Shaanxi people selected G88C88 plate the DMV for 80 000 good

Shanxi Ankang men online select “G88C88” license plate.

A few days ago, Kang hanyin decoction by way of online pre license plate number, selecting a pair of numbers for “G88C88” license plate. When he went to the DMV Office when high spirits, only to be told to collect 80,000 yuan “beautiful fees”. In this regard, the DMV said, Ankang city, lucky number plates in accordance with the number of 280,000 charge, depending on costs, fees for the 2005 meeting minutes.

Owners: to select this is my good luck

On July 22, the soup you just buy cars intends to license, on the phone to download a software to pipe 12123. Submitted ID cards, vehicle chassis number, engine number and the purchase invoice number and other formalities, Mr Tang will start from 20 a pre-selection in the vehicle identification number on their license plate number. 20 number plates that appear in the “Shan G88C88” he shines at this number, so decisively checked.

On July 25, the soup came to Ankang City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment the DMV registration and staff was told he would have to pay 80,000 yuan fee for processing.

“Software selected by mobile phone number, the system does not inform the plate needs to pay 80,000 yuan, can select this license plate is my good luck, they sit their charges. “Yesterday, Mr Tang said angrily, subsequently he found the DMV asked charges based on the other side said this number belong to the lucky number, in accordance with the provisions to pay 80,000 yuan to do the procedure. Then tell Mr Tang also abandoned, but only at the DMV Hall picked up again.

Reporters from the traffic control provided by Mr Tang 12123 software intercepts of pre-selected vehicles ‘ license plates seen on the voucher, Mr Tang pre-selected number is indeed the “G88C88”. It is understood that the VTS 12123 mobile software name is “Ministry of public security, Internet traffic safety integrated services management platform”. Public register open account can enjoy the platform provides the driving test and inspection appointments, accreditation, illegal processing and other convenient services. At present, the platform has been in pilot provinces such as Shaanxi, expected to end national application.

DMV: online only primaries, eventually going to the DMV

“Shan G88C88” the number plate, why online pre owners are not prompted when charging? DMV fee was 80,000 Yuan has any basis? Lucky number plates and how to define the scope of? An interview with reporter went to the DMV in Ankang city. DMV Deputy Director yanxipeng introduced, tubal 12123 software pilot at the end of last year, the business is improving. At present, the primary license plate online, eventually going to the DMV processing. According to yanxipeng introduction, the so-called lucky number plates, was 4 of the 5-digit numbers the same charge is only for the lucky number plates. Prairie road turned into a scenic spot tickets

“Then inform the parties if his re-election, this number as the garbage will be collected and administered by the provincial traffic police corps, 3 years on someone else is not selected. “DMV Luo Fakun, Director of general introduction, lucky number plates, soup optional” Shan G88C88 “highest paid for 80,000 yuan and that for similar” shaan G99 99 “license plate license plate fees of 50,000 yuan, lucky license plate fee of 20,000 yuan. For this kind of charge, pricing based on said Luo Fakun, papers, but the inconvenience presented to reporters.

In this regard, the yanxipeng also said that there is a file, but the tolls from traffic police finance sector-specific implementation details without his knowledge. In this regard, Qu Xiaoquan, Director of Public Security Bureau traffic police police protection, Ankang city, in 2005, in Ankang city, dominated by the Government, the Municipal Finance Bureau and traffic police detachment had a meeting, formed the fees set out in the minutes of proceedings, charges eventually will be incorporated into the Municipal Finance Bureau.

Question: “beautiful fees” collected, collection

On June 28 this year, Shaanxi Province, provincial Department of public security has held management reform motor vehicle plate number press conference, the reform involves three aspects, establishing provincial motor vehicle plate number resource monitoring system, introduction of “20-of-1” mode, selected and started in July in the province carry out motor vehicle plate number bid system.

At the meeting, made no mention of the previous owners of self choice of lucky number plate how to manage rules. Yanxipeng said that is expected by the end of August, will also be implemented in Ankang number plate auction system number.

Introduction Lucky license plate fees, DMV sold how many lucky number plates, Ankang city, municipal finance made the how much does it cost? In response, yanxipeng said, the DMV is a division of traffic police detachment, charging case he cannot master, need to ask the financial sector.

Tang believes cannot charge as according to the minutes of a meeting, let alone charges have not publicized at all levels develop lucky number plates, next he will conduct administrative review.

Attorney: meeting minutes to the beautiful alone pricing, no legal basis

Shaanxi high lawyer law firm experienced Deng Jianjun thought the game, owners select beautiful online traffic since opening this convenient service, there is no charge for special tips, beautiful, owner of the concrete to the DMV told Liang, when handling the licence fee, the administrative act is obviously inappropriate. In addition, extra charges for fancy number to increase local revenue is understandable, but how much, how, and according to the procedure open, fair implementation.

“Traffic police detachment and the Finance Bureau alone, two departments of a Government meeting minutes to the beautiful number clearly marked, there is no legal basis, administrative fees must have a price Department of audit, and can’t give inexpensive prices, pricing. “Deng Jianjun said,” most equitable option is for auction, beautiful, so that both meets the requirements of laws and regulations, social customs, and increase government revenues. ”

Deng Jianjun believes that owners can be pretty with no legal efficiency, rationality of charges for administrative reconsideration or litigation.


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