Shaanxi split 8 years ago a middle school built by 3 million office building

Shaanxi split 8 years ago a middle school built by 3 million office building, said the students increased to rebuild

On July 6, the 3 buildings about to be demolished within the North high school named dezheng building new Office 2008 for $ 3 million is completed and put into use. China business daily

Recently, the informed health middle school said, would demolish old and new office buildings on the campus, starting a new teaching building construction. Many teachers say the school, built new Office 2008 spending 3 million cast, was demolished only last 8 years, which alleged waste of social resources.

In response, the school official said, due to the sudden jump in the number of students, classrooms, such as supporting the acute shortage of resources, after repeated deliberation, decided to plan a 9-storey teaching building, consent from the higher authorities.

“Building is not quality problems down the shame”

The morning of July 3, hanbin district of Ankang City North high school teacher and explosive material, said school 8 years ago built office building, this building has no quality problems, building and facilities cost more than 3 million, now only 8 years split split, too bad. Man steals in Sichuan Lu was drowned the security

The morning of July 5, China business news reporters came to hanbin district, located in North Riverside Avenue middle school, released on July 1, the school said: this summer school on removal of dezheng building (new building) and the South side of the old office building, start the construction of comprehensive teaching building project. They therefore asked the two buildings within the Office and temporary accommodation of faculty on July 5 before private items back to custody. All Office supplies together, before July 12 moving offices. Move the address until further notice.

Shaanxi split 8 years ago a middle school built by 3 million office building, said the students increased to rebuild

Demolition of office building, post notification of publication at North high school. China business daily

In this regard, the North high school principal Zhou Yuhou introduced new teaching building of a total of 3 buildings to be dismantled. After the first phase of demolition of the old and the new office building, the second phase then removed senior high school teaching building. Will spend $ 40 million to build the teaching building, upon completion, will be a 9-storey teaching, one comprehensive office building, “old Office is, and senior high school building is close to life, there is little question, mainly new office building, which is one of our core. This building started after I had transferred to the principal of the school. Combined school is a high school and junior high school, and the lack of unified planning, lab, language lab and other teaching resources are in short supply. Purposes in the future ‘ class system ‘ teaching, shortage of at least 80 to 100 classrooms in schools and reform if not now, then unable to carry out normal teaching. ”

District Executive agreed to dismantle the school will submit a planning application

It is understood that in April this year, Ankang City Planning Bureau replies about the demolition of the school building, the building is a national asset, the school has no right to dispose of, removal would require higher authorities agree. On June 7, the school introduced a bandits last name Vice President in charge of infrastructure, currently hanbin district of Ankang city has held executive, agreed in principle to the expansion of the school, school planning and design will be submitted to the Planning Department.

China business news journalists in hanbin district of Ankang City Government on the covering memo issued by the Office, on June 20, District Government officials and district development and reform Bureau, the Education Bureau and other departments after listening to the issues related to construction of Jiangbei high school, agreed with the demolition of old buildings and office buildings, North high school senior high school building, by the district public Council, ordered dismantled by program approval.


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