Veterinary professional beauty college students sell dowry building Wuhan s

Veterinary professional beauty college students sell dowry building Wuhan's first pet cemeteries, hoping under supervision

Pet cemetery buried more than 20 only pet. Wen Neitu came from the word journalist Qi Zhou

Under a peach tree, pine tree, a small enclosed cemetery, buried under the ashes of cats, dogs, birds and other animals.

Is a senior majoring in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine College of Huazhong agricultural University animal Sciences founded girl Xu Yating pet cemetery, also in Hubei, Wuhan’s first pet cemeteries. Last year, more than this pet cemetery has received more than 300 customers.

To start this pet cemetery, Xu Yating sold dowry from her parents.

But Xu Yating has concerns for Pet cremation burial worry, don’t know what the regulated by the Department.

Wuhan municipal animal husbandry and veterinary Bureau official told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), if the pet cemetery incineration equipment, you must go to the local animal epidemic prevention surveillance agencies go through the relevant formalities. But for pet funeral, no relevant legal provisions.

Two university students to build a pet Cemetery one year after 500 single

Wuhan Xinzhou district Zhang village, under a peach tree, pine tree, with the white railing around a small mound, hanging on the tree a little tag that says “DAMON” and “baby” message.

Some grave, decorated with framed photos of the animals, or someone just sent me flowers, dolls, fruits, dog food. This is a pet cemetery, the cemetery buried the ashes of dogs, cats, birds and other animals.

Over more than 20 pet owner, choose a pet’s ashes buried here. Said that these stories, the cemetery worker Xu master very familiar.

“This is one from Italy back the artist’s pet dog, his dog saved a drowning child in a foreign country. “He said, the dog artist restaurant greeting at the door, will guide guests dining, won the artists love, encounter after accidental death. Painter sad, pet dogs are buried here.

“This is puppy love adoptions, also sent here after the fatality. “Mr masters pointed to several trees, adorned with the” unknown “tag.

Take care of the graveyard, responsible for incinerators, Luo said, many come here pet, accompanied by the owner for more than 10 years, sent when master was “crying was rare in crash”.

“The peach peaches are being wrapped. “He said, and buried under a dog Labrador, the owner in the field, each time you come back to see the cemetery, and bought all the peach trees peach buried near the dog, thought.

Pet cemetery gate, two bungalows, a farewell Hall, filled with a cart covered with a white cloth, deaths of pets is just above, and master parting will be placed above the flowers, and play music. Another room is a animal cremator, room in a corner of the closet, stocked with many animals urns.

Xu Yating surging told news she started the pet cemetery since its opening last year, received a total of more than 300 businesses. Cremation of pets have dogs, cats, ferrets, eared rabbits, chinchillas, birds, even been consulting lizard, turtle’s funeral.

Xu Yating said many customers from the Web to find her, many customers from within the province, Yichang, xiangfan coming in qianjiang, pets brought home for burial after cremation, a section buried in a pet cemetery.

Xu Yating said a few days ago a customer, overnight drive from Nanchang, Jiangxi family arrived in Wuhan, after a night of live pet cremated and returned to Jiangxi.

From retention of the pet cemetery business list, news to see the surging, many pets are kept for more than 10 years, the longest is 18 years.

A customer told the word news, with their dogs for many years after the accidental death of, first, in order to read, and the other is free to bury polluting the environment, so on the Internet found the pet cemetery, buried the dog cremated in his yard.

As with Xu Yating, Yin Weiyi China Normal University senior majoring in media broadcasting boys, initially in West Lake rental pet cemetery nearby, since opening, he took over more than 200 single business.

Because it is a peer, Yin Wei yi met Xu Yating, two people decided to start boarding business, ready to transport more convenient for peak district pet cemetery built a notch higher.

Veterinary professional beauty college students sell dowry building Wuhan's first pet cemeteries, hoping under supervision

Pet Memorial cart, each business has signed business orders.

Veterinary professional beauty college students sell dowry building Wuhan's first pet cemeteries, hoping under supervision

Incineration at the cremation of pets.

Veterinary professional beauty college students sell dowry building Wuhan's first pet cemeteries, hoping under supervision

Pet urns.

Sold dowry entrepreneurship

Xu Yating studying at Huazhong agricultural University in animal Science Institute of animal husbandry and veterinary professionals. Her first animal carcasses, was her a pet dog died. She finally found on the Internet at a pet cemetery, but in the field, and she can only be buried in the garden nearest dog.

Built pet cemeteries, derived from her internship experience. Junior year when Xu Yating in the Pet Hospital, pet-cry every time I see the pet owner to die, she would cry. Some pet owners want to cremate a pet, but could not find the relevant institutions.

Xu Yating found several students, hopes to create a pet cemetery, but students around him were rebuffed. Hengyang Hunan serial murder suspect father I

September 2014, Xu Yating bite the bullet and sell my parents left her a House. “Sold more than 400,000, is my parents gave me a dowry. “Xu Yating said, she went to Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places to visit, customer identity consulting animal funeral matters.

“Mother has heard that I sold the House, furious. “Xu Yating said only last his family helped her lease, buy equipment. Buy this animal cremator spend a hundred thousand of, so much trouble, “because the stove is too difficult to get to.”

Xu Yating specifically requested one to look after the site, workers responsible for incineration. Also hired a driver, dedicated to the city accepted pet death.

During the interview, Xu Yating also continued to receive calls, ask the cemetery charges, service projects, many pet owners are most concerned about how long it was to preserve the cemetery.

Pet cemetery price list shows, pet funeral service charged according to weight, cremate a cat dog charge 680 Yuan, large dogs to thousands of Yuan, the Cemetery 5-year service fee for 500 Yuan. Xu Yating said pet cemetery operations a year, to keep operating.

Yin Weiyi said he and Xu Yating pet cemetery are local villagers rented premises, contracts for decades, but relatively simple. There are many pet owners want to preserve the cemetery a little longer, build a more beautiful, more convenient, the two decided to join together in qingshan District opened a high grade pet cemetery, currently under construction.

But they also have concerns. Yin Weiyi introduction, the company was first registered in the trade and Industry Bureau, he wanted to write a pet funeral industry, but staff told him had no industry, but fill in the pet services industry, was prepared and incinerators in the District Public Security Bureau, finally got the license, but does not know the operational level who is in charge.

Xu Yating also expressed concern that her purchase incinerators by the environmental compliance certificate, but I do not know who should be monitoring of the industry, “We also hope to do a more standardized and can be conducive to the development of the company.”

Veterinary professional beauty college students sell dowry building Wuhan's first pet cemeteries, hoping under supervision

Xu Yating is cleaning a pet’s grave.

Veterinary professional beauty college students sell dowry building Wuhan's first pet cemeteries, hoping under supervision

A pet cemetery, decorated with pictures of pets and sacrificial offerings.

Experts call for Standardization Management

Wuhan Civil Affairs Bureau staff, funeral home in Wuhan now has 7, but does not accept animals to the funeral business.

Huazhong agriculture key laboratory of animal genetics, breeding and reproduction Professor Li Shijun, currently, research institutions using experimental animals, primarily by high temperature treatment to be processed into fertilizer or other products, the effective use and avoid the pollution.

Public information, the city registered a certified pet nearly 300,000, about 5% of pet deaths each year to deal with.

“We also hope to cooperate with them. “Surging, President of the Association of small animal protection in Wuhan Du Fan told the news, the Association each year handles hundreds of dead pets, usually far from urban dig deep and sprinkled with lime. Pet high temperature concentrated burial for cremation after death, secretly buried or discarded everywhere more clearly than residents safety and environmental protection, but also more humane. In Beijing, Shanghai and other places with a more perfect pet funeral services, the industry is still a new thing in Wuhan, such as processes, environmental protection and other issues, still need to be carried out under the guidance of relevant departments, to more formal.

“We are building 5 animal centralized incineration. “Surging, Wuhan animal husbandry and veterinary Bureau official told the news, the Huangpu River” floating pig “after the incident, authorities require each county requires a concentration of dead livestock and poultry business. In order to prevent and control animal disease outbreaks, Wuhan animal husbandry departments at all levels will introduce pet treatment services, and has begun to build 5 centralized incineration. Soon after, members of the public found their pets die or the public streets, dead animals in the Park, you can contact the local animal husbandry Department, people collected on the spot by the livestock sector, machine of high temperature sterilization equipment for animal carcasses into the industrial oil and other residue.

The official said animal harmless disposal sites incinerators, will be subject to the law on animal epidemic prevention management of animal epidemic monitoring institutions above the county level, to go through the relevant formalities, after passing the examination, also issued “certificate of animal epidemic prevention”. Because pet species complex, health is difficult to fully grasp, in the process of animal body disposal regulations must be followed and avoid disease infection risks from improper transport, cremating. Employees must have the relevant qualifications, transport processing requirements. Hoping that business students to local animal epidemic monitoring bodies for consultation, and go through the relevant formalities.

“5 times for amending the law on animal epidemic prevention, I carefully, did not involve ‘ funeral ‘ the word. “The official said, this one was a blank.


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