Yunlong County of Yunnan town prostitutes during the Commission for discipline

On August 28, the Insider to a surging News (www.thepaper.CN) broke the news that, recently, yunlong County, Yunnan province, Guan ping Xiang Commission for discipline inspection Xu Yinglong study at Tongji University in Shanghai was caught for prostitution during the training. On August 29, Chang Li Yuhua, yunlong, Vice Secretary of County party Committee confirmed to the surging news, events have occurred. 8 years between the national 360 city water logging

“This is a shameful thing, damage affect the cadre’s image. “Li Yuhua said that after the incident, yunlong County attention, Xu Yinglong to yunlong County, County called their families to work and will report to the higher authorities, deposed first, then investigate, opening the NPC Standing Committee to make a final opinion.

Li Yuhua said that investigation is completed, to the media, the public will, “in Shanghai during the training, I went to see them. Training team of our Organization. ”

Yunlong County Government official website bulletin, August 6 to 20th, the County’s 50 counties leader in Tongji University, received a 14-day comprehensive training. During the training, Deputy Secretary of the County party Committee, County magistrate Li Yuhua on participating in Dali and counterpart supporting networking activities in colleges and universities in Shanghai, students resident visiting trainees. Li Yuhua, hoped that students value the unique learning opportunities, rapidly changing roles, calm down, seriously study and assimilate the essence and practice, to better fulfill their responsibilities to provide intelligence support; to respect discipline, helping each other, increase exchanges, yunlong cadres, establish a good image. Tian Qiang, Deputy Secretary of County party Committee at the opening ceremony; the County Minister Zhang Zhiyong, Member of the County to attend the training, Deputy County magistrate Li ruijie, Institute of Tongji University attended the opening ceremony.

It is reported that the training covered the ability to strengthen the rule of law to improve the rule of law, implementation of urban planning and construction, the heritage and carry forward the traditional culture and the ability to handle public emergencies and crisis management ‘, ‘ landscape construction and tourism development, the development of PPP mode 13 topics. From Tongji University, Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress and experts of the Shanghai Municipal party School Professor, the current policy and yunlong development reality, with typical cases, simple for kids was a wonderful lecture on.


One elderly man died in Anhui Province after escaping 6 year old granddaughter

Angolan online on August 25, the evening of August 17, Wuhu rural car accident death, vehicle escape. On August 22, at 3 km outside the village of Chang BA when a villager’s House to visit, the villagers claim to have no tricycles, and his 6 year old granddaughter told the police, Grandpa lied, people he hit. Perpetrators of this truthful account, after he hit someone for destroying evidence of tricycles is dismantled into parts and went into hiding.

Big impact, the walking dead, ground and only a hair clip

Mr Liu, 65, who lives in Sanshan, Wuhu city. The evening of August 17, he ate dinner, go out for a walk as usual shade. 19:15, e road, he walks to three when searching sections of the village, I was knocked down by a car from behind in, instantly unconscious, instead of saving the driver and stepped on the gas to escape.

The rural sections, few pedestrians and vehicles in the evening, Liu lay on the roadside for 10 minutes, until 19:25, Wuhu City Public Security Bureau traffic police-mountain Brigade patrol cars from the scene after, police found an old man lying unconscious by the roadside, immediately notify the 120, will be taken to a hospital for the elderly, and to survey the scene. Soon came the news from the hospital, Liu died of his injuries.

Scene is in trouble, there was no monitoring, no witnesses, no vehicle debris on the ground, don’t even have a braking track and wheel marks, only to find a girl with a hair clip, do not know have not associated with accidents. “It can be said that no valuable clues, only ‘ blind search. “Police officer Chen told Anhui commercial news reporters, surrounded by rural areas, Skynet video surveillance covers have shortcomings, and vehicles from where to, where to go, what car, know nothing.

Notices plastered the village, going door to door search troubleshooting

Wuhu City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment, three mountain brigades set up a task force, deployed more than more than 30 police, 2 technical and investigative experts.

Team analyses the case believes that evening hours access to this road, mostly residents of nearby villages. Investigators issued tens of thousands of copies of the notices offering a reward, posted at Cha village, Liu village and other nearby villages. In addition, investigators on three separate roads, searched the village, Liu Cun village shop, such as door-to-door survey, demanded to see the car people per household, ruled out one by one. After 3 consecutive days of day and night shooting, several villages in the vicinity found no suspicious vehicles and personnel.

Carpet search while on the surrounding villages and repeatedly usable intersection surveillance video. Finally, Chang BA village, one from out of the blue, three-wheeled electric vehicles enter the investigators view. The car arrived from the monitor video section of site generally coincides with incident. Case group and to extend its scope of investigation from the village of Sanshan Chang BA, 3 km away.

Suspicious villagers denied, six year old granddaughter to tell the truth Hunan landlord up to rent false promises upcoming

On August 22, the 5th day after the incident, MO Pai Chang BA village visited, access. At 14 o’clock, when civilian police visited the villager Wang Jia, Wang is a neighbor to play card games. “We asked if he had a blue tricycle, he said no, but his face felt something was wrong. “Police then with Wang returned home, at this time, uncle of a 6 year old granddaughter to see the police to Wang, told police:” that night was my grandfather who hit, your hands hair clips are my. “The little girl also 1510 grandfather knocked down old man escaped after riding.

At this time, the Wang finally lowered his head just in denial, explain accident escaping behavior.

According to his account, that evening, he went to the Wu fan, downtown bus terminal, drivers looking for an acquaintance in Shanghai after the summer of 6 year old granddaughter came home. At 17 o’clock, after connected to the granddaughter of a King, first by bus to the three road intersection to get off, then rode the blue three-wheeled electric vehicles heading home. En route weather fades, vision is not clear, with his granddaughter ride at the Cha Cun e road sections of three, accidentally knocked down by Mr Liu was walking down the street. Taking into account the elderly more than slightly hurt, her family in difficult conditions, electric cars and have no insurance, cannot afford the victim medical costs, after a fierce fight, King one night escape.

After returning home, Wang tricycle disassembled into parts, hidden in the debris pile. He thinks they do well, but was 6 year old granddaughter “information”.

(Original title: “the policeman is my grandfather hit” children heart no lies)

Thanks to the bike blast red password a pricing white collar riding credit correct

Known as the world’s first worship without sharing a bicycle bike (MOBIKE), launched just more than 100 days, and already fires all over Shanghai.

Thanks to the bike blast red password: a pricing white collar riding, credit correct against the stop

Thanks to the bike when they travel, want, want to stop, you stop. Surging journalist Yang Xin nimble figure

In Shanghai, and by your side may have a motorcycle thanks to bike anywhere at any time. It is not fixed in the car and don’t need you to point lend without charge. Thanks to the bike where? Open the phone, you will be able to see all around thanks to the distribution of bicycles, like Uber (a) displays the distribution of cars like.

To find the nearest car, brushed myself a car on the QR code, automatic lock, ride is complete, manually lock, automatic billing. You have to stop at the roadside, the next person to find. Each car has a built-in GPS chip. Fare is only 1 Yuan/half hour, deposit of 299 Yuan.

On August 15, thanks to a bicycle in the Beijing market, Orange bicycles have been visible in the rings in the streets of Beijing.

Thanks to the bike blast red password: a pricing white collar riding, credit correct against the stop
Thanks to the bike blast red password: a pricing white collar riding, credit correct against the stop

Brushed myself a car of QR codes can be used thanks to the bicycle, the fare is 1 Yuan/half hour. Surging journalist Yang Xin nimble figure

One of the company’s founder, former Uber Wang Xiaofeng, General Manager of Shanghai, in 2014, he left business, serving as the CEO of the company.

Thanks to the bike blast red password: a pricing white collar riding, credit correct against the stop

Thanks to the cycling one of the founders of Wang Xiaofeng. Surging journalist Yang Xin nimble figure

Wang Xiaofeng on motorcycle thanks to the cycling position, not a bicycle rental company, but rather a data company, Internet or technology company.

Thanks to cycling English name MOBIKE are mobile (mobile) and bike (bicycle) mixture of words and meanings are being made public bicycle flow, when people travel, want, want to stop, you stop.

China currently has about 180 of the urban public bicycle service, but are essentially Government-led.

Thanks to the bike is an exception. The attract private venture capital company, without government funding, had, to a certain extent, do public service. This let them know more about users, more cost savings. Xiaofeng Wang often micro-blogging, micro-letter answer thanks to bikes on public user’s questions, users do not need active @ him, he will find some reviews, active communication.

However, thanks to the bike has also recently encountered a lot of bad feelings. In addition there has always been a “shortage” problems, as well as of the traditional bicycle will meet some members of the uncivil behavior, most recently thanks to the bike suffered a malicious damage of car and motorcycle events. Uber early and appeared similar, some say it’s cool, people hated it.

Xiaofeng Wang in Shanghai recently accepted a surging News (thepaper.CN) exclusive interview with Xinhua.

How to make each vehicle reaches its maximum usage rates

August 16 evening, in Northern Shanghai daning lingshi Park nearby, 15 minutes more than 10 vehicles thanks to the bike passed away from reporters. Here not counting worship covering much of the bicycle, generally hot in the new heaven and Earth and wujiaochang business circle will be more.

But near daning Park, many not far away from the subway station said that near-near office buildings, white-collar workers have to take 15-20 minutes to walk to the subway station. Bus too much here, waiting for a bus of the time are able to walk to the subway station.

Thanks to the bike.

A time out, everyone is rushing to ride. The afternoon of August 16, in front of the multimedia industry Park, a more than 30-year old man carrying a Briefcase of about 10 cars parked here thanks to the bike has swept a again, but unable to scan the QR code to unlock.

“Have been booked! “He sighed.

It turns out that thanks to the bike and “appointment” feature, you can reserve a car nearby thanks to the bike, after the reservation is completed, the car will be locked out for 15 minutes. In 15 minutes, you can take the car ride away, more than 15 minutes, is again open to the public. In the rush, many white-collar workers with “book” function on Rob worship cycle.

However, in the Centre of Shanghai, bike lanes are not every road is equipped with. “I ride a motorcycle thanks to the bike was fined in Nanjing West Road, West Nanjing Road as cycling is not allowed. I ridicule the weibo, was seen by Wang Xiaofeng, also interact with him the next. “She said.

Miss Gao Jingan Temple, shopping district to work, more than more than 20 colleagues were riding a motorcycle around thanks to the bike, and then she decided to try it out. She soon discovered, thanks to the bicycle is very convenient way to travel, she go to a nearby car, the basic ride once a week, or two weeks. Thanks to the bike a lot near Jing an Temple, walk several dozens of meters.

KIC company Mr Yang is often riding a motorcycle thanks to the bike. “The Pentagon Metro station and jiangwan Stadium station is quite far away from the surrounding residential. Riders are young, stay close to the female colleagues have been riding to go shopping. “He said.

“I hope that when users want to use the car within 100 metres you will find the bike, when returning the car in place within 100 metres you will find … … But from an operational reality has a lot of gaps, such as vehicles are not enough now, is not able to meet the needs of more users. We need time. “Wang Xiaofeng said frankly.

Compared to Hangzhou. Hangzhou is the first bike into the urban public transportation system of the city, the “Government-led, business operation” mode of operation, is a successful example of public bicycles around the project. Hangzhou took 8 years to put 70,000 bicycles. Bike building is a very long process consumes vast amounts of manpower, material and financial resources.

From the April 22 thanks to bike to now, more than 100 days ‘ time, Xiaofeng Wang himself had expected, “a release has so many people love our products, so we desperately working overtime to add more vehicles on the street. ”

In fact, on December 7, 2015, thanks to the bike hit the first bicycle, in the xuhui district, Huangpu district, and the pilot, second covers the entire Shanghai urban area (outer ring). But I didn’t know user enthusiasm, some cars will also be riding outside the outer ring, for which thanks to the bike not human intervention. In addition, and Chongming, Songjiang District Government and thanks to the bike to talk, wants to introduce a bike.

Recently almost every night after 10 o’clock, trucks filled with thanks to cycling to the city, put new cars to increase capacity on the street, has been busy into the wee hours, two or three.

Thanks to the cycling temporary operational data security, Shanghai put on the number of bikes is not disclosed. Worship promises to launch in 2016 and towards the end of the scale of city’s release.

To address capacity issues, thanks to the bicycle bike built his own factory.

Wang Xiaofeng said that thanks to cycling have been hoping to find the balance between supply and demand, “but this point more and more difficult to grasp. ”

A possible scenario is that on a weekday rush hour, a lot of people want to ride, but other times, not so many people ride.

To that end, thanks to the bike developed a vehicle flow management platform, by the technical team of Beijing set up.

“We have been in the background data, algorithms and mathematical models to improve the utilization of bicycles. This is actually an operational research stuff. “Wang Xiaofeng said.

The world’s first intelligent lock

“Riding MOBIKE trends, using QR code scanning unlock, Orange tire feels good. “She said.

“The car looks very nice, I feel the heat, I wore a shirt pants a ride can be, but what if cold days wear suits ride has something to say is not clear, tying the suit itself, estimates is not suitable. “Mr Yang said.

In fact, thanks to the cycling body design is very elegant, with some black technology, costs are not low.

“We own the lock, this should be the first in the world to scale using the smart bike lock. This integration now some popular technology, we use sensors to intranet, using Internet protocols to install Sim Card, to string together these technologies coupled with geo-location, put in a lock, allowing hundreds of thousands of people in the city use, should speak for the first time. So that we can locate, calculating distance and fares. “Wang Xiaofeng said. Evergrande through 7 companies invested nearly

But there are a lot of users, and thanks to the cycling body was too heavy.

“The ride feels heavy, and most without a basket, baby does not know where to put it. “She said.

“Sometimes my computer bag work, ride have no space for the package. No rear seat, occasionally personal too. Because mobai car, seat and can not adjust, a little taller rider, legs will be very large, overall shrinkage in it, pedal to the top position of the legs to the chest. “Mr Yang said.

“Do the bike want it running under the rain the Sun, in the design of the security is the most important element in the process. “Wang Xiaofeng said” heavy issues we do not shy away from. ”

Body weight mainly due to two aspects. Because with a solid alternative to the pneumatic tyre, the advantage is not need inflating. Second, vehicles with shaft drive technology, users riding worry off the chain, or chain twisted legs, accidentally touched on the legs of lubricant on the chain. Earlier report said Xian public bicycle daily average chain drop and tire problems accounted for more than 60%. But the two design faults are leading to an excessive body.

Wang Xiaofeng said the delivery than they are modified, improved riding experience. “Have recently launched a number of vehicles in the ride would be a lot better. ”

“Where there are still many user slots, enough vehicles, seat height adjustment, it is necessary for us to develop a solution. Traditional bicycle seat harder to control, we cannot take the traditional way, that until this issue is resolved, we prefer to serve a little less, such as between 1.55-1.75 m users. If someone said that I was 1.5-meter or 1.85-meter, then sorry, we find adjustable seat you come experience our bikes. There is ridicule our car is not the basket, a lot of things to try to find a solution, as far as possible to meet user needs. ”

Thanks to the bike blast red password: a pricing white collar riding, credit correct against the stop

Thanks to the Office, Signature Edition thanks to the bike. Surging journalist Yang Xin nimble figure

“Our design goal is short, say, 35 km, 20 minutes of travel. If it was a hard life riding 10 km, would be very tired. More than five kilometers away, taking into account efficiency, cost and comfort, we recommend you to use combinations of ways, using public transport + bicycle, or drive, play. “Wang Xiaofeng said.

“We were to meet the different needs from a user experience perspective, to provide a standardized, cannot be said to be perfect, but to meet the 35 km comfort travel service. “Wang Xiaofeng said.

The life of a motorcycle thanks to bike, including body and smart lock is 3-4 years of maintenance-free. Waterproof IP66 degree of intelligent lock level, you can completely prevent foreign objects into, when subjected to heavy waves, water will not damage the smart lock. “While it has not experienced such as Wuhan rainstorm situations, but so far not a waterproofing failure. ”

In addition, ten thousand or twenty thousand tires may wear only, instead of a flat tire. Car chain, pedals and other 3-4 and will not rust. Field repair of damage relatively light, serious drag to factory for repair.

Say thanks to the bicycle is a bicycle company, can say they are Internet companies, also appears to have. Thanks to the cycling staff, mostly from Internet companies such as Baidu, Tencent, and some well-known bicycle manufacturer.

On August 11, the new motorcycle thanks to the bike arrived in Shanghai late at night, with a basket, and easier to ride.

Cycling credit: reporting the offender can be added

A difficulty of implementing traditional public bike was experiencing all kinds of uncivilized behavior, precise positioning of each car and motorcycle thanks to cycling the headaches?

“In General is not much, but there is still a certain percentage. “Wang Xiaofeng said that anyone would maliciously hid motorcycle thanks to the bike, people are going to take your car to the area of the garage, was also in the car, washing out a quilt, some people will sit in the car shakes making the pedal damages, some seats were removed … …

Thanks to the bike blast red password: a pricing white collar riding, credit correct against the stop
Thanks to the bike blast red password: a pricing white collar riding, credit correct against the stop

It was hidden in the car community, 7/f, students stopped at a school basketball court, these are all illegal parking. Thanks to the cycling app, public figure

In order to facilitate a user looking for the car, as provided for in thanks to the bicycle, bicycles should stop at “the road white lines in the region”, when there are no near the white line, parked on the side of not blocking traffic of an open area or the assembling other bike parking area. Non stop in the district, underground and indoor garage, alleys and parking area.

However, users frequently, and to some extent “infuriated” thanks to the bike.

Thanks to the bike since its inception, implement user-credit system. 100 as the starting point. Each ride and 1. Illegal user points. Credit score dropped to 0 o’clock, user accounts will be permanently frozen. Two parking violations, was banned for a week.

The end of July, thanks to the bike made a major decision, increasing the penalty for not standard cars: contrary to stop a deduction of 20 points. Credit score lower than 80 o’clock, used car price will be raised to 100 Yuan/half hour.

Contrary to worship a bicycle stopped mostly by user report.

“See someone parking the car in the community or under the Office (not Street), we report to the COO of the company. “She said.

“Not for the reports of pleasure, but to warn those people who didn’t know the rules. Living in a city, the rules are important. “Who lives in Jingan, Yang said.

Wang Xiaofeng also often reported illegal parking of bicycles. Interviews of those days, he reported three times a day. “The report I will credit points, the user will become motivated to report. I want to handle these customer service with faster, allow more people to join us in maintaining good biking environment. “Wang Xiaofeng has been added more than 30 times.

“All users are 100 credit points to complete a ride getting 101 points. If he don’t know parking rules to use the car for the first time, will be deducted 20 points, 81 points. He can also continue to use bicycles, but mistakes will turn 62 points for the second time. If he wanted to continue to use the bike, he choose to ride either 18 bike, 100 at a time, irregularities or find someone else to report 18. “Wang Xiaofeng explained.

“A lot of times, you see a car, but you can’t use. Thanks to the bike was locked in the iron gate, in a closed community. If the weather is very hot, you will be very angry, particularly hated the previous user why not parked in the white line. White line in Shanghai offers a lot of parking facilities, but there are people who parked the car in a closed environment. “Wang Xiaofeng said.

On July 23, the Vice Mayor of Shanghai Jiang Zhuoqing, with sectors such as transportation, public security, in the Yangpu district Party Committee Secretary LI yaoqi, accompanied by Chang Xie Jiangang, visited thanks to bicycle company is located in Yangpu district. Thanks to the cycling app entitled the day of talks, said Jiang Zhuoqing, thanks to credit branch linked to the social credit system, riding a motorcycle thanks to the bicycle of the future public credit will affect his credit in society as a whole. Thanks to travel data can also assist Government in transportation planning.

Objectively, the Shanghai white line at the roadside parking area and bicycle lanes are still limited.

The same day, Jiang Zhuoqing commitment, the Shanghai Municipal Government will give policy support, such as Metro station parking thanks to cycling by providing free services to plan non-motorway roads.

Recently, Baoshan, Minhang, Hongkou, Shanghai Jing an, xuhui 5 zones all parking at a metro station, thanks to the cycles all free.

Many user slots, worshipped before cycling in Pudong are few. Because thanks to the bike has not been to Pudong, Pudong bike because of historical reasons poor. But now the Shanghai traffic authorities in coordinating and began to attempt to draw white lines on road in Pudong.

In General, white lines need to be involved in Street and road councils, diplomatic Commission, green city departments and other units.

Clearly, the bicycle for the Government, is undoubtedly the passage of a low-carbon way and solve the “last mile” rail connections from the transfer problem.  In fact, Shanghai authorities have started to the city “slow traffic system” top design.

Hundreds of cars damaged by malicious: appeared in Minhang

The end of July, thanks to the bike received a number of users report called for sweeping code to unlock bikes QR is destroyed, burned car number (car number for QR code cannot scan, enter car number can unlock). Worship cycle summary revealed that these reports were concentrated in Minhang district, Shanghai, a few days more than 100 bikes were malicious damage!

Thanks to the bike blast red password: a pricing white collar riding, credit correct against the stop

Thanks to the cycling of QR code is corrupted. Thanks to the bike for

“This is not just uncivil behavior of the public. QR code and number of the car damaged, so it cannot be used, able to service users. “Corrupt intention, Wang Xiaofeng is also not fully determined.

Thanks to the bike has reflected this problem to the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau. “Shanghai has a lot of cameras on the streets, our GPS are able to understand the location of vehicles were damaged. We’re looking for police departments to look around the camera’s video. “Wang Xiaofeng said.

People believe that this malicious incident does not exclude competitors.

Yiqian, instituted public bicycle leasing service in Shanghai, Minhang district, ought to be a pioneer. In Minhang district, the public bicycle rental projects take the form of Government purchases of services, traffic, cooperation with the permanent company of Shanghai bicycle brands, bicycle repair, maintenance, set up inputs are assumed by the permanent company. Public should banks designated to handle a public bicycle rental function of bank cards, stored-value deposit pay 200 Yuan, 100 Yuan, rental lease and restitution in the district.

The iron itself must be hard. In fact, thanks to the bike fixed two-dimensional code has gone through two iterations, but was still caught off guard. “Our earliest QR code is done with glue and plastic sheets to and so the 3-4 can be used, but we found that maliciously break. Second generation using a screw, surface of the two-dimensional code attached with a layer of hard plastic, then we find some vandalism with sword drawn, cut out, then use fire to burn. ”

At present, Wang Xiaofeng is developing a new generation of two-dimensional code fixed, ready to use metal, “knife set fire to no avail! ”

Always accompanied by not understanding the birth of the new.

On August 11, thanks to bicycle tweets posted a photo, catch the users attention.

Thanks to the bike blast red password: a pricing white collar riding, credit correct against the stop

Yin Gao XI road, Baoshan district, Shanghai City, near a metro station and the post office, thanks to the bike and the haphazard stacks here. Twitter says, here is the passage of mail to and from, not where you can stop, or blocking the normal traffic.

But user questions, post office cycling user to remind worship, why treat a bicycle?

Thanks to cycling staff told reporters that this problem is rather complex, Baoshan population, Metro station is not much, less white lines, they communicate and post office staff, said that he can understand not blocking their entrance, and thanks to the bike in to negotiate with white line departments.

“Actually, maintenance workload is small, we hope that with fewer inspection staff, through technology and the number of ways to reduce maintenance costs, and maintenance data” Wang Xiaofeng said: “in General, no chain, does not tire, car wheel firm. Unless the Chair was pried off, pedal is breaking bad, QR codes are disrupted such extremes, we will go to maintenance. ”

“Dialogue Wang Xiaofeng: Uber Shanghai General Manager before another test”

Surging News: what to do thanks to the bike?

Wang Xiaofeng: the end of 2014, thanks to cycling’s team found, in any other city in the world, there are two common social problems: traffic congestion and environmental pollution, particularly air pollution. We would like to have a potential project that solves both of these issues, so we thought of a bicycle.

I give you an example, people had to travel to 3 km outside of, he drove or took a taxi occupied by roads is 10 meters, cycling occupies an area of only 1 square meter. If such a person has 10,000 or even 100,000, 90,000 or 900,000 square meters of pavement will be saved, contribution to traffic a lot. This algorithm in Shanghai, Beijing and Paris are worked.

Taking Shanghai as an example. At present, Shanghai has 12 million bikes, but most of these bikes may be long dead. Addition to ruin the landscape, it also occupies the city’s limited land.

Surging News: 299 Yuan deposit is how?

Xiaofeng Wang: we research dozens of cities and found that their deposits are between 200-400, we took the middle value.

Thanks to the bike as an Internet company, users through mobile phones will be able to pay a deposit, get very fast; if you want to return the deposit, can easily pay money back to the original place.

Deposit is also the user of credit guarantees. If he is not careful with the deposit will be deducted from his car, then the next time he will be more careful when using.

Surging News: 1 Yuan/half hour costs what?

Wang Xiaofeng: If we set a 10 Yuan for half an hour, certainly there will be, but with the tourists, frequency will be lower. If we were 5 bucks for half an hour, it is estimated that thousands of tens of thousands of people, to alleviate traffic pressure have done nothing. But we hope to have hundreds of thousands of people in the city on short trips to biking, this will ease traffic congestion and air pollution have a bigger role in promoting. We have done a lot of research and found 1 dollars are almost all users are willing to accept the price.

Surging News: prayer cycle what is the business model?

Wang Xiaofeng: frankly, we haven’t found. But our whole team is willing to take this thing as a social than commercial value of things, things don’t want to profit, otherwise they will be bound to your growth.

Surging News: riding a motorcycle thanks to your own bike?

Wang Xiaofeng: often. I think the way people travel in the future must be mixed.

Surging News: why worship chose Shanghai as a starting point?

Xiaofeng Wang: in all cities in the country, white lines are relatively widely distributed in Shanghai.

Surging News: why his factory, this operating mode?

Xiaofeng Wang: we want to provide a standardized set of services to enhance the user’s experience. Assumes that the user experience is now 70 points, then we have to improve the precision of GPS positioning, to increase the amount, or to further reduce weight and improve ride quality, the user experience will be better, or even 90 points.

Surging News: entire factories create roughly how long did it take?

Wang Xiaofeng: for almost a year. Supply chain is a complex thing, need more experienced people to manage it. Different vendors in different cities and different parts have different prices and different procurement and payment cycle.

Surging News: thanks to the bicycle is defined as a data-driven company, is one of the important points of application control of vehicle amount of balance and user needs. Talk about how to use data and technology to do this?

Xiaofeng Wang: we analyze the different weather condition effect on cycling, guiding bicycle production. In addition, vehicles for delivery, we model box worked tomorrow how to launch vehicles, and then put the car in a different region in the coming week to service the number of users is. Our models to aid in research and development thanks to the bike make scientific decisions, how appropriate interventions make use of more efficient, meet more people to travel.

Surging News: the entire credit system in China is not yet complete. Do you think this will restrict worship cycle of development?

Wang Xiaofeng: Road blocked, we’ll honk, but no one to really alleviate traffic congestion. The same way, we need immediate action to become the leading force in the industry, calling for more people to join and perfecting the credit system. We can now actually has some power to further perfecting the credit system.

Sichuan 13 splashed gasoline hurt teenagers or reform schools female teachers

Sichuan 13 splashed gasoline hurt teenagers or reform schools, female teachers last skin graft

Yang Dongling’s mother by her side every day to take care of her. Bangs rhyme

Just to grab a cell phone, 13-year-olds Xiaowu (not his real name) to 23 years old pretty teacher Yang Dongling poured gasoline and ignited, causing Yang Dongling body burn. Since Yang Dongling received burns yesterday the largest area of a skin graft operation, involving back, the front of the torso, limbs and other parts. Doctor Li Wei said that current state of patients is good, but needed half a month rehabilitation period to determine the survival rate of skin grafts and the next surgery. And for robbing a cell phone to Yang Dongling poured gasoline and set fire to 13-year-olds small weapons, or into the local school.

The skin graft surgery took 6 hours the wound area of 20%

At noon yesterday, Yang Dongling was into theatre, skin graft surgery took 6 hours.

“She’s OK now. “Just down the doctor Li Wei, Director of the operating table, said Yang Dongling burn area of 46%, this is mainly the front torso, back, extremities as well as almost all skin grafts treated by surgical operation, the area around 20%. Skin grafting skin from Yang Dongling’s head, legs, skin, “only her own skin in order to survive. “This is Yang Dongling maximum range of a skin graft surgery, but it is not asserted that the surgery was successful. “Half a month’s recovery period, if the skin graft survival rate can reach 80%, is more objective, follow-up might also do some small repairs. “Li Wei said.

3 days raise over 300,000 will be directly transferred to the Hospital account Graduate student s death tutor Zhang Jianyu entrepreneur

After Yang Dongling experiences reported by the media, quickly attracted attention, many people lend a helping hand. Charities and hospitals, social workers in cyberspace for Yang Dongling launched a “pretty teacher laid off pouring gasoline” charity fundraising in just 3 days and raised the target sum of 300,000. All payments will be transferred to the charity to Yang Dongling special project, then all into Yang Dongling in the provincial people’s hospital fees in private accounts, ensure that the earmark. Rehabilitation costs if it needed to raise capital in the late, by which time hospitals and social workers will again carry out a rigorous assessment.

Juveniles of the incident has been included in the ABA school admission list

13 small arms do not have criminal responsibility, police blocked investigations, referred to his father back home. Currently, fathers day at home watching over his son, son in June this year after the accident, he sometimes chained his son locked in the House. In a call with reporters, the other side has repeatedly said that the current stressful, on the one hand to raise treatment costs for injured, on the other hand, is the son by guards did not have time to go out to work to earn money. But what worried him most, was the son how to deal with the mistakes and how to correct in the future. Xiao Wu said, hoping to send their son to school education.

Jinchuan County Communist Party officials say current ABA Communist Party, the Public Security Bureau, the Education Bureau and other departments are planning to build a school, “is mainly placed in the schools of so-called problem child, their cultural education, to strengthen legal education. “The other said, Xiao Wu had been included in the list of the school’s admission, after school and parental consent, children go to the school. Yesterday, reporters to ABA Communist Party confirmed the statement, but the school is still under construction, school time could not be immediately determined.

Hunan landlord up to rent false promises upcoming thousand Yuan the Central

Feed mill boss Conway supplemental agreements to the company. Xiaoxiang

“1000 Yuan RMB denomination” you heard of it? Hunan Liuyang leased by a manufacturer part of the plant, the last more than 10 days off a tenant’s electricity, said signed a supplemental agreement to recover. Which protocol a is “1000 Yuan RMB denomination will be issued, larger devaluation”.

In fact, when the two sessions this year, the national people’s Congress, Deputy Governor of the people’s Bank of China said Chen Yulou, as far as he knows, central banks have no intention of issuing large denomination currency.

The morning of August 8, Liu Yang Bai organic nutrition, Ltd (hereinafter referred to as feed mills), 50 people gathered at the plant door to seek explanation, they are Changsha Conway commodities limited (hereinafter referred to as the Conway Corporation) employees, because the landlord-feed factory owner Zhou Jiancheng rolling power outages for more than 10 days, Conway was unable to production.

Company Manager Zhou Zhuyue Conway said Zhou Jiancheng wants and he signed a supplementary agreement to adjust the rent, which one of the “1000 Yuan notes Renminbi” was released to a currency devaluation.

Another tenant-Cheng Lai-beauty company will have encountered the plant was cut off for several months.

“August 15 issue 1000 Yuan RMB denomination”

Leased part of the plant feed factory in Liuyang city in yonganzhen manufacturing industrial park, has a total of 4 companies leased its plants, only Conway company suffered power outages.

Conway company mainly produce diapers, journalists from entering the plant found that diaper diaper pad has stopped.

Zhou Zhuyue provides reporters with the feed mill and Conway, the company’s factory rental contract, reporters saw a warehouse lease with effect from September 1, 2015, until August 31, 2018, the rental period is 3 years. He said feed factory owner Zhou Jiancheng proposed a supplementary agreement, “added 17 agreements, agreed to restore power after the signing. One of the wonderful reasons is going to issue RMB 1000 Yuan face value. ”

12th reporter saw agreement reads: “given the August 15 issue 1000 Yuan RMB denomination and devaluation of larger, party rental prices can be adjusted according to the actual situation. Don’t be bound by contract in July 2015,. Negotiation is not unified, party b is entitled to terminate the leases on both sides “.

Mei Cheng Lai decoration company is stopped the water, company boss said, the lease contract is signed by May 2014 to May 2022, in June this year was without water, “toilet water”. But boss butyl weeks built and there is nothing to sign a supplementary agreement. D boss himself trying to carry water.

“Relevant channels” message the Central Bank has denied

Feed, legal representative Zhou Jiancheng subsequently told reporters in an interview. For in the supplementary agreement “1000 Yuan notes Renminbi”, said Zhou Jiancheng, he is from the “relevant channels” learned, he thinks “1000 Yuan notes, when the money does not arrive next year.”

8th said interviews with the China Construction Bank, the China Everbright Bank, customer service staff, as well as a Deputy Director of Bank of China, have said they have no heard anything of 1000 Yuan.

In fact, whether large denomination notes become a hot topic in this year’s parliamentary session. At the time of the sixth issue of new hundred Yuan last year, also a rumored 500 and 1000 denomination notes will appear. On March 11, the national people’s Congress, people’s Bank of China Deputy Governor Chen Yulou media interviews, said as far as he knows, central banks have no intention of issuing large denomination currency.

On August 8, Liuyang, high-tech industrial development zone management Committee held a feed mill and been power of Conway, the company’s ACC. Zhou Zhuyue, told reporters that mediation 9th will continue. Rural entire villages criminality investigations


Power is afraid of transformer overload

“1000 Yuan RMB denomination” that we did not say, why take the form of power demands to sign an agreement? Explain the feed factory owner Zhou Jiancheng.

Zhou Jiancheng said Conway paying not active, last month repeated urging, to pay part of the rent, there are still hadn’t paid the rent. Most importantly, feed mill product demand, had to work overtime to plant only one transformer, because more than one factory were a transformer, transformer lines caught fire, motor burnt out. And Conway’s contract also supply half a year each other their own installation of transformers. From last July to the present, however, Conway did not install transformer, “in case of overload on fire, what should I do? “Zhou Jiancheng said, had to stop each other’s power. In this regard, Conway is responsible for the production of Mr Yang said that the environmental assessment is required to install the transformer, EIA by the end of March this year.

Why Mei Cheng Lai decoration company is cut off? Company bosses and Zhou Jiancheng said, in terms of water both sides of disputes. Liuyang, high-tech industrial development zone management Committee also coordinated several times to no avail.


Hopes that both sides respect the contract

Coordination meeting in the afternoon, from high-tech industrial development zone management Committee of Liuyang Fei Rong proposed, it is recommended to to Conway-powered, to resume production. Zhou Jiancheng said, have to sign a supplementary agreement in order to restore power supply. For staggered electricity proposal, said Zhou Jiancheng need to go back and ask whether the feed also need working all through. If not working overtime all night, night can be powered to Conway.

Fei said, tenants need to find plant rental, feed mills need companies, they helped hold the line. The dispute, I hope mutual understanding.

“Business owners should have high quality on both sides. Sit down or try to find a solution. Conway, a spare power supply use, and there are no spare, Conway should be given a grace period. Bai rent if you feel low, should also be putting forward a proposal. Conflicts between the two plants, I have taken part in no less than more than 10 times, ran the two plants about 30 times in total. Now also have problems, I’m in a hurry. “Chen Fei said, hoped that the two sides come up with a plan and solve the problem; if not properly solved, it would take some time to buffer. Hope mutual understanding. Respect for contracts and contract spirit, act according to the contract.

“The CMC provides a nanny service. “The Park Deputy Director Ma Chaorong said, they will get services for enterprises, will coordinate the electricity sector, seeking to advance transformer installed.

Need to change the contract should equal consultation

Hunan million and United lawyers Li jianwu’s lawyer said, according to the contract law section 77th contract may be amended by consensus by the parties. In the event, therefore, even if there are special circumstances require the parties to change the contract, should be equal and free consultations with the other Party agreed to contract modifications can be carried out.

He said, forced to change the contract, or impede the continued performance of the contract, by various means, on the one hand to the law without, without legal support and protection, may also amount to a breach of law shall bear corresponding liability for breach.

Suspect the app photo bag xuchang police extra cases of trafficking of wildlife

Dahe daily, August 5, from a micro-starting with the letter, xuchang city forest Public Security Bureau opened a secret illegal purchase, transportation and sale of precious endangered wildlife products criminal networks. The network covers 31 provinces in China, involved reached more than 400 people. After number months of detected, project police to Guangdong, and Tianjin, and Fujian, 12 a provinces, traveled more than 60,000 more km, captured main crime suspects 21 name, seized ivory products 207.4 kg, and rhino angle products 17.07 kg, mining involved personnel clues more than 400 over, success detected with involving up to 12.76 million Yuan, involved value 45 million yuan of King illegal acquisition, and transport, and sold precious endangered wildlife products case. Found more than 400 more involved clue, handed over to the State Forestry Bureau forest Public Security Bureau.

Suspect the app photo bag, xuchang police extra cases of trafficking of wildlife products

Xuchang forest Police seize illegal ivory and rhino horn.

On August 4, to River forest Public Security Bureau of xuchang City newspaper reporters, the case history of the Central Plains region in connection with the maximum value, involved the largest number of wildlife products in such cases.

Rhinoceros ivory shocking

“This is a complete set of horns, which are made of rhinoceros horn carving ornaments. “The afternoon of August 4, a warehouse in forest Public Security Bureau of xuchang city, civilian police out of the box collection of rhino horns and ivory, to show journalists. Sichuan dazhou career grab red envelopes plugging

“This tusk more than 1 meter long, a polished appearance, is a place, market value of about 80,000 yuan. “Police said with a heavy touch ivory, ivory one-third part is growing inside the skull, to complete out of ivory, we must cut off half of the elephant’s brain. Seized ivory top with black mark length, diameter and weight. “This is the life of an elephant on the Prairie the last mark. “The police said, looking at rows of ivory, he heard on the African savannah elephant shrill scream.

This case has seized more than 10,000 pieces of rhino horn, ivory and its products. Police here only part of the show. Case detection, from an app.

Police dress up as online buyers

On November 20, 2015, the forest of xuchang City Public Security Bureau received a clue, using micro-accounts sell ivory products.

Police quickly confirmed the identity of the micro-letter account owner Liu. Xuchang of the man nationality people, farmers, was a taxi driver. A farmer-turned-taxi driver, how will the funds for expensive ivory?

Police dressed up as online buyers, make contact with him through letters, found that Liu did exist selling ivory products, but very few times and, and that the person was a “sold” part time derivative. The so-called “sale” refers to merchandise from the online pictures, published in their own micro-circle of friends to attract customers, customer contributions after deducting profits online from online ship direct to customers.

By Liu have been supervised, who was Liu called “eldest brother” named xuchang man entered the police view.

“This is a man of very high vigilance” investigator Liu launched “big brother,” Zhang said of. Despite Zhang means to avoid detection, but again the Sly Fox also couldn’t avoid the Hunter’s eyes.

Blue floral curtain bag

Police found Zhang every day in their own micro-circle of friends updated about ivory picture, these images have a similar background: “a table covered with a black cloth” and “a blue floral print curtains kept in the closed state.”

According to Zhang’s activities, police designated a area, the area covers 31 residential. At 18 o’clock, 11 civilian separately into their respective communities. Before leaving, each of the hands of the civilian police has a magnified picture, picture is a blue floral print curtains. Police armed with binoculars, careful observation Windows on each side, work better than the “blue floral print curtains.”

15 hours later, the Scout has rubbed his sore eye, once again pick up the telescope in the hands of … …

“See, exactly! ”

Touch line after 23 hours in a row, 14 civilian police in a building to see an identical blue floral print curtains, while downstairs in the parking lot and found a picture of a figure.

December 27, 2015, at 17 o’clock, civilian criminal suspect Zhang and Liu captured in one fell swoop. When police opened a room, was shocked by the scene before: table, stools, window on the stage, on the ground, is full of ivory products, beads, cards, necklaces, bracelets, statues, donut and other manufactured goods, there are two complete tusks. The statistics, in suspect searches within a room out of ivory products amounted to 1513, certified, 1513 items 26.258 kilograms, worth 1.09 million Yuan, all belonging to the precious endangered wildlife products.

“Black market” network all over the country

In front of a large number of facts, criminal suspect Zhang finally lowered his head, for the source of the ivory, explained he was in two years time, how to use micro-purchase, sale of ivory products, the facts of the crime.

Born in 1988, Zhang had a solid family. He said began as a hobby playing wood bracelets, Walnut wenwan items such as beeswax, the lure of profit, he began to try doing the illegal trade of ivory on the Internet. He used the app and the “home” link parcels sent by courier, receiving goods, low price is subsequently collected ivory into pictures of fares sold to all over the country, earning middle post. As a business is getting bigger, “in the loop” famous boats.

Zhang’s home number, Guangdong and Fujian’s “circle of big brother”, Guangxi, Tianjin’s “Merchant”. Every seven or eight days, Zhang will use the app to “home” single. After the payment is completed, soon there will be one or more packages from home to a rented residence, express the name called “craft”. “I don’t remember who I sell something, because too much, basically all over the country. “Zhang said.

In view of the seriousness and complexity of the case, on December 31, 2015, the forest Public Security Bureau in Henan province was established by the provincial, municipal and county-level forest task force composed of police, mainly in forest Public Security Bureau of xuchang city and Luoyang, sanmenxia and provincial Bureau of criminal investigation detachment deployed police forces, formed a team of 30 people, crucial in the case.

As the investigation continued, more involved one by one to the surface. Task force begins to draw the net, catch work carried out for all involved.

Tell River forest Public Security Bureau of xuchang city reporter, August 4, astonished police went to 12 provinces and more than 60,000 kilometers, successfully captured 21 suspects, of whom 8 were arrested for the illegal acquisition, transport and sale of precious endangered wildlife products were duly arrested, while the remainder were released on bail pending trial.

Chongqing one man divorced imbroglio set fire to himself and the wife and children

Chongqing one man divorced imbroglio set fire to himself and the wife and children to death 7 relatives injured

Tongliang in Chongqing Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog “@ peace tongliang” released by police intelligence briefing. Guangxi teacher accused of molesting 6 primary

Dragonsoft July 31, 7:44, tongliang in Chongqing Public Security Bureau official Micro-Blog “@ peace tongliang” published police intelligence reported that July 30 9:30 P.M., Spring Street, a fire occurred in tongliang in Chongqing City and 3 people including the suspect were killed, 7 people were injured.

Informed displayed, police identified, July 30 late, crime suspects Chen a (male, 55 age, Chongqing tongliang district people) and wife week a (29 age, Chongqing tongliang district people) solicitation both family to incident to mediation divorce imbroglio not fruit, Chen a with gasoline spilled Yu himself, and week a, people body and lit, to Chen a, and week a and Chen a and ex-wife by health of child Chen xxx spot death, and to its father-in-law, and mother-in-law, relatives total 7 people injured.

At present, the injured have been sent to the hospital for medical treatment, case investigation and remedial work is in progress.