Kunming police overnight arrested 103 MLM officers 1040

6 o’clock in the morning, small Bridge Street, Guandu district, Kunming city, Yunnan province, Yang Fu Cun, No. 483 two-storey houses, 53 members of the suspected pyramid selling gathered here, neat row sits on a plastic stool, eyes straight ahead, a man and a woman to listen to the stage they were planning “dreams”.

This is a room of more than 50 square meters of dilapidated rooms, house walls, mottled, a gully deep embedded in the outer wall, separated from the walls of the brick-and-clay pilaster. Run-down room together with the dilapidated compound, and neighbors around multiple small building contrasts.

Suddenly, over more than 20 civilian police broke into, 53 were in “dreams” was broken. Day light.

Police personnel involved in the pyramid schemes illegal and criminal activities. Wen Neitu came from city times

Police raid

Henan Shandong is controlled, the majority

12th 5:30 A.M., most of them still asleep, a stalking campaign on a small Bridge Street, sheep village quietly. Guandu 118 police police organization, combined with 20 staff from the market surveillance authority, Guandu district, Yang Fu, for large and small village against pyramid sales crimes “Dawn”.

Until then, clues to police received a number of pyramid selling is rampant here. “The action! “Order, 5 teams to their respective designated area, unified their nets.

Reports suspected pyramid scheme, illegal activities, police control the ocean village rental.

Police broke into Yang Fu Cun, No. 483 before the two-story house, and as always, 53 men and women from everywhere rushed to in the dark here, “class”, after dawn, they dispersed, to start the day “busy”.

They good action, “fear of nearby villagers reported.” Analysis of civilian police. As a result, for a long time, villagers do not know what’s going on in this building houses, “I occasionally hear two or three door car passed by in the night. ”

53 people care far more than that. Before police broke into homes in front of a roadside, 3 men watch, just a little trouble, they will immediately notify the suspension of all activities. Police broke into too suddenly, 3 people can report them to be controlled, housing 50 people inside was controlled.

Police control room for hire of personnel engaged in pyramid selling illegal and criminal activities.

Upon registration, these people mostly in Henan, Shandong and Yunnan-free. “Members of the native for the prohibition of the development, which is the basic requirement of pyramid. “The police said.

Is headed by a man and a woman. Woman about 30 years old, to ears with short hair, wore yellow leisure suits, wears glasses and looks in good condition. Older men, thinning hair, dress up like a “success”. Listen to residents of nearby villages said two BMW cars, drove through the streets, but they did not recognize.

Gathering evidence

Percentage note found there is “promotion”

In the courtyard, a shabby tricycle with metamorphism on eggplant, peppers, it’s not hot, there are mosquitoes hovered over. Room on the second floor covered with rotten peaches, apples, grapes, etc. “In order to ‘ get rich ‘, they are frugal enough. “Police sigh.

5 rooms on the second floor, because the dark, run-down, room smelled musty. Room was simple, with the exception of two or three beds per room outside, some messy things indiscriminately placed. 53 people who no one wants to face the media, when journalists take pictures or questions, or they will face to one side or bow with hands without saying anything.

MLM officers are reluctant to face the media, when reporters photographed or asked, twisting to one side or they may face down hands.

For ease of management, they take turns on duty, “on duty are responsible for sweeping, mopping, washing glass, paint the bathroom, cooking, garbage, boiling water, to clean the stove and kitchen. “Written on a watch list.

From the dilapidated room, police searched hundreds of notes categories above to remember “new man”, “Note”, “work experience” and other notes, which also has a “promotion”, recorded in detail the promotion conditions and benefits information.

“The phone is divided into 3 parts, first is the sympathy, and stimulate, finally invite each other to come. “Another notebook, marketing personnel with a full two pages to keep track of how deceptive phone calls better. It reads: “not MLM products mentioned in the telephone, not to mention industry, does not offer, only for closer relations, laying the foundations for 5-8 minutes. ”

Suspected pyramid selling study materials and marketing skills of the personnel record notes.

General 3-5 day, the newcomers will be completely brainwashed. At this point, they’ll start to your relatives, friends, and when you come, go to Kunming train station pickup.

After finishing, lab notebook, marketing books for a whole two large packages. Due to location, the car will not go in, police information can only be carried away, thanks to the roadside encounter a guy who rode the electric car, information delivered by the electric car to the curb.

Too many people, more than 50 people were taken away from the rental house, go can only be arranged in two columns. Although police in maintaining order on both sides, there are still many people watching. MLM people bow their heads walking around whatever strange eyes.

Rigid House rules

Ban cell phones play music, curfew provisions

Ready to flee to prepare

Miles away, 80th, two-storey houses of lamb ground floor, a dark room of about 20 square meters, 15 suspected pyramid selling was opening morning. Suddenly, another civilian police broke into their control and find a lot of notebooks and pyramid schemes books.

15 people from across the country, are young people. After being controlled by police, the woman suddenly fell ill, constantly retching, coughing, people looked at unprecedented comfort. “Not pregnant? “A female reporter try to comfort. “How is it possible, you notice a sense of propriety! “Next man exclaimed.

Rented accommodation in personnel engaged in pyramid selling illegal and criminal activities.

Another man, journalists questioned the police work, “do you have a warrant? We have no law, such violations of our portrait of you! “People like any other response, align row sitting on a small stool, with his straight. “You are not tired? “When a woman sternly said. After listening to other people, all stood up, put down the stools against the wall. Lost public bicycle lost thousands Beijing officials

“See their discipline is strong. “The police said.

Indeed, the hostel, although dilapidated, but 12 taped handwriting on the wall “House rules” stand out. “Daytime ban cell phones, music, found that a fine of 5 Yuan; socks every day (that) change (that is,) wash, found that a fine of 5 Yuan; before 10:15 must go home, come home late to greet Butler; must get up before 5:55 on, found that a fine of 5 Yuan … … Fine money from, the confiscation of all. “

The watch list of suspected pyramid selling personnel.

In order to prevent the police raids, who prepared for escape-at any time-with no sheets on their beds, quilts no quilt cover, luggage in the trunk.

About the same time, Yang Fu Cun, 108th, the police also seized an alleged pyramid sales dens and 28 suspected pyramid selling control of the class. Zhihou, police and road in the village, the suspected pyramid selling 7 to catch up with the class control.

The operation, police seized pyramid sales dens Guandu 3 to control suspected pyramid selling staff of 103.

Management mode

Regardless of personal freedom, using mind control

3 dens in recent years popular “1040”, that is, as long as the shares invested 69,800 RMB, and 29 people a stake, would be at 10.4 million yuan of money.

Specifically, “1040 project of sunshine” also known as voluntary chain-like management industry. Leader lied about investment project get national, and Government secretly support, lured party paid 69800 Yuan (purchase first copies is 3800 Yuan, zhihou each copies 3300 Yuan, 21 copies is 69800 Yuan), get development line members right, through directly returned Lee, and directly royalty, and indirect royalty and sales grants, way by layer returned Lee, members eventually can profit 10.4 million Yuan, so-called of “1040 Sun engineering” also so named.

With traditional pyramid selling organization controls personal freedom are not the same, the MLM organization is seized with “head” into community development activities, but management changed, more covert and deceptive – they no longer control of personal freedom, but a more subtle mind-control, the “family” combination “doing business”.

Suspected pyramid selling, officers were controlled by the police.

10 o’clock in the morning, 103 two suspected pyramid selling was taken to century city, Guandu, Sheldon, small bridge, Gate 5 police stations for questioning. “According to regulations, if suspected of organizing, leading MLM activities in more than 30 people and level 3 or above, to the Organizer, the leader, will filing a case for prosecution. Others do not meet conditions for prosecution, we will start a temporary aid mechanism, aid repatriation of marketing personnel, and strengthening education management after repatriation, let them out of the MLM trap. “The police said.


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