Fujian Anxi directed two conflagrations suspect retaliation for others and detonated

Fujian Anxi directed two conflagrations: suspect retaliation for others and detonated homemade devices

EOD police searched on the spot. According to the Minnan network Halt nu River hydropower development in Yunnan

CNS, Quanzhou, April 23-, 23rd, Anxi, Fujian police informed the 22nd 8:40 A.M., Feng Cheng Zhen, Datong road, a deflagration occurred event in Anxi County, Quanzhou city; 9:20, Zhongshan street of the town houses and similar incidents, two detonating gas incidents caused no casualties and property damage. After the incident, Anxi County Public Security Bureau organized police forces rushed to the scene in the first disposal, crime scene investigation, police found the two initiating Fire Department human detonated homemade exploding devices, then filed for investigation.

After receiving the report, Quanzhou, Deputy Police Chief, police Chief, Lu Bingchun led Zhuo Qingzhong and criminal investigation, police and other departments concerned personnel arrived at the scene to guide case.

Ultimately, the public security organs promptly identify suspects Liao Wang (male, born in December 1966, Anxi, and was sentenced for rape, theft). 22nd at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the public security organs in Anxi County, Feng Cheng Zhen South Riverside rental suspects Liao Wang.

After preliminary examination, King Liao of suspect account due to disputes with others, others disgruntled revenge, hence making these two detonation combustion event. Suspects Liao Wang also account for the Riverside South rental store parts explosion. To ensure security, police for the first time to rent nearby residents were evacuated, while the EOD police dispatched to the scene to conduct thorough searches and transfer the detonation to safety.

At present, the case is under further review.


Reveal Taiwan family fraud syndicate to swindle hundreds city people light from

Reveal Taiwan family fraud syndicate: to swindle hundreds city people light from May to October

Photo: when e-bulletin Legal evening news 12 official death sentence

Taiwan media said Taiwan was a fraud syndicate heaven. Family of 4 brothers surnamed Chen fraud group, to “account frozen” old stem fraud, specifically lied to city people, estimates there are hundreds of victims, succeeds the amount broke millions of new Taiwan dollars. The Taoyuan District Court judge “old light” principle of lighter punishment 4 brothers from May to October period.

According to Taiwan in the Shi electronic reported April 18 reported, Chen surname 4 brothers led of fraud group, first to GF voice package message to city residents,, victims back, again to 3 stage respectively pretending customer service personnel, and police and Prosecutor, a step step cheat a funding, last told victims suspected wrongful, city victims according to indicates to ATM operation, 4 brothers again through underground Exchange will crime proceeds meeting back Taiwan.

Peach police investigation two years ago when drug cartels, listening to “help I’m looking for someone, the company set up” extensive, search ticket holders split 11 Road South of Yunlin later arrest a person, once almost happened Saturday, teaching manuals, seized counterfeit Beijing, Shanghai warrant summons, freezing command and so brought back 11 guilty too.

Prosecutors and police said the 4 brothers are very cunning, fraud city, people still play the radio call and the sound of police, to win the trust of the victim, and finally by “Prosecutor” is sound. In addition, in order to avoid arrest, using mobile computer lab, a position not more than 3 months to move out.

Four brothers raped and clever cunning rabbit hole

Peach-test case prosecuted in September 2014, 4 brothers, Prime, but I don’t think decent work to defraud others money spent, Jian asked the judge not to sentence.

Did not think the case moves to the Taoyuan District Court, although added increased fraud in the criminal code entered into force June 20, 2014, the new law as long as 3 or more persons commit fraud at 1 year and 7 years imprisonment, 併 families and 1 million Yuan (NT, the same below) fine. But the judges believe that a group of people got caught committing crimes from September 2013 to May 2014, according to the “old light” criteria, using the old law against the defendant, based on 5 years of ordinary fraud punished, to continue the Commission liable to provide teaching manuals, for interview “operator” prime suspect Chen big brother 10 months, Dick is responsible for training members for 9 months.

Difficult moments over law from the old light sentence

Is responsible for the room maintenance and information of “computer” old three old four, and disguised as the Prosecutor, or even sentenced to 6 months and only 5 months are easy to fine, to convert 1st 1000 Yuan, which means that as long as the pay of more than 150,000 yuan, or more than 180,000 yuan, can be written off to continue to go back.

Prosecutors and police according to the list of identified victims of hundreds of persons, ill-gotten gains over millions of Yuan, but the judge says, “heads the boss” nearly 1.1 million Yuan Li Nan account, proceeds of crime cannot be included in the fraud, believed riders admitted receiving only 400,000 yuan.

Chen to admit: “I had advised the second son not to do it again, and then doing the whole family will be closed! “Finally be helping fraudsters sentenced in March, also fine.

Source: reference news network

Original title: Taiwan media uncovering family fraud syndicate: hundreds of mainland Chinese sentence from May to October

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China express Association condemnation of ignoring social morality of batterers

China express Association: condemnation of ignoring social morality of batterers, supported the law seriously

Association of China said, hit the event reflects the Courier industry environment need to be social concern and attention. Surging materials Two girls at the Chengdu 14 star hotels were drunken

Beijing, April 19, Association of China said that day, strongly supported the party to beat courier seriously dealt with according to law, maintain member companies and their employees ‘ legitimate rights and interests, lack of respect for the basic human rights, ignoring the social morality of the attacker be condemned.

On April 17, a SF who ride three-wheeled delivery vans, Dongcheng District, courier, delivery process b licence and a black Beijing car had a slight collision. Black car drivers get off even the courier slapped and shouted abuse. This caused great concern upon exposure, Shun Feng said in a statement, did not accept the conciliation will be criminal accountability for batterers. East side branch of the Beijing Public Security Bureau said, beating Lee has been held in administrative detention for 10 days.

Association of China said, this reflects the Courier industry environment need to be social concern and attention. Express delivery industry develops to today have become an integral part of people’s lives, closely integrated socio-economic and production associate. Industry contribution to national economic development and people’s livelihood, deserves the community’s identity.

China express Association strongly maintenance Enterprise members and employees of lawful rights and interests of, on this not respect people of basic right, and ignored social morality of hit who be condemned, support police organ on perpetrators law serious processing; on deeply this a event of injured employees said kind to condolences, and at any time provides legal help; on Shun Feng speed shipped company led care line General employees of attitude and the on this event of processing way said support.

Association of China to last call for everyone should be law-abiding citizens, social play, should be accountable for their acts, in order to create a harmonious society and a friendly environment.

Shanghai Xiao Nan men alarm building sounded death knell for burial of the Qing

“Hundreds of years ago one night, changes the night before, gunshots shattered the serene night, while all around were swords of appeasement”–songs of the descendants of the Dragon

This Zhonghua road, Huangpu district, Shanghai, No. 581, there is some unknown in modern buildings. It consists of two conjoined and a single Republic building, although worn, but can still see the original style.

In the courtyard stands a high tower of reinforced concrete structure built in 1909, 35.2 meters high towers, with spiral staircase to the top in the Middle, climb up, overlooking the city to the entire old town. According to local fans, Jiang Qing said here the former Qing dynasty “Shanghai Federation of fire” site, this fire Tower for observation and warning of “little South door alarm building.” Original giant Bell Tower one, has now disappeared. This hidden within the old town tower, is not only the first modern fire fighting facilities, is also Shanghai’s tallest building, Shanghai and China in history, has an extremely important place in history.

On November 3, 1911, the Tower rang the bells of revolution, Shanghai more than more than 3,000 Alliance a martyr as a number to launch Shanghai uprising of Xinhai revolution, sounded the death knell for the Qing government.

Shanghai Xiao Nan men alarm building: sounded death knell for burial of the Qing dynasty

Small South door alarm building comparison

Shanghai uprising of Xinhai revolution “control tower”

On October 24, 1911, the concession “paper Street”-ping Wang Jie (now ping Wang Jie, Fuzhou Road, Huangpu district), packed. After Wuchang uprising of gunfire spread to Shanghai, people excited, uproar in the streets, have been holding daily ping Wang newspaper reading a newspaper on the street, at the time, fishing for information.

To this end, the Shanghai taotai Liu Yanyi, magistrate Tian Baorong, led by the Qing government in Shanghai, Shanghai authorities quickly issued notices saying “mutiny in Hubei Province, while Binh Dinh and other provinces BU, is quiet as usual, do not listen to rumors” and so on. However, ping Wang Street “the masses know the truth” is still gathering, newspapers are in short supply, especially in the publication of Wuchang news more quickly, by the revolutionary organization Alliance secret control of the State’s most popular.

The State newspaper Museum crowded downstairs, and upstairs Windows are closed. Daily afternoon, there will be several looked in a hurry to this meeting. According to the Member of the Alliance, Shanghai Shen Huantang son of Bank Manager Shen Manyun memories, on October 24, he came with his father to the State newspaper in the Hall of the Chamber of secrets, “sitting three or four people”, they are Alliance members such as Chen Qi-Mei, Huang Xing, Song Jiaoren and Ye Chucang, fan hongxian, this deliberation, “Shanghai” is in response to the Wuchang uprising. Uprising planned by Chen Qi-Mei single-handedly.

Chen Qi-Mei (1878-1916), British scholar, Zhejiang huzhou people, Patriots of the revolution, the United Democrats of elder statesman. He was born in merchant’s home, early do pawn shop apprentice, stacks of accounting. In 1906 went to Japan to study, into the Tokyo police school. During the day, Chen joined the revolutionary Alliance became acquainted with Dr Sun Yat-Sen and others. In early 1908, Chen Qimei instructions of Dr Sun returned, contact South-East provinces party preparations for the uprising.

Shanghai Xiao Nan men alarm building: sounded death knell for burial of the Qing dynasty

Mr Chen

Meanwhile, Chen in Shanghai liaison, advocacy of revolution, all sectors of the Organization to join the revolution. By making gang and the business of gentry, celebrities, human, financial and material support for the anti-Qing revolution reserve. In April 1911, Chen Qimei the Guangzhou Uprising, after the failed uprising, he liaises with the business community in Shanghai and the revolutionary organizations, preparations for the uprising.

After the Wuchang uprising started, Chen Qimei, Song Jiaoren and other Alliance its revolutionary decision rushed Li Xiehe and links with the Guangfu branch in Shanghai, and lobbied the Shanghai Association of Warburg businessman Li ping, Shen Naaman clouds to provide financial and material resources while at Tsing Hong Bang secret societies such as the formation of death squads, ready to act. Four power with each other. Started in Shanghai last spring, Jervois and then responding immediately capture Nanjing.

But the Qing forces and revolutionary forces in the battle of Wuhan, Yuan Shikai’s Beiyang Army South, the Qing government 5 ships of the Navy have also been filled with arms from the Shanghai Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau, March rescue of the Qing army in Wuchang, uprising was put out at any time. To relieve pressure on the front line in Wuhan, Alliance headquarters informed Chen Qi-Mei Shanghai uprising must be made, to check Qing forces, coordinate national revolt.

So, Chen, will uprising set for November 3, 1911 (lunar Xin Hai years September 3), command that set Yu Shanghai City old town van of “Shanghai fire Federation” within, the road horses to the at police Tower knock Bell for,, attack clear government Shanghai authorities of zhabei “patrol General”, and town “Suk son too Shanghai soldiers prepared Road Department”, and City South “South manufacturing Council” three at stronghold. The Min Li upstairs secretly planning, will evolve into a real thing of the revolution.

Sounded the death knell for burial of the Qing dynasty

November 3, 1911, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, uprising headquarters plan a pestilent climb “Shanghai Federation of fire” alarm/f, tried my best to ring the Bell, the clock to a 9, following a 13, meaning “913 rebellion”, sonorous bells of Shanghai nanshi and old town. Bell call, lurking around Warburg armed, kamikaze Alliance, students in Shanghai, Guang Fu Hui death squads and thousands of others from all over flock to city “South playground” (also called “the nine acres of land”).

Chen Qimei, Li ping, Shen Manyun, uprising leader mounted high-profile speech, declared the uprising, Chen said: “my revolutionary army in Wuchang, the world response, total. Shanghai huayang and domestic, strategically important terrain, therefore I am Shanghai revolutionary forces of the military junta, due to uprisings in Shanghai today, where Wu in Shanghai that year, when valiant disregard Taiwan Shanghai, save people on fire in Shanghai. “With that, Chen publicly tearing the Qing government, Longcheer, modified suspension revolt banner.

Revolt staff person left wearing a wide 3 inch long, 6-inch band, collectively called the Revolutionary Army, and distribute bombs, firearms, ammunition and other weapons. League member Ye Huijun Shanghai led by Warburg, and boxers led by Zhang Cheng槱 Liu Fubiao, tailor Tian Xin Hong help seekers, Peking Pan Yueqiao Green Alliance death squads composed of more than 300 people. They shouted: “Taiwan to Shanghai! “” Taiwan to Shanghai! “” Retrocession of Shanghai “, time, shasheng, across the river.

Announced after the uprising, all armed attacks, respectively, the United Democrats of gorillas led by Chen Qimei attacking Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau, Shanghai Chamber of Commerce armed attack government soldiers road.

From 8 o’clock in the afternoon, the rebels scored Shanghai Government soldiers road, found Shanghai Tao Liu Yanyi has disappeared, praetorium in the deserted soldiers road. Then the military captured Department mansion, Shanghai County magistrate Wang Yao ting hung printing through. Zhabei, Wusong Qing garrison also in formulate with the revolutionaries, see lost, have raised the white flag in response to the uprising. Shanghai Hua Territories East of the old town, occupied by the rebels. The public cheered, offspring, Yue Rong.

The rebels think when immediate recovery in Shanghai, Chen Qi-Mei, Zhang Cheng槱, Liu Fubiao, Tian Xin Shan, more than 300 people Alliance death squads, but met garrison in Jiangnan manufacturing House Qing army’s fierce resistance. By Li Hongzhang’s nephew, the Qing government Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau General Office guarded by Zhang Shiheng. On November 3, Zhang Shiheng heard the uprising inside the city, immediately deploy artillery into the Bureau stationed, and in the manufacture of door decorated with artillery, machine guns, the infantry guard defence.

However, unaware of the rebellion, offensive to Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau in November at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, immediately responded by Qing army superior firepower. Zhang Cheng槱 was wounded, shot in the leg, and Liu Fubiao was fried to the left leg ankle, Tian Xin mountain shot. Second death squads continue to bomb-throwing onslaught, and were repelled. The face-off to the middle of the dilemma. In desperation, Chen decided to negotiate with Zhang Shiheng, urged them to surrender. However, entering Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau Chen Qimei was Zhang Shiheng guards detained by force, was forced to retreat into the old city in the death squads.

When in “Shanghai Federation of fire” Shen Manyun, learned under the command of Chen Qimei was arrested, captured the Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau after losing limbs lost in fear. However, at this point, another rebel teams-zhabei retrocession-Li Xiehe and soon Guang Fu Hui, led death squads decided to organize troops stormed the Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau. On the logic of the economic growth target set

November 4, at 1 o’clock in the morning, thousands from death squads, formulate the Shanghai camp of Qing army, patrol, composed of the rebels once again stormed the main entrance of the Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau. Several death squads, led by Wusheng Pan Yueqiao over the wall into the Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau of Beijing Opera, in coordination with the brothers in this Council opens manufacturing arsenals and set fire to the House. Under attack inside and out, 4th, at 4 o’clock in the morning, Zhang Shiheng army defeated, the rebels conquer Jiangnan manufacturing Bureau. Death squads in a warehouse in, rescued by the Qing Army captured the original to death, people dying of Chen Qimei. On November 4, 1911 8 in the morning, the recovery of Shanghai, Shanghai uprising of Xinhai revolution succeed, Republican flag flying over in Shanghai.

Shanghai Xiao Nan men alarm building: sounded death knell for burial of the Qing dynasty

The recovery of Shanghai

Important heritage of revolution history, Huangpu district

Today, had a furious battle city to Shanghai’s old city has changed, and 105 years ago Shanghai uprising the main witness to the revolution–“little South door alarm building” still stands intact. But know this soul-stirring historical and less the witness.

According to media reports several years ago in this city, No. 581, Zhonghua road, more than people living in more than 30 years, said that as a child, he often climbed up the bell tower overlooking the Huangpu River. Reading only after know the small bell tower of the South Gate also has a history of glorious memory. Living here tend to be like scattered leaves, no one can make that part after the uprising and allusions. However, “small bell tower of the South Gate was witness to the revolution. Those of us who live here, which is guardian of the clock tower. We guarded cultural relics, told the history of the revolution of the next generation, also told them all the happiness doesn’t come easy…… “

Shanghai Xiao Nan men alarm building: sounded death knell for burial of the Qing dynasty

Outstanding historical buildings signs

Man with a boning knife Sichuan highway robbery knife wielding crazy went at

The night of April 12, Mianyang, Sichuan knife robbery with assault and resisting arrest. 13th, Mianyang City Public Security Bureau reported that in the process of rounding up, after police fired warning shots, crazy man armed with a knife went at the police, the police back in the decisive shot in the men’s, the man died. An auxiliary police officer was injured in the incident.

Hair scene.

Surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from a video of the scene after the incident, a man lay on the road, beneath is full of blood, multiple man surrounded by men dressed in police uniforms. Some onlookers said, had 120 phone calls, emergency workers soon.

According to police, fallen man was armed with a knife in a video of robbery and resisting arrest after being hit by a police suspect. Reported, 12th night near 11 o’clock, seven Brigade patrol special police patrols, Mianyang City police 110 command Center received instruction, a man holding a 30-centimetre-long boning knife highwayman, crossing the masses and to the Red Bridge to escape after stabbing victims. Guangzhou man bought House prices rose was convicted

Informed displayed, received police police led one auxiliary police quickly arrived Red Bridge seal blocking, the men on police of times oral warning fell on deaf ears, in police fired warning shots warning Hou, the men holding knife crazy to police bashing came, parties police in back process in the decisive shot hit suspected personnel, Hou by rushed to three hospital rescue invalid death, event disposal process in the, auxiliary police finger and Tiger injured, near masses no personnel casualties.

March CPI rose lower than expected statistics 2 3 pig prices and food prices

March CPI rose lower-than-expected statistics 2.3%: pig prices and food prices combined with push 1.56%

Photo: vision China

National Bureau of statistics data showed on April 11, China’s March CPI rose 2.3%, lower-than-expected 2.4%, consistent with the prior, CPI rose to a 5-month high. This figure is lower than previously estimated, including Bank, investment institutions, March CPI per cent is expected to be around 2.5%.

For the latest CPI data, Senior Statistician of the NBS City Division Yu Qiumei explains. Yu Qiumei pointed out that from the ring, March CPI dropped 0.4%, mainly under the influence of fresh food and part of the price of services down.

She said that first, fresh food prices fell back after the Spring Festival, eggs, fresh vegetables and aquatic products, fresh fruit and pork prices declined 7.4% per cent, 5.5%, 2.8%, and 1.3%, total CPI fell about 0.38%. Second is the Chinese new year holiday effect to fade, airline ticket and travel prices decreased by 8.2% and 5.5%, total CPI fell about 0.11%.

In addition, the workers were migrants, fell back part of the price of services prices during the Spring Festival, vehicle repair and maintenance, hairdressing, domestic service price per cent respectively, and 5.8% and 3.3%, total CPI fell about 0.04%.

From the year, March CPI jumped last month, the same part per cent higher. National low temperatures in the early cold snap affected the growth of fresh vegetables, relative lack of supply in the market compared with last March, prices of fresh vegetables rose by more, rose 35.8%, affecting the CPI up about 0.92%.

Pig price issues of continuing concern for the outside world, interpretation of Yu Qiumei said pork prices slump for a long time due to early, frustrated enthusiasm of pig farms, resulting in decreased pig herd, pig production capacity at a recent low, tight market supplies pork prices rose 28.4%, affecting the CPI up about 0.64%.

In the view of experts and research institutions, this year’s CPI rise or would not exceed 3%, policymakers could still continue to “force” of monetary policy.

Department of State information center, forecast Director Zhu Baoliang said at the current price level is still low, with the exception of pork, vegetables and other food price movements may occur, sharp rise in prices of other goods and services, lack, therefore, generally will not be much upward pressure on prices, expects CPI inflation to break through 3%. Asian Investment Bank set sail ten highlights

According to a research report of Galaxy securities, expected weather warming vegetable prices will come down, commodities such as oil, corn still remain low, pigs fill the bar faster, prices are below were more likely in the first half in the second half. CPI level this year is still very little chance to break 3%, there is still room for monetary policy, but loose is not desirable.

ASUS GX700 meet the world s first water cooling gaming notebooks

ASUS GX700: meet the world's first water cooling gaming notebooks

  Wei Feng network on September 4, according to foreign media reports, ASUS IFA 2015 Conference has released the world’s first water game notebook – ASUS GX700. Why add water cooling technology to gaming notebooks, because gaming laptop in processing tasks quickly and need driver 4K-resolution screen, notebook is easy to heat, water cooling technology helps to cool the gaming notebook.

  In high end gaming desktop computer, liquid cooling has been very popular, but in laptops, due to size constraints is very rare. Don’t know after the GX700 sets the precedent, other notebook manufacturers will also be considered.

  It is understood that the ASUS GX700 is powered by a NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX video card to drive the 17-inch 4K display, Skylake K-SKU series no lock equipped with Intel’s latest processors.

  We tried during the GX700 ASUS pledge in this notebook, running even at UHD resolution wizards 3: wild hunting (The Witcher 3:Wild Hunt) game body will not burn, just to warm my hands, thanks to the equipped with cooling systems.

ASUS GX700: meet the world's first water cooling gaming notebooks

  GX700 water cooling system is housed in the back of the fuselage, through special interfaces connected to the host, and can be removed. When you remove the water cooling system down, GX700 left ordinary air cooling, users don’t have to worry about the demolition and not other cooling technology.

  Other than the GX700, Asus has released another equally strong notebook–G752. Both laptops are running Windows 10 operating systems, powered by Intel processors and NVIDIA graphics processor using new physical design will be isolated from dust from the equipment, as well as maintain the ventilation equipment. Hello Kitty iphone

  G752 laptop powered by Intel sixth-generation new Skylake core I7 processor and NVIDIA GTX 980M graphics card broken in, game performance is excellent. In addition, the device is also equipped with a Thunderbolt and USB-C 3 port brings more powerful features for your device. G752 plasma copper, titanium alloy, lava red color, cool color is in line with the game’s style.

  These portable keyboard response is very fast, has a red backlight, although this keyboard feels cannot be compared with the mechanical keyboard, but it ensured that thin notebook.

  ASUS says with pride, the new notebook models have more style than in the past, and rear a ventilation ventilation capacity is very strong, like from Mad Max convertible vent. This design is more suitable for use in young people, and more importantly, notebook without the heat. Hello Kitty phone case

  According to ASUS official, G752 went public in late 2015, time is not yet clear, the price is $ 1499 (about 9525). However, ASUS did not disclose the GX700 price and time to market, time to market and forecast the market price will vary.

  Judging from the GX700, water-cooled technology has to be used in full size notebook, don’t know what the future will be landing in portable electronic devices.

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