, three of the mentougou, Fangshan, Daxing District Party Committee Secretary in place, are made by the Mayor took over. Took up the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Secretary General Han Zirong was removed from the mentougou District Committee Secretary Chang ‘ an avenue, Toru (app ID:Capitalnews) learned that her Winter Olympics Organizing Committee colleagues are all strong, mostly from the municipal sector and the regional party Committee and Government. Expected shortly after their new identity will continue to meet with you.

Say no more, friends come and find their acquaintances.

(This article has been access to micro-public official, Chang an Street, welcomes the attention, micro-ID:Capitalnews) Network anchor anchorman of the red and Black

Hamlet like watching a football game is a kind of experience

Hamlet is a play on the stage of the most well known works. Since its open Shakespeare Memorial, in the continuing drama of the HA, which Lithuania “OKT” and the United Kingdom the National Theater scene (NTLIVE) “volume Fu version” the most cause for concern.


Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience

Lithuania “OKT” Hamlet opening. Yuan Wei photo

Lithuania “OKT” had given 2014 Theater in Beijing was shocked. Its very sharp, is a “pressing” approach. Use football terms is the “full court press”.

Beginning a line of makeup mirrors at the audience, seemed to be threatened: Hey, who don’t want to go this time. Works cast hysteria of “who am I? “Issued” the attack “Horn, then spared flood mobilize all can play the stage including music, light, sound, costumes and props … … Accompanied by nine dressing table of the ever-changing, and every “attack organisation” Yon is precise and powerful.

Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience

Lithuania “OKT” end of the hamlet. Yuan Wei photo

After years of if I remember this version of Hamlet, maybe what first came to mind is the white and red colors. White light is like the whole movie “field General”, mastering each stage propelling rhythm and a sense of propriety, and Red theme. Like sharp knives, “striker” again and again into the enemy’s depth, a white blade in red knife out.

Works of Claudius after watching the mousetrap, angrily shouting “give me fire! “Voice to orgasm: avalanche of scarlet fever to the audience, foretelling death draws near. Arrogance of the week Arts Fang Sunshine burst Red

Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience
Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience

Lithuania “OKT” Hamlet stills.

Original works seem to be an expression of two attempts to clear. One is about Ophelia. Works at Ophelia’s death to appear twice, placed before the first time before the death of his father, Polonius, uncle Claudius to Hamlet’s pain killing time together moves forward to Ophelia’s death, and to report thereon as the finishing touches in the first half.

Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience

Ophelia. Yuan Wei photo

White next to Ophelia works still remain down, accompanied by flowers become the incarnation of purity and beauty and reflect their shadows behind people’s vulgar and ugly. Perhaps this white death suggests that Hamlet is gone as ordinary people: from now on he will also face two real world. And happy people, or float in the dead of heart of love and sorrow, or willing to make mediocre daily flooded his mind.

Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience

Ophelia death twice.

Another work seems to want to explore the “existence or destruction” and “destruction”. Subtext is destroyed after what? If the problem will disappear? If the end result is the same, then choose what is the meaning of?

Thus, especially in the second half, the deduction a big part of the story briefly and Hamlet are omitted to State not only experience, but also saves the basic plot of the last duel, delivered to the narrative logic creation logic. Here lies largest creator of ambition, to trying to stab the whole offensive of the last and most powerful one knife.

Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience

Lithuania “OKT” Hamlet stills. Yuan Wei photo


With aggressive-like “OKT” totally different “roll Fu” Hamlet seems to be in no hurry to express what is more balanced. Form of football is “offensive and defensive balance.” No obvious tactical vulnerability, but also untold pleasure.

Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience

But half ending when situation changes: When Claudius to hamlet, killing some, black debris suddenly rising up, as if his heart unquenchable evil thoughts gushing out, storm sweeping. The moment seemed to restore the old Hamlet was killed leading edge.

And when the curtain of the second half, the sky’s black lust had totally gone to hell dressed up, establish the tone the whole thrust of the play. So “roll Fu” is black. This is the color of hell, and full of texture.

Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience

“Volume Fu” Hamlet is filled with texture. China Visual information

So as opposed to focusing on the “destroy” value “OKT”, Fu more attracted to a volume rendering. Expression is also different from “OKT”, “oppression”, focusing on classic restored “volume-Fu” in no rush to new interpretations and ideas instilled, so details of the visually rich, exquisite works themselves desire, however indifferent, and seemingly abstract simple and ambitious “OKT” quite the opposite.

“OKT” mirrors throughout the show’s core concept, but like with artillery fire the audience back, only a way down to the black, until you see hamlet die so far. “Volume Fu” for expressing desires is relatively flat and more like a mirror, so that different CV viewers what they need in life. Even ordinary people like me, seem to have faced such a test: follow rational rules of the game or your own inner truth claims?

Besides hamlet. And he must be awake to make a choice. No wonder Haina·mile the hamlet machine said: “I want to be a machine, is to catch things, leg is to walk without pain, without thinking. “The inescapable mental suffering and unquenchable desire, is hell.


Overall, both should be faithful to the original’s classical rearrangements. Basically is quite satisfactory in the first half, played in each half. Although “OKT” interpretation twice on Ophelia’s death, is not on the major changes in the original.

While greater common ground has not done a reasonable amount of discarding. “Roll under” of the original work and caution as conservative, easily create scripts recreate as dull and boring. “OKT” is overly obsessed with elaborate stage vocabulary, and want each line to tie to lights, music and props that change in the imagination and Visual surprises filled with a head full of bursting full view at the same time, just trying to immerse viewers design forming a powerful reverse mirror checks and balances.

Hamlet like watching a football game, is a kind of experience

“Roll under”


Perhaps it was derived from the play hamlet complex in heart, just like almost every Opera Dan actors all have a du. Creators of these two versions are no exception. But “OKT” seems to be more complex is the Director, and “volume Fu” is the protagonist himself. And once you are on the Court when you stick to your feelings, maybe will make you forget the basic aim of the game itself.

This is hamlet we enter the theatre to see the biggest risks. So here’s the thing: If there are any looks beautiful version of Hamlet comes, watch or not to watch? This is a real problem.

Classic value always reflects the care of people in different times of light. Maybe for Western society that has arrived in the relatively flat stages, and complex or feelings into the classic rearrangement of a moving source. However in a rapidly changing, is supposed to grow more colorful on the classic stage, even and maybe play a little match works rarely seen. Even Hamlet, impressed in recent years seems to have only a large guide of the 1990 film hamlet.

As opposed to “watch or not to watch? “For us, the first is probably,” Yes or no? ”。 This is a really virulent problem.