Nanning school principals concerned responses to female teacher sex abuse report

News Network-contemporary living in Guangxi on June 29, Netizen “guardian pure 2015” in Nanning recently posted on a website, claiming to be “my real name” 44th high school principal Liu Kaicheng, Nanning, reported “multiple harassment, rape wife, principal duties to trick wife and her remains were

When the sexual relationship for three years (of which caused his wife and pregnant abortion), eventually causing broken families, separated from their families. ” Post reported the letter also included in photos.

Reporters saw in the photo report is divided into two sheets of A4 paper, and press the Red handprint, whistleblower claims to be in Nanning 44, a female teacher, but the name of the source would be blurred, dated November 30, year unknown.

Report says don’t want family disruption and harm children, women teachers and after careful consideration of the parties, decided to Liu Kaicheng in its “sexual harassment, rape and cajoling the long-term adultery” disclosure and reporting.

Post, it immediately attracted many Netizen onlookers. On June 28, the contemporary official app for the first time carried a report on the matter, as of 7 o’clock that evening, 10865 people have read.

Principal’s response: the Internet post false reports

44th school in Nanning. Hayat

Nanning referred to post 44, jianshe road, is located in the 105th. The morning of June 28, reporters came to 44 visits during school hours, wife not much of the campus, but the exam is over, there are many third-year students came in and out.

I heard journalist came to interview for this, two junior expressed his views: “we already know it online, but don’t believe it. As for specific female teacher, really don’t know. ”

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the school’s vice principal, he told reporters: “I’ve heard about this thing, (local) Education Bureau is also investigating, not easy to say. ”

In front of the school, told reporters a male security guard who was on duty the morning of June 28, he saw the President came to the school.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted on the net post mentioned in 44 principal Liu Kaicheng in Nanning. Journalists that had come, said Liu Kaicheng immediately, Internet rumors by negative messages between him and the female teacher, is false, for his slander.

Liu Kaicheng said, after he discovered that Internet rumors, have reported the case to the police station. At present, liangqing District Education Bureau has been involved in the investigation, and notices. Due to more inconvenience is in the investigation phase, journalists can do to know about local education Bureau.

Posted by said report written by female teachers

On June 28, the reporter met with male netizens posted in jinhu road near “guardian pure 2015”, he admitted the post was his June 26 from the Internet.

“Guardian pure 2015” says his female teacher was the net post mentioned her husband’s relatives, the woman’s husband in November 2014, found his wife situation with the President, also used to report to relevant authorities, but to no avail. On June 26, the “guardian pure 2015” decided to post Internet and real-name reporting.

Subsequently, the “guardian pure 2015” took out a cell phone, showed reporters his real name sent to relevant departments report express photo. The user said, female teacher’s husband is watching his wife’s cell phone, grasp the relevant evidence, posted by fingerprint report are women writing the letter. The female teacher is currently resting at home, wasn’t available for an interview, and got out, her mood swings are very big.

Department: the Department did send a notice

In addition to “protect pure 2015” real-name reporting post, a online is also circulating a report stamped “liangqing District Education Bureau in Nanning city” official notice. The circular says, on the dissemination of the Internet “44, Nanning city, raped wives commit adultery, principal of three years caused by people breaking his wife and child” post, liangqing District Education Bureau attaches, have established a working group to investigate, at present, the incident is under investigation. If reports are true, it will be dealt with according to relevant provisions. Notification dated June 27.

On June 28, the party ban Sun liangqing District Education Bureau Director described to reporters, online circulars are issued to them. Liangqing District Education Bureau was informed that the relevant circumstances, on June 27, established a working group to investigate, to 44 to carry out a survey on the same day, there is tangible progress for the first time to the public.

Reporters saw on the 44th Middle School of Nanning city official website, formerly known as the school for the children of Guangxi hydropower Engineering Bureau staff administrative, liangqing District Government, Nanning, March 1, 2007 and named the 44th Middle School of Nanning city. President Liu Kaicheng. In 2014, Liu Kaicheng, Nanning city, municipal education Bureau has been rated as excellent educators. Grassland days first holiday after the restoration


The exploration and debate special yesterday was the darkest day in the history

[Editor’s note]:

June 24, 2016, at 7 o’clock in the morning local time, United Kingdom a referendum on whether to stay in the EU all recount concluded, final result is locked in: 51.89% support out of the EU, 48.11% chose to stay in the EU. United Kingdom became the first to vote out of the EU countries.

Our first time to invite Ireland Cork University, Shanghai Jiaotong University Wu Weiyi, interviewed overnight as far away as Belgium the European Academy of Sciences academician, editor of the European review Xiao·dehan (Theo D’haen) Professor, listen to his United Kingdom off views of Europe and eventually became fact.

Dangerous populist may wear the mask of democracy. William Derham that ultimately decided the referendum outcome, is more of an emotional, rather than fact-based judgments. The referendum and the United Kingdom is closely related to domestic politics, some populist politicians, about some of the public mood, he worried it was decided and the United Kingdom to pay in the future economic, political and social costs.

The other hand, the United Kingdom off the crisis in Europe is the EU, but also the opportunity for reform of the European Union. William Derham wants the EU leaders to learn, make the Union decision-making more effective, a more democratic organization.

This article started to explore and debate the public number: tansuoyuzhengming, the surging authorized publication of the press.

The European Academy of Sciences, Xiao·dehan, editor of the European review (Theo D’haen) Professor

Referendums in Europe is not a conventional means, United Kingdom why off the beaten path?

Wu Weiyi: the referendum with more than 35 million United Kingdom nationals, is a voting population of 72%, is the one with the highest percentage since 1980, what do you think?

Xiao·dehan: the involvement of the high proportion of the population, and of course illustrates the referendum for United Kingdom nationals, it is very important, they are very focused on this matter. In my opinion, this is a good thing, because it shows democracies do play a role. As regards the results it brings out of the EU, is not what most people expect, is not what most people want to see.

Wu Weiyi: but you still think it means democracy play a role?

Xiao·dehan: Yes. Of course, this is not a simple Yes and no answers. Most United Kingdom national did participate in the referendum, in this sense, democracy plays a role.

However, the referendum itself is not democratic, and that I am not very sure. Because before the referendum campaign using words, is very biased and directivity. We can see that the United Kingdom some of the media reports, is not very objective.

So, overall, I think that the final results of the referendum, is more of an emotional, rather than fact-based judgments.

Wu Weiyi: I noticed that some reports in Europe, most should not apply for a referendum in the first place, it is actually a populist politicians are manipulating people’s emotions, what do you think?

Xiao·dehan: it is a mainstream view in Europe. Referendum is not a conventional means for Europe as a whole. As many people know, the referendum is very easy to be populist and manipulation by populist politicians. In my opinion, such as Boris Johnson and jier·falaji exit the camp (Nigel Farrage) such a person, apparently belonging to the populist side, they are very easy to use event such a referendum.

Of course, we have to be careful with the United Kingdom domestic politics are directly related. Because Boris Johnson wants to replace David Cameron to become the next Prime Minister. So this is not just a referendum on the European Union, Europe’s internal politics, is a United Kingdom domestic politics.

Wu Weiyi: Cameron has just announced his resignation?

Xiao·dehan: Yes, Mr Cameron is just a few minutes ago, announced after the end of the transitional period, will be left on the official from the Prime Minister.

Wu Weiyi: which is bound to cause United Kingdom politics, the new round of earthquake?

Xiao·dehan: Yes. There are two possible situations: one is now an absolute majority of seats in the Parliament of the conservative party, will elect a new party leader, who will replace Mr Cameron’s position; the second is soon to be new elections, and possible collapse of the Tory party itself. This is two things.

Wu Weiyi: do you think for the rest of the European Union, United Kingdom off can result into the Ou Gong says was a lesson, or you can learn from? Specifically, how to deal with public sentiment? How to deal with this kind of populist sentiment?

Xiao·dehan: of course. For example, a referendum in Belgium is not going to happen, because Belgium’s Constitution prohibits referendum. We see this where there may be potential risks of populism, such as controlled referendum was a populist, also in danger of possible bribe votes, so Belgium Constitution prohibits referendum.

But you see now in the Netherlands, already have the right to vote required in the Netherlands launched the same referendum, the risk does not exist. However, I think other countries will learn from it, and learn a little something.

However, the problem is that specific political position determines what you can learn from it. For example, if you are right, you will see further drive and promote people’s emotions, and ultimately achieve the purpose leaving the EU in this category. However, for the Middle, or on the left, which should be learned or lessons learned, is the reform of the European Union should take, make some changes, so that such a thing never happens.

But we have to see that in history, United Kingdom relationship with continental Europe has always been more tortuous. In fact, in Europe there is a long United Kingdom of isolationism. In many ways, the United Kingdom out of the EU referendum results, should be said to be the continuation of history.

United Kingdom exit will incite strong anti-EU forces rise

Wu Weiyi: before and after the referendum, we see in a rapid fall in the exchange rate in the short term. This is can be seen as, after the referendum indicates possible very negative economic consequences of it?

Xiao·dehan: not just Sterling, the euro also tumbled, but not so as Sterling fell so dramatically rapid. But to see this fall in the exchange rate usually has its two sides.

One hand will, of course, the United Kingdom and other European Union countries long term impact on the trade, also means United Kingdom all the riches of the country would quickly shrink.

But we would also like to see the other hand, is the United Kingdom’s products, goods, the big drop in price of services provided, be beneficial to boost its exports, its sales rose in the world trade. And this is in fact the exit at the camp advocating, emphasized that one exit of the benefits.

Wu Weiyi: Judging from the distribution of voting, there is a very clear trend: United Kingdom domestic comparative abundance, than in areas with a high level of education, most of the population chose to remain in the EU and in some of the poorer, and some rural areas, lower levels of education, chose to leave the European Union. It actually renders the United Kingdom a tearing of the national situation. What do you think of this phenomenon? Can be seen as a microcosm of the whole of the European Union do?

Xiao·dehan: first, what I’m saying is, the referendum vote shows the difference, not just the opposition between the rich and the poor, and urban and rural opposition, but also in England and Northern Ireland, for example, a kind of opposition between England and Scotland. As you can see, in Northern Ireland and Scotland, and most of the voters are voting in the European Union. Now there’s a prediction, that will soon see a new referendum in Scotland, is to leave the entire United Kingdom. In Northern Ireland already have voted to leave the United Kingdom and Ireland together so that the entire island became a unified country-wide. This is one aspect.

Moreover, apart from the confrontation between rich and poor and voting results also reflect a characteristic, is the opposite of relative ageing of the population and among young people. From what I’ve seen of the report, my personal analysis is, in most cases, relatively old majority vote to leave the European Union, and most young people chose to remain in the EU. The situation is very worrying phenomenon. Because it means that the whole United Kingdom most people choose the last, rather than the future. This is very worrying.

The situation for other EU countries, what does that mean? We noted that in other EU countries there is a very strong anti-EU movement, such as in Finland, and Denmark and the Netherlands, and even in France there. United Kingdom the referendum would greatly encourage their anti-EU activists. Particularly worrisome is that other countries may also promote the issue of referendum, may also choose to leave the European Union. This is of course very unfortunate potential.

In addition, the United Kingdom selected the referendum out of the EU, also affect the power structure within the EU as a whole. This will further strengthen Germany’s power. Because the United Kingdom has left, now Germany and France is the EU economic, political and other sense is the most important of the two Member States. From this perspective, the United Kingdom out of the EU, also changed the balance of power within the European Union, not only economically, or political sense.

Wu Weiyi: generally speaking, do you think the United Kingdom referendum exit is a reflection of some specific disputes and problems within the EU, and can still see it as a more abstract level of an expression of anti-globalization?

Xiao·dehan: in a sense this is the case, it reflects a kind of anti-globalisation sentiment, or public opinion. In particular the number of low income, poor, or work in lower-skilled workers, they may feel threatened by globalization. Because they are the most liquid and easiest to transfer from one country to another country.

However, in a more general sense, I think the United Kingdom out of the EU referendum on this day, it is a very dark day in the history of the European Union. However, I also feel, it also can wake us up now in a signal to other Member States within the EU. It tells us, must now adopt a series of reforms in the EU.

That is also a satire of the reality, in the development of the European Union, has recently faced a series of crises, is to a large extent as a result of expanding the European Union, especially in countries of Central, Eastern and southern Europe to join the European Union, enlargement of the EU makes it difficult to the decision-making process of the EU as a whole.

Historically, United Kingdom is always supported EU enlargement as a whole, but now is the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union, it is very ironic. But it seems to us that the country or left for the leaders of these countries, this means that the EU now needs to consider a number of different ways, needs to adopt a different policy approach. Zoo shot gorillas for save the children United

In fact, Belgium’s Prime Minister after the vote, has issued a statement, calling for a large rally the leaders of EU Member States to discuss the future of the European Union to discuss how to take some proper change, leaving the United Kingdom referendum outside the EU it does not happen again.

How to progress after the crisis?

Wu Weiyi: when last interviewed you in Shanghai, every time you say the European Union ahead of the development is in response to and handling crises. Now facing United Kingdom off EU referendum results, how do you see the future of the European Union?

Xiao·dehan: I think that the European Union now has two options. One is panicking and do nothing while the populist, as its development, development of the whole EU down more pessimistic future. Another option is to deal with such a situation, as soon as possible in a relatively short time to find a so-called democratic shortcomings, or for solutions and ways of democratic deficit.

However, the complexity of reality is that such a large body of the European Union or organization, it is more ambiguous, more complex in nature. Each country is a member of the European Union on the one hand, but on the other hand is on a separate implementation of their decision making process. This situation led, in many cases the interests of Member States and there will be a confrontation between the interests of the European Union.

However, I think this is a wrong interpretation. Because, in fact, European Master of Europe, and positions of all Member States to form a rival–the presentation is quarrelsome attitude towards. This is actually a way to encourage their domestic constituencies, they say where you stand with the EU position is antithetical to, and you are a part of the European Union, which is actually a very complex phenomenon.

So I think on this kind of phenomenon, we have to do something, we must change it, make people look beyond the European Union in terms of economic interests may be opposite will happen with their own economic interests, actually they have voice on EU’s decision as a whole, their vote counts.

Wu Weiyi: how to deal with United Kingdom exit, is on the European Union’s political wisdom, the specific mode of operation of the enormous challenge? You think how to deal with this matter?

Xiao·dehan: Yes, I think that the voters decided to leave, was actually under the influence of emotions. I think this group of people who choose to leave the EU, some of them were actually still have a nostalgic mood, is still miss United Kingdom as the world’s leading power, world-dominating, or is the leader in this kind of position.

But in fact, these days, so the time is long past for a long time. However, they also believe that if the United Kingdom is now leaving the EU, they becomes a stronger force in world politics, or, for a more important position. I think this is a totally wrong view, they leave the EU will be much weaker than the influence they have to stay in the EU. However, this still needs further observation.

As I mentioned earlier, in choosing the left most of the people who are older, younger, higher-educated majority voting in the European Union. I think the decision of those who choose to stay there is more rational, and the people who chose to leave is the opposite, is more affected by emotions left.

Wu Weiyi: this relates to the populist, populist sentiment or the democratic deficit problem, what do you think about this?

Xiao·dehan: of course, I am very supportive of democracy, but I think it should be more appropriate and more reasonable ways to do. Another point to note, most of the voters are under the influence of a false promise, they believe these false promises.

For example, in an interview with BBC jier·falaji. When he had encouraged voters to leave the European Union, to make a point, he said that the European Union every year or every month, I don’t know at the time, United Kingdom to the European Union of about 350 million pounds invested, he says the money is actually a better option is to not give the EU, but with the United Kingdom’s national health care system. That he was agitating people at the exit of a view. For about 30 minutes when a reporter interviewed him before, he confirmed that this money now can use the United Kingdom national health care system? Jier·falaji immediately denied that I have not said that this is the case. So this is a typical example.

And many used to persuade voters to choose–whether it is cast to stay or leave the EU – in particular those advocating removal of Europe information, most of them are disingenuous rhetoric. In my opinion, they are virtually impossible to achieve. For example United Kingdom think they can address the problems of migrants, or United Kingdom can set their own rules for dealing with rules of trade with other EU countries. All this type of view actually is impossible. For example if the United Kingdom wants to trade with other EU countries, must comply with the General rules in Europe, it is very obvious. So most of the commitments and promises to voters and agitation is meaningless, it is impossible to achieve.

Wu Weiyi: so we can now say that these people chose to leave the European Union, will soon see the consequences of it?

Xiao·dehan: Yes, that’s exactly what I was afraid of. I think the people voted to leave the EU, think they might get a better result, but in fact they will soon pay the price for such a decision.

Wu Weiyi: perhaps as you put it, these people make decisions just swayed by emotion, didn’t consider the consequences?

Xiao·dehan: there is such a situation, but of course they are because they have confidence in the exit of this wave politician advocates, believe their empty promises, will make such a decision.

Wu Weiyi: you are a Belgium citizen, Brussels United Kingdom exit did what? Has not made any public statements?

Xiao·dehan: certainly. Donald Tusk, now President of the European Council has issued a statement on the Internet, said he was very sorry for this, also said the EU will survive this crisis, to take some measures. In addition, Belgium’s Prime Minister, the Netherlands Prime Minister, leaders of other members expressed similar views and opinions. Everyone is waiting for someone actually saying this man is Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, but she is still in the balance and take into account, but I don’t think she should be made soon.

Wu Weiyi: I think she should be very cautious about this, considering Germany’s influence and role across the European Union and the world.

Xiao·dehan: Yes, indeed. Before and I think MS Merkel in the position will be France, and Italy’s leadership, as well as other small country discuss leadership, ask them. May be issued a public statement.

Wu Weiyi: perhaps such a unified approach, issued a statement, it can be as a symbol of the EU the Joint United?

Xiao·dehan: Yes, of course, this is what I call the EU’s progress after each crisis point. Every crisis can be an opportunity or a chance actually. But the key is you have to know how to use such a crisis and opportunity. It is people like me still holding hopes and expectations. Our hope is that now the leaders of the Member States of the European Union, to learn from it, and to the reform of the EU to take some effective, making the EU a more effective and more democratic in decision-making organizations.

Wu Weiyi: of course, this is something the European Union, United Kingdom’s future needs on their own.

Xiao·dehan: Yes, of course. United Kingdom now completely on their own.

Hebei Handan junior and student disputes for trifles is stabbed to death by

@ Beijing times, June 21, and on June 19 at about 7 o’clock in the evening, Wei Xian Hebei Handan drive to middle school grade 14 students on their way back to school, had a dispute with one of the classmates, other tools thorns waiting in a back, later died. It is understood that the car to middle school is a boarding school, a total of more than 1000 students. A staff member at the school said that after a preliminary investigation by the police, before the two could “kick” and other trivia in contradiction, the day of the incident, the two men met on the way back to school, after a dispute, the other stabbed in the waiting list for some back and bled to death. At present, the police are involved, the case is under further investigation. Chongqing and a woman passenger was slapped the

TIAN Jiyun on reform placed under the supervision of public servants in order

In June 2016, the TIAN Jiyun anthology published by China’s democracy and legal system publishing house. 16 brain King Chen Zhiqiang on Zhong Yong story

TIAN Jiyun of the anthology is divided into economic reform and opening to the volume volume volume, agriculture, democracy and law.

TIAN Jiyun of the anthology, economic reforms and opening to the volume of about 300,000 words, brings together writers from 1979 to 2010 period China’s economic reform and opening to the articles, speeches, and to mark the convening of the third plenary session of memories written by 30 years of reform and opening up process article, total 46.

From 1983 to 1993, Tian held two session, Vice Premier of the State Council of the Decade. TIAN Jiyun, Xinhuanet on the anthology release report says: “while working at the State Department, Comrade TIAN Jiyun, Director and economic work in rural areas, China’s reform and opening up one of the decision makers, participants and executors. ”

TIAN Jiyun, throughout the collection, economic reforms and opening to the volume, “reform” is a clue throughout the book.

TIAN Jiyun on reform: placed under the supervision of public servants in order to stop the spread of corruption

On June 10, 1986, Tian Guo Chen Deng Xiao-ping’s economic surge journalists remake

In 2008, the 30 anniversary of the reform and opening up, Tian also published many articles, and reform and opening up. He writes: “to reform, to the commodity economy and market economy, not only to touch the old system, change their interests and must break the traditional thinking, the difficulty can be imagined. (Last century) 80, in the second generation of collective leadership with Deng Xiaoping at the core of strong leadership and ingenious under operation, breaks down resistance and difficulties and made brilliant achievements, for the 90 ‘s, and after decades of development has laid a solid foundation. ”

In January 1979, according to the spirit of the third plenary session of Sichuan Provincial Committee, established to expand enterprise autonomy needed to implement 14 measures, and selected 100 enterprises as the first batch of pilot.

“I was party Secretary of the Sichuan province, as the Financial Secretary, and appreciates and actively support the party of reform, the party put forward reform measures or solutions to their financial problems, always try to support it. According to provincial of indicates, has introduced has promote economic development of some measures, as on new do social team enterprise and town collective enterprise three years within exemption income tax, on collective handicraft growth of proceeds amount halved tax, on some policy sex losses of products as small pig iron implemented fixed subsidies, ‘ five small industrial ‘ implemented profit into, SHP profit not handed, and for to electric raised electric,. And also of Guanghan, xindu, qionglaidengxian, was introduced whereby the pilot. At the time, ‘ is reasonable and not legitimate ‘ policy for the recovery and development of Sichuan industry played a positive role in promoting. “Tian recalled.

During the early work in Sichuan, Tian realized that “for a long time, the situation of imbalance in the development of the national economy, with no financial allocation in accordance with the Socialist basic economic laws are closely linked. According to I of experience, in financial distribution Shang of main lessons is, in budget payments arrangements Shang, not living within our means, to received set support, but volume out for into, to make set received; not in arrangements good essential of consumption sex expenditure of based Shang arrangements capital, but first set construction scale again arrangements life consumption; not in May of based Shang consider need, but one-sided stressed construction need, beyond financial of may arrangements financial spending. In a Word, is not in accordance with the requirements of the objective economic laws, but to the objective economic law subject to the subjective. This is the economic imbalance in China, root causes of finance massive deficits year after year. ”

In 1981, Tian was promoted to the Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council. In 1983, he was promoted to Vice Premier and Secretary-General of the State Council. TIAN Jiyun anthology • economic reform and opening to the volume of income of the period 1981 to 1985 September 6 articles, topics include distribution system reform in State-owned enterprises, reform of foreign trade, price reform, the reform of the wage system.

In September 1985, TIAN Jiyun on the 12 plenary session was co-opted as a member of the Committee, Secretary of the Central Committee.

November 28, 1986, Tian in heard Wenzhou municipal municipal government head reported Shi, certainly has Wenzhou of individual results: “I think Wenzhou to family business mainly of individual has more fast development, its led aspects is active of, a is development has commodity production, prosperity has economic; II is change has rural industry structure, expanded has employment surface, engaged in agricultural, and planting of share greatly declined, engaged in industrial and tertiary industry of share obviously rose; three is convenient has masses, rich has people; also has a article , Led to the construction of small cities and towns and prosperity. ”

In the area of reform of State-owned enterprises, as early as January 1988, TIAN Jiyun puts forward the idea: “the business will be diverted via the income tax system, all companies the same tax, after-tax profits governed by business, form of salaries and bonuses are determined by independent, completely solve the national distribution relationships with the enterprise. ”

In October 1989, TIAN Jiyun said: “rural contract must not be shaken. But to take the situation, make the approach in reforming the practice gradually explore improving contracting methods. Township enterprises should not be regarded as private enterprises. ”

In 1992, Tian dedicated publicity of Deng Xiaoping’s “talk in the South”. He sharply criticized the behavior of some people to speak out against the reform and opening up, “somebody stand up to speak out against the household contract responsibility system, said political liberalization came from economic liberalization, economic liberalization from the rural household contract”, “do you want to ask ‘ social ‘ is ‘ owned ‘, you can’t do anything, can’t do anything.” Him: “now isn’t to be firmly dismissed the rigid mode do? Commodity shortages, pay-and-quantitative, ‘ big ‘, ‘ iron rice bowl ‘, egalitarianism is a Socialist? This ‘ socialism ‘ instead of capitalism? ”

In March 1993, turn TIAN Jiyun, Vice-Chairman of the national people’s Congress, the national people’s Congress, Deputy Secretary of the party group, and continued to serve as a member of the. In 2002 and 2003, Tian has removed and a member of the national people’s Congress Standing Committee Vice Chairman positions.

TIAN Jiyun on reform: placed under the supervision of public servants in order to stop the spread of corruption

In 1992, TIAN Jiyun, commissioned by the Central, surging to Shenzhen to visit XI Zhongxun journalists Guo Chen remake

In March 1999, May 2002, TIAN Jiyun, published two articles on private economy. He said: “the private economy, are in the old planned economy system, does not enjoy any preferential or even grow up in an environment of discrimination, in a sense it is a natural market. If you continue to engage in traditional concentrated planned economy, is bound to kill it, not allowing it to exist. If you practice market economy, we must also develop diverse forms of ownership, not the economy of diverse forms of ownership, there will be no complementarity and competition, there can be no market economy. The existence and development of non-public ownership economy, is the common fate with the rise and fall of the Socialist market economy. ”

“We must break the ‘ left ‘ of the closed, get rid of all kinds of rigid, doctrinaire shackles of ideology. “Tian writes.

TIAN Jiyun anthology • economic reform and opening up to the volume of the last article was published in February 2010, recalled TIAN Jiyun, July 4, 1997 at an important meeting on the proposal.

He said: “only the establishment of a democratic supervision mechanism within the party, the people’s Congress, made ordinary party members, the people’s representatives would have real talk, monitor power officials ‘ was commonly said and linked to the system of democratic supervision of the party and the people, the ‘ public servants ‘ placed under the owner’s supervision, to make the effective implementation of the law to stop growing and spreading of corruption. ”

(Citation this article apart from the mark, and TIAN Jiyun, will be drawn from the collection of economic reforms and opening to the volume. )

Harbin women caught in the storm with the body 150 covers praised the Lotus

Xun Xiaohong.

Harbin, June 15 Xinhua new media news, braved the pouring rain, physically more than more than 100 kilogram manhole cover is clamped, stood for more than two hours … … Recently, one woman in red “accident” as “ice city” Harbin “net red.”

She called Xun Xiaohong, guxiang drainage drainage group company, Harbin section section, a woman clearing out class monitor. It didn’t occur to her, used to work in the rain, he made his photographs to stand in the rain to work, quickly went into a lot of stranger friends speed almost as fast as unexpected rainstorms in the summer in Harbin. User message said: “she is a rain stick to Lotus, bring warmth to people watch. ”

“That’s my job”

On June 12, after the first day of Dragon Boat Festival, in Harbin it has been cloudy, Thunder and lightning in the afternoon – a heavy rain mixed with hail storm smashed down.

The Internet age, people have used mobile phone records to witness everything Harbin was drying out in the circle of friends of hail piled up “Snowman”, in culverts in the drift car “boat” … … However, “PA-screen” was gripping the covers, make “real signs” Xun Xiaohong.

Press my ancestors Xun Xiaohong, was after the rain the next day. Before the flood season each year, Harbin drainage group of drainage walkthrough, Xun Xiaohong earlier came to the drill field on the outskirts of. The first day, she still worked within their drainage districts until nine o’clock.

Suddenly become “net red” Xun Xiaohong “off guard.” “The rainy day is called, rain water for me is just an average job, this is my job! There’s nothing. “She said with a smile fatuously.

“The rain was too much too quickly, and photos there are three low-lying parts of the catchment. Afternoon it rained the night before in a hurry, soon formed a water point. To quick-draining, open the cover. “Xun Xiaohong said the manhole cover is hinge heavy duty covers, each 150 pounds, and usually requires two or three people to open.

Xun Xiaohong memories, the afternoon of June 12 water most of the time, almost up to her waist. “But this is nothing in 2012, Brad storm water more, we all got used to it. ” Fraudulent groups 10 seconds to copy the Bank

“Once you let it close, I have to stand there and watch, a spilled is afraid of manhole covers are water, in order to avoid making trouble for vehicles and pedestrians; I wear red clothes obviously had to give them a sign … …” Xun Xiaohong said.

In fact, Xun Xiaohong was not aware when he was shot down, and never found the photographer. Gathering from noon, go home to finish work, Xun Xiaohong June 12 in favor a total of 8 hours in the water, know it until you go home at night, “famous”. She felt that it was like a “accident”, and the “accident”, but many Harbin residents was the heavy rain core.

Is not clear how many under wells

“I don’t remember, not too much, but OK, how much is it? “Do not care too much about how much revenue the Xun Xiaohong, was on the area of the drainage lines” familiar “-” 66 Street road a total of 960 Olivier (manhole) and 1810 (water wells). ”

These streets, these wells was Xun Xiaohong of the world of work. Units Xun Xiaohong has a nickname-“Xun Yi hook”.

“Although sometimes the waters are poured over the pavement, as long as the Xun Xiaohong with a Wade cover hooks, she easily lifted manhole covers. When you need to dig silt from wells, she was never ambiguous, is stronger than gay, we call her woman man. “Xun Xiaohong Zhang Xili team colleagues said.

Harbin guxiang drainage drainage group company manager Wang Keli said: “users get the manhole work, for we have become common. Machinery and equipment is not advanced before, often requiring drainage workers in underground work. To sum up is hard, dirty, tiring, and dangerous, poisonous. ”

It is understood that the Harbin municipal drainage well depth is generally about three or four meters, the deepest wells even up to nine meters. “The busiest day just digging dozens of well, we have to have a little bucket pulled up under the mud from the well, a barrel more than 30 kilos, was dragged about 150 barrels a day. “Xun Xiaohong said.

Often underground dirty air stimulated, Xun Xiaohong throat leaving of the order, has had three operations; the fight against typhoons that year, due to continuing work in the water, Xun Xiaohong was suffering from acute nephritis; eyebrows on the edge, there was well the scars left by cutting … … Years of hard physical labor, Xun Xiaohong body “hardly a good place”.

“We were understood by more people”

Starting from the work that year at the age of 20, Xun Xiaohong was working in the area responsible for drainage work in this role worked for 26 years.

Is not clear how many wells under, remember to dig clay…… “my parents love me and doesn’t want me to go on for some time. But I think it is nobody knows better than me, so I have to do. “Xun Xiaohong said.

Xun Xiaohong, most often dressed in deep blue camouflage, the most common look is easily more than 10 kilograms of protective clothing in underground.

In the heat of summer, people see wells tend to walk around. However, a woman it is cut in a sour smell the acrid smell mixed well, despite the swarms of mosquitoes and flies flying all over, ladle and a bucket to splash the stench of sewage and sweat mixed together … …

“In the past a lot of people don’t understand us … … More reluctant to deal with those of us who even saw us walk around, not to mention how many people know the story of our group. “Xun Xiaohong said.

“But I am pleased that it is now more and more people have begun to truly understand our work, care about our lives. “Xun Xiaohong, friends say her pictures” warmth of the city “, and so many people look at the drainage workers who also warm the groups.

Harbin summer is always wet. Interview near the end of the drainage Department and received the yellow rainstorm warning issued by the Meteorological Department, Xun Xiaohong work will begin. She exercises a yellow vacuum truck window stroking his hair, will the over the shoulder braid simple site, pick up the cover hooks, and her colleagues are ready to set out again.

NET exposure to secondhand spare Internet trafficking in boys the Fuzhou police

Chongqing morning post “upstream news” client on June 13, a few days ago, one micro blog broke the news that Taobao busy Fuzhou Hong shan Zhen-fish online from a seller, ready to hand sell a baby boy.

On June 13, the Chongqing morning post-journalists from the Public Security Bureau of Fuzhou City in the upper reaches of public information network security supervision team official micro-blog know, netizens claimed, police involved in the investigation.

The afternoon of June 12, Twitter user @ Shin Vv and explosive material, said, it was Taobao free nets illegal trafficking in boys, with weibo broke also sent 2 screenshot.

From Internet users broke the screenshot-upstream Chongqing morning post journalist noted that the seller ID named “Moonlight jeweler 007” and displays its location positioning from Fuzhou Hong shan Zhen.

“Moonlight jeweler 007” label to sell in healthy male Po a 2-month-old, sleeps at night, MOM and Dad can’t take it anymore, good people decided to sell, prices look, ask away.

-Upstream Chongqing morning post journalist notes that show transaction, the seller using PayPal the transaction was guaranteed and a price of 100,000 yuan.

NET exposure to secondhand spare Internet trafficking in boys, the Fuzhou police has been involved in the investigation

Sellers upload male front view.

Trafficking information sellers also upload a front view of a baby boy. In this photo, children are cute, pursed her toward the camera.

Meanwhile, Chongqing morning post-upstream journalists also found that transactions below the message area, people and businesses interact, and what minimum price that represents the baby?

But, netizens claimed under the micro-blog, for selling baby boy the authenticity of the user message, and this is funny? Fact netizens responded, that’s true.

NET exposure to secondhand spare Internet trafficking in boys, the Fuzhou police has been involved in the investigation

Fuzhou police said was involved in the investigation.

Meanwhile, there are other users, whether the sellers selling selling fake, Bo eye or some other purpose, but openly sell the child, is not already involved in crime.

On June 13, the Chongqing morning post-reporters learned from the Fuzhou police inspections of law enforcement in the upper reaches, according to revelations, police have been investigating the matter.

Chongqing morning post-upstream journalists free on Taobao NET, in accordance with the seller user ID and baby related searches, sellers did not find relevant information and trafficking in boys.

-Upstream Chongqing morning post journalist informed that for the purpose of trafficking in women, child refers to the seller, abduction, kidnapping, buying and selling, transportation, transit women’s, children’s behavior.

According to the People’s Republic of China Article No. 240 of the Penal Code, trafficking in women and children, shall be sentenced to imprisonment between five to ten years and a fine.

Provides also mentioned, trafficking women, and children group of primary molecular, and trafficking women, and children three people above of, and adultery was trafficking of women of, and lured or forced was trafficking of women prostitution or will was trafficking women sold others forced its prostitution of, and to sold for purpose, using violence stress or anesthesia method kidnapping women children of, and to sold for purpose stole to infant of, and caused was trafficking of women children or its relatives injured death or other serious consequences of, and will women children sold to outside of, has following case one of of, More than ten years in prison or life imprisonment, and a fine or confiscation of property; the circumstances are especially serious, the death penalty and confiscation of property. Two back to Wuhan to buy younger white collar

Release news when police are requiring people to show identification and to

On June 10, detonated a video network. Video content, two girls on the street by police checks, with no ID card, was forced to call police. Girls question the reasonableness of police, the police is language arbitrary: “you have to meet me, you will remember this one, today is your bitch. ”

The night of June 10, surging by news from the Shenzhen police confirmed that police stop the parties from performing their duties, immediately to participate in classes, and then further processed. Baoan District Public Security Bureau Director Zhou Zhaoxiang to apologize to the two parties.

This again triggered public discussion of the standardization of law enforcement of public security. On May 21, police chief Guo shengkun, chaired a meeting of the Party Committee of the Ministry, stressed that strong regulation, addressing law enforcement is not strict, nonstandard, unjust and uncivilized and other outstanding problems, trying to make the people in each of the law enforcement activity, can be felt in each case handled social fairness and justice.

Then, police asked passers-by to produce an ID card when? Inventory activity which programs you need? Police in the course of law enforcement to protect civil rights? Surging News interviewed Professor, school of law, Tsinghua University, Jianwei Zhang, Jin Cheng, a Professor of Zhejiang Police College and Shanghai Ding Jinkun lawyers by State law.

Surging News: police can at any time check the identity cards of the citizens?

Ding Jinkun: police can check ID cards, but attached conditions. If any queries regarding alleged abuse. Simply put, for handling needs, police can check ID cards, but not without a cause, for no reason at all requires a query.

Identity card method 15th article provides has police law implementation positions Shi can identification identity card of case, that: on has illegal crime suspected of personnel, need identified identity of; law implementation site control Shi, need identified about personnel identity of; occurred serious against social security burst event Shi, need identified site about personnel identity of; in railway station, and coach station, and port, and Terminal, and airport or in major activities during set district of city level Government provides of places, Need to find out about the status and needs identified in other circumstances prescribed by law.

Above, we know that, in General, the query ID by the police, the object must be people suspected of crimes. Tell if someone is suspected of having law enforcement broad degree of freedom, mainly from the professional judgment of the police, but at least the other side have to be specific “suspicious looking” situation.

Surging News: police against citizens questioning what you need?

Jincheng: 2nd section of the specification for the police interrogation, inventory refers to the police in the course of performing duties in the interests of public safety, prevention, detection, control of illegal and criminal acts of interrogating and checking activities according to law.

Police have in manifest violation of criminal suspects or those unable to spell out his true identity, has the power to quarantine. Inventory is mainly aimed at people with criminal suspects, like other blood and flustered.

Police on has illegal crime suspected of personnel spot questioned, and check Hou, think cannot excluded its illegal crime suspected, and has following case one of of, police can will its with to police organ continues to questioned: (a) victims, and witnesses charged or identified its has crime behavior of; (ii) has is implementation violation security management or crime behavior suspected of; (three) has violation security management or crime suspected and identity unknown of; (four) carry of items may is violation security management or crime of booty of.

Surging News: can any suspect to be questioned by the police, checking?

Jincheng: first police suspect needed to be “a reasonable doubt”, there are signs that the parties are suspected of committing crime, such as others testify. Secondly, the police should also have evidence that such doubts are reasonable, cannot be doubted. But individual differences, work experience and other factors that may cause its judgement on the situation differently.

Ding Jinkun: bring parties to police questioning by the police, is conditional, and must be for handling need. Suspected of the crime, the police can only cross-examine. And this cause for suspicion requires specific, needs to “suspicious” cases or evidence to support, rather than feel free to catch a man went to the police station for questioning.

Surging News: police enforcement, ID what are the requirements?

Jincheng: generally, uniform enforcement by the police is a public status. If a citizen asked police to produce documents, the police shall produce. Article 4th of the police interrogation and norms has also been provided for civilian police perform inventory tasks, it should be uniform is not uniform, shall produce police certificates.

There were also some fake police, making it difficult for citizens to identify, the safest way is to wear uniforms, and produce a police certificate. Street gangs had entrenched General Hospital of

Surging News: what are the police in strict accordance with the procedures of law enforcement important?

Gold: first of all, the credibility of law enforcement of public security organs in some ways represents the Government’s credibility, police law enforcement should also pay attention to justice. Secondly, harmonious community relations also depend on enforcement by the police. In many cases, objects are not criminal suspects in police law enforcement, but the ordinary people, it has a greater need for police in law enforcement remain calm, rational and strict compliance with the program.

Jianwei Zhang: the police power is a very destructive power, exercised undue damage to citizens ‘ rights will be very large.

Recent media exposure of several miscarriages, some because of “unclear facts, insufficient evidence” and eventually “doubtful”. It can be seen when handling these cases public security organs was very rough, which is caused by irregularities in police law enforcement cases could not be ascertained, the judiciary as a whole should serve as a warning.

Surging News: how to further standardize law enforcement?

Jincheng: at the legal level, to further develop specific, workable and in accordance with the legal norms of social reality, not principle, so as to allow police officers to better execution.

In addition, to strengthen the education and training of police officers, law-abiding consciousness of law enforcement personnel, as well as strengthening public security organs to strengthen technical training, improve the quality of its operations.

Jianwei Zhang: there is no standard norm, existing specifications to implement the plan. Standardized awareness is already there, but how to use it to implement, required further thought.

Current standardized law enforcement priority “self-discipline”, stressing the law enforcement officers themselves to strengthen normative consciousness, but “self-discipline” has its limits. Standardization construction of police law enforcement is not a thing of public security organs, also need to be integrated to achieve “him in his law,” establish external supervision, co-ordination, makes a huge amount of police power is effectively constrained.

In addition, the police asked the party program, could also be considered to establish the counsel-present system or the presence of system to monitor its enforcement.

Surging News: police enforce the law if it is not standard, how citizens should maintain their legal rights?

Jianwei Zhang: in fact, the public security organs is an internal system of a police inspector. Citizen when confronted by police enforcement of specifications, you can call the police, a police inspector, to supervise the legality of the police involved review found police behavior is illegal, should be corrected. Police Inspector system is to increase police enforcement of normative, which had established in the 1990 of the 20th century, still remains.

But many citizens are not aware of this system, the public security organ shall preach through the rule of law, inter alia, to promote this system, so that citizens can assert their rights.