Lawyers said staff of the teahouse on removal when removing injured homes centre

On August 31, the Beijing Bar Association Administrative Law Committee member Yang Zaiming, Director of the Beijing Ming law firm lawyers, lixia district, Jinan City, in a tea house to discuss levy removal when attacked by men into, and hospital treatment. Yang Zaiming surging on news (www.thepaper.CN), lixia district, Jinan City, attacked people who came from homes Service Center. However, lixia is imposed by the housing service centre staff has denied involvement in the attack.

At present, the Jinan municipal Public Security Bureau, meadow Willow village police stations of lixia branch has been involved in the investigation. Deyang two female drug traffickers hold 5 hostages

Yang Zaiming said on August 30 with another lawyer to Jinan travel Jinan “two steel” moves; 31st at noon, in Yanshan near the overpass “Waku Teahouse” and moves when suddenly broke into a number of men and the wounded.

Yang Zaiming provides a video taken from the field shows that Yang Zaiming forced controls and wrestled the man to the ground, a scene of chaos.

Lawyers said staff of the teahouse on removal when removing injured, homes centre denied

Yang Zaiming lawyers who had blood stains.

Photographs showed Yang Zaiming appear more stains on the shirt, right elbow was wrapped. Dated August 31, lixia district, Jinan City people’s hospital out-patient medical history form showed that Yang Zaiming injuries: right elbow bleeding, muscle trauma, right lower extremity weakness.

Yang Zaiming surging on news, attacked his men in the teahouse, lixia district and many of them come from homes Service Center (change lixia district, Jinan City, before the demolition Office). However, on September 1, lixia district homes surging service centre staff to the news that the Center’s staff was not involved in attacks on lawyers.

Lawyers said staff of the teahouse on removal when removing injured, homes centre denied

Yang Zaiming police had requested identification of the lawyer registration form.

After the attack, Yang Zaiming Liu lixia branch in Eden village police, accepted by the police and has commissioned expert testimony. Covered with Meadow Willow village police stations of lixia branch of Red Seal of the Shandong provincial public Security Bureau police forensic expert delegate registration form displayed in vivo, August 31, 11:30, Yang Zaiming teahouse in lixia district, Jinan City Library in room 205 injured right arm injury, to the hospital after treatment. Lixia District Public Security Bureau identified the principal technical Squadron.

Meadow Willow village police station staff, said Yang Zaiming teahouse injuries, and police are investigating, the cause and the attackers identity details are temporarily unable to inform.