To avoid parking fees 3 months and 2000 Yuan in Chongqing man suit was found

To avoid parking fees 3 months and 2000 Yuan in Chongqing man suit was found, deducted 12 points for 5,000

Men @ peace concerned yuzhong

Man to avoid parking fees 3 months in yuzhong district of Chongqing, using friends license plates tried to muddle through, be alert after staff found the garage. On October 28, the surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from the branch, yuzhong district of Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau confirmed that man suspected of deck 12 demerit points and fined 5000 Yuan.

Yuzhong police provide law enforcement photo shows the underground garage in man is driving a black Nissan sedan, hanging a number plate of Hunan. Suspect the app photo bag xuchang police extra

Yuzhong police branch in 28th of official informed in the said, illegal people Chen a to escape 3 months of parking fee, will thought with friends not using of license plate for in himself car Shang, in driving out area a underground parking library Shi, was garage staff through, so alarm help; by police forensics than on, found Chen a form others licence, on its sentenced remember 12 points, and fine 5000 Yuan of punishment.

Informed the show, when the police investigation of a suspected vehicle deck, also found that this car is not years, and additional 3 points punishment of a fine of 200 Yuan.


Hukou waterfall of the Yellow River is now bottom smoke landscape

Recently, Yichuan County in Shaanxi Province in continuous rainy weather, the Hukou waterfall scenic spot is located in the County also appeared “bottom smoke” of the landscape. It is understood that the “bottom smoke” mainly due to the drop of the Yellow River at Hukou great stir mist air, like water rising smoke. Contains EU official light plane in Malta crashes

Recently, Yichuan County in Shaanxi Province in continuous rainy weather, the Hukou waterfall scenic spot is located in the County also appeared “bottom smoke” of the landscape.

It is understood that the “bottom smoke” mainly due to the drop of the Yellow River at Hukou great stir mist air, like water rising smoke.

Hukou waterfall scenic spot appeared “bottom smoke” of the landscape.

Hukou waterfall scenic spot appeared “bottom smoke” of the landscape.

Hukou waterfall scenic spot appeared “bottom smoke” of the landscape.

Hukou waterfall scenic spot appeared “bottom smoke” of the landscape.

Xian County Hebei in two nearby tanker crash caused a leak of benzene thousands

Xian County, Hebei in two nearby tanker crash caused a leak of benzene, thousands of students the night shift

After the accident, Xian County middle school students for transfer, and shifts in school classrooms and rest.

21:30 October 19, Hebei Changzhou xianxian-border national highway 106 teeth Betty Xinhe bridge behind two tanker accidents, where a tanker carrying 28 tons of benzene spill, thousands of students in Xian County near the scene of a late-night emergency transfer. Xianxian County October 20, head of the propaganda Department told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), accident vehicles have been sparse, and caused no casualties, after the accident, has been to monitor the surrounding area of the source of the leak. Wutai Mountain in Shanxi 6 visitors fare at night

Hebei Cangzhou fire team outreach section staff told surging News October 20, firefighters were quickly on the scene, after investigation and field asking that two benzene tank car rear-end, and led to the front PCB liquid leaked, tanker 28 tonnes of benzene. Firefighters assisted forklifts will be leaking PCB liquid with sand, but after the tanker arrived at the scene, the leaking tank car is back, followed by separation of the vehicle accident, end of the 20th 5:01 full disposal.

Surging news inquiry found that benzene is a colorless at room temperature, sweet, transparent liquid, with a strong aroma. It is flammable, toxic, is a carcinogen.

Xian County, Hebei in two nearby tanker crash caused a leak of benzene, thousands of students the night shift

After the accident, Xian County middle school students were transferred.

Changzhou xianxian local app public “school zone” released on October 20, sources said, October 19, 22:30, Xian County teachers in charge of class in a notice for the first time to organize thousands of students of the school transfer. At present, students who have returned to normal school.

Xianxian surging high teacher told the news, Xian County accident in a distance of about 2 km. After receipt of the transfer of the school, all students transfer to Xian County teacher organizations II, leshouzhen secondary school, xianxian experimental primary school, and students in the classroom to rest. 20th 6:30 A.M. the student to return to school, after experts detected unaffected schools may teach, normal school on 20th 9:30 A.M. commenced.

Xian County, Hebei in two nearby tanker crash caused a leak of benzene, thousands of students the night shift

After the accident, firefighters rushed to the scene. Cangzhou fire brigade

Hebei Cangzhou municipal party Committee’s publicity official Micro-Blog @ Twitter Cangzhou October 20, that, after the accident, Xian County Emergency Government launched emergency plans, public security, fire, police, health, environmental protection, meteorological departments worked according to plan requirements. Through multisectoral fight overnight, rescue work had ended, accident vehicles have been sparse, and caused no casualties. According to expert opinion, the cover for science, real-time monitoring of the surrounding area of the source of the leak. Police and work safety supervision Department has carried out an investigation of the accident.

Nanjing Marathon African brothers runs get lost runs friends of ridicule jokes

In running laps, a joke: If you want to break the monopoly of the black runners on the marathon Medal and prize, the only solution is to let them get lost … …

Has just hosted the second of Nanjing on the marathon, this “joke” has become a reality. According to Xinhua, several invited runners from Africa on a marathon run in today’s Nanjing Road runs the wrong way, leading in front of live cameras “strange disappearance”, ultimately failed to achieve any position.

One of the ironies of the “Black Dragon”, was exposed many organizers in the Marathon on the professional organizations under slightly less eager to do match “defects”-track set is child abuse, inadequate supplies, and medical equipment are not perfect … … Nanjing Marathon was “ridicule” of far more than “lost”.

Got the wrong way African guest runner.

Got the wrong way African guest runner.

“African brothers” why get lost: the referee and players of poor communication

Crisp, cool, the track scenic … … This element should have been able to help runners find the best State, also can help Nanjing Marathon became a good match.

However, after halfway, “the Black Dragon” first live television Director and commentary of Nanjing Marathon suffered “embarrassment of capital.”

In the CCTV broadcast signal, the screen 30 kilometres “first group” of two runners are not black runners, but arranged by the Organizing Committee of the “rabbit” (leader). Even more interesting is that behind them there is no black runners figure.

Nanjing local users on social networking platforms, channels, “Nanjing television commentator, always put a Mongolia Han described the Ethiopian players, this is so embarrassing……”

Time, rumors on the Internet. There was speculation that could be the match bonus is set too low; even the conspiracy theorists suspect, may be the benefit distribution no maneuvering.

Eventually, the famous Marathon broker Tao Shaoming “clarified”, there are five or six of the present South capacity in about 2 hours and 10 minutes of marathon runners participated, but “estimates run in the Xuanwu Lake.”

You get lost? The answer is Yes … … Because some were “ignorant of the truth crowd” use mobile phones to record the “Black Dragon”.

“The closer the South, still regrets to go wrong you don’t see all the horses, and a bunch of running horse black brother ran into the half horse and ran the wrong way here. “A Netizen named @66 Niang posted a few pictures of African runners got lost,” well, they feel depressed for themselves feel lucky. ” When this summer to look at the Dunk

From this group of “African brothers” in the sign in the photo, it is not difficult to see that they were helpless and “Meng force”. “Blue thin, mushroom”, presumably those friends coming from afar, was the most sincere feelings. Eventually, it was reported that, because of time, give up the game.

So why such a professional runner, lost on the track in Nanjing?

In this regard, the Organizing Committee official says: “set the track and identify clear, but miscommunication because of the referee and the African athletes, so in Malaysia, half horse lane direction errors, delay time, is correct, but it still affects African athletes. ”

Nanjing in half marathon horse and horse fork direction diagram.

Nanjing in half marathon horse and horse fork direction diagram.

Insufficient supply, medical devices are not perfect

In a statement after the game, according to the Organizing Committee of the South showed that “the investigation, we are whole and half English logo is clearly visible in the separation stage set (see attached map), the site also requires players to guide referees and volunteers, including two” lead the rabbit “, the vast majority of players did not run in the wrong direction. In addition, two “lead the rabbit” at 30 km points race is also established arrangements before the game. ”

According to Xinhua, the race organizers, who asked not to be named, said the Organizing Committee, as runners should try to be familiar with the following sites.

He said the causes of the problems are multi-faceted, is the marathon held in Nanjing this year next year, is also in the urban core competition for the first time, deficiencies appear one way or another, the Organizing Committee will sum up experiences and lessons, and believe that the South will become better and better in the future.

As just the second year of the South, runners saw its efforts.

Includes terrace, the Presidential Palace, the Ming Palace, the beautiful Xuanwu Lake and purple mountain Speedway; get up at 3 o’clock, 4 out of 6 points in place of volunteers; there are 5 points throughout the track as well as traffic police and police dogs who … …

Nan Ma efforts and good faith is worthy of praise, but on the professionalism of the event itself, it is difficult to make runners feel satisfied.

After the end of the game, a lot of runners reaction throughout the supply point on the horse and half horse, only water and soft drinks, no food supplies. While food supplies were not full marathon necessary “standard”, but for many runners participating in the marathon and half horse, lack of solid supplies how many physical tests.

In addition, tracks 17 to 19 kilometres are allowed up to two kilometres of climbing tracks, climbing distance too long, has forced many runners on the track suffered different degrees of injury.

According to one just finished South runner Wang recalls, at this stage, he met several runners experiencing cramps, or other injuries, but nearby at the point of care, volunteers can provide a very limited number of ice packs or spray, causing many runners do not receive timely treatment and remission.

Hebei area has shops selling guns saying a craft may carry on board

Luanzhou city scenic a store stocked with “mortar” and “shells”. This pictures are Beijing,

Beijing, Tangshan, October 13, a few days ago, Wang reflects Beijing, Shijiazhuang city, this reporter received the public says his luanzhou, Luan, Tangshan City, Hebei province during the national day play, found much of the scenic area has shops selling simulation of firearms, one shop even has a lot of simulation simulation of military firearms and shells sell. In response, Beijing, reporters visiting the ancient city of luanzhou investigation.

Luanzhou located in Luan County, old town city, belongs to the National 4 a-class tourist scenic spot, is a set of cultural, tourist, commercial and leisure as one of the antique buildings.

Lively 11 golden week just past, looks a little desolate on the streets of the old city, and alterations. Length of about 2 km on both sides of the main road, hit with a replica gun balloon entertainment and stalls selling “toy guns.” In a gun, the reporter found that selling the imitation guns are about five or six. One owner strongly recommend to reporters, calling them “toy gun” projectile with glass, broken beer bottles at close range, some tourists bought more than 10 during the national day. Stall holders picked up a “gun” glazed bullets on the spot to reporters, only a projectile could penetrate two meters outside of the beer bottle.

On the shelves of the store stocked with magazines, bullets and other items.

With further investigation, luanzhou city called “military collections” caused shops Beijing, Xinhua noted. The shop entrance “indoor smoking is forbidden to take pictures” sign. Reporters saw the duo put neat stacks of ammunition boxes at the gate, playing the kit top decorated with a “mortar”, as well as several “mortar”, sits alongside a large number of “aircraft Cannon”. Network MLM wear micro coat five pyramid schemes

The goods of the shop is to let reporters surprised, it can be said from the second world war to the people’s Liberation Army in active service “equipment”. Reporter see, shop within of ground pendulum has three or four is “heavy machine gun”, shelf Shang of commodity has World War II period of “big are 11 type light machine gun” (“crooked handle” machine gun), and “Thompson submachine gun”, and “Czech type light machine gun”, and “in the official rifle”, and “RPG rocket tube”, and “mines”, and “grenade” and all kinds of “shells”, “bullet”, and “magazine”.

“Heavy and light machine guns” was placed in the shop.

Shopkeepers said the guns “are true, fake a ten”, but guns cocking the firing pin was removed, barrels welded shut, removed the gunpowder and ammunition primers, so called “craft”.

Beijing, reporters found that these firearms seems ages ago, but the bolt can be opened, grenades can be unscrewed, there was no gunpowder, submachine gun steel magazines of bullets can plug into.

Firearms on the store shelves.

“Guns, grenades, hand grenades, bullets are true, guns, gun parts disassembled Assembly in time of war, a ten. “The owner said,” guns “are on sale,” machine gun “a 8000,” Tommy “prices ranging between hundreds of thousands of Yuan.

When asked by reporters whether these things selling, shopkeepers say these are crafts, carry no problem flying with no problem. “I’ll give you a list, you carry on a plane with no problem. ”

Luanzhou City area many stalls selling imitation guns.

Reporters asked what list owner says store receipts. Displayed in the shop keeper to produce a receipt for October 6, 2016, product name as a gift, on the receipt stamped “Luan city shell crafts store” seal.

Journalists asked the inability to launch projectile firearms, says mysteriously, the boss has “real thing”, he took a box from under the counter, in the box is a “Revolver”. Boss said, hit balls, with a price of 600 Yuan, does not make a counter-offer.

One vendor was demonstrates power of the imitation guns, bullet replica gun that breaks a beer bottle with glass, corner stocked with lots of beer bottles shattered by a bullet.

Public Security Department of Hebei province, Beijing, reporters consulted the dangerous and explosive goods management group. The Brigade’s staff pointed out that firearms left over from the war generally destroyed, stores are allowed to sell arms only is imitation of model cannot sell real guns. In accordance with the local regulations, sales of firearms must be done related to the disablement process, key parts cannot be replaced, but not personal business. Only the units can be bought, and these units should have a specific purpose, only the Government’s military museum and education base for exhibition, collection and other purposes can be purchased. Items sold in this shop will be explosive shells out, also does not allow the sale.

Advisory number of demobilized cadres Beijing, journalists. They said military artillery Department of military supplies, even if the recovery of fired cartridge cases, each shell has recorded is not allowed out of the forces.

Journalists test near a gun could penetrate of beer bottles, only four or five shots of beer bottles were broken.

Journalists access information found under public security issued in 2008, the simulation display of the standard gun, who meet one of the following conditions can be identified as imitation guns:

1, in line with the People’s Republic of China provisions of the Firearms Act firearms components, firing metal projectiles or other material than the kinetic energy of the gun is less than 1.8 joules/cm (not including the number), greater than 0.16 j/cm (not including the number);

Alice through the protected areas of Aden were killed in Sichuan protected areas

West China city daily news on October 9, “it was a cross between heaven and hell, was a journey of his transformation by new donkeys to……” scenery of Chi Mei Inagi Aden nature reserve in Sichuan province, in recent years, attracting more and more visitors, in October gold before the arrival of the tour cycle, like this attractive of recruiting widely circulated on the Internet. Including some netizens spontaneously through the activities of the Organization, select the unused route, combined with the players lack of outdoor experience and response capacity, often leads to danger.

On October 6, a middle-aged man with an online recruitment of Shandong origin through the team when they cross the nature reserve, severe altitude sickness, were killed. And the end of September, and one born in Henan province “illegal crossing” missing and still unaccounted for.

Alice through the protected areas of Aden were killed in Sichuan, protected areas formally issued against illegally crossing

A search and rescue operation takes a lot of manpower and material resources, protected areas have to take paid search and rescue measures. Wife to concussion does not live with her mother

“Tragedy on”

This huaxi City newspaper reporter contacted rescuers learned on October 6 that the Shandong province tourists were killed.

It is understood that the victims surnamed Shi, 43 years old, people in Qingdao City in Shandong province. Before national day, Mr Stone at a Tourism Forum will see the recruitment post, be as attracted by the beauty of Inagi Aden, signed up through the team.

The team eventually a total of 11 people, consisting of a screen name “Tang” person as the Organizer. 11 people from all over know each other through network contacts. This user after a team from Chengdu, chose the Muli-Aden route, the route will cross the shuiluo, through areas of high elevation forests, plan lasted for about 6 days.

Alice through the protected areas of Aden were killed in Sichuan, protected areas formally issued against illegally crossing

Rescue workers rushed to the site.

Qingdao men cross the plateau 6 days for killing high

7:40 A.M. October 6, protected areas authority received the alarm, call from the alarm call is a team partner, said a visitor appeared in the ranks of serious high back, dying, in urgent need of rescue.

8th, this huaxi City newspaper reporter contacted managers authority Yu Bin know what is happening, he told reporters, the day after receiving the call, the caller said they “in the pine pass,” where nearly 5000 metres above sea level, the high is very dangerous. At that time, they had to each other note paid rescue system of protected areas, then contact the area police station, sending police and medical staff rushed to the incident pass.

6th, at 9 o’clock in the morning, found this search-and-rescue personnel arrived at the pine pass across the team and immediately try to rescue Mr. Arrived on the scene later, search-and-rescue team members to learn more about the team starting on October 1 from the Muli County, the 5th reach the pine forests near the pass, when stone was a serious high anti-, but this team has neither the professional rescue equipment nor knowledge of first-aid personnel. At that time, they did not alarm the first time for help, has resulted in a high stone still stranded at higher elevations.

6th at about 10 o’clock in the morning, Mr Stone due to severe altitude sickness, suspected complications, were killed. At present, the authority has been trying to contact their relatives in Sichuan. At present, the aftermath has been in Mr SHEK’s remains have been cremated in the local.

Privately through the tragedy constantly missing persons are still not found

“September has (surprise), we organize human search and rescue several rounds, missing persons have not found. “Wu Xiaofeng, Director of the Office of the protected areas authority told reporters in another privately through accidents.

On September 27, the Authority received the calls, said a middle-aged man surnamed Miao area was missing. It turned out that more than 40 people in Luoyang, Henan Miao Li (voice) with friends, to visit daocheng County, Sichuan province. On September 11, the beautiful photos made by the Miao Li is still in your circle of friends, but it no longer updates after 12th. Wu Xiaofeng said Miao Li’s relatives had not cared, but still no messages after half a month found Miao Li, rushed to reserve for help. At that time, the family cried and quickly rushed to the daocheng.

Out staff of the authority, and hired local villagers into Miao Li is most likely to cross to enter the protected core area (not engaged) search. However, from October 2 to October 5 the search several times later, Miao Li is still not found. Taking into account the local high elevation, low temperatures, Miao Li alone stranded core, more chance of survival. It is understood that the Miao Li family has more than 70 years old, there are a few years old child. After he lost, to Sichuan waiting for news of relatives and friends die, still afraid to tell home old man.

According to reports, such as Miao Li for “private crossing” caused by the tragedy, Inagi Aden nature reserve in recent years are not uncommon. On October 1 last year, a female university student in Sichuan snow (not his real name) disappeared after entering the protected area non-development zone, has so far failed to find any clues.


Two years ago, Inagi Aden reserves first “paid search” systems, sparked heated debate nationwide, but the tragedy happened, was not enough to make people watch it?

Inagi Aden nature reserve management announcements

Is not allowed through

“Disregard for the lives of, don’t be selfish”

On October 8, the reporter was informed that two successive incidents within 1 month, Inagi Aden nature reserve management in the form of formal notice for the first time privately through said “no”.

On October 7, the protected area management published on the prohibition of Inagi Aden in Ganzi Prefecture in Sichuan province, of illegally crossing the announcement of the national nature reserve. , Said in a statement that in recent years, some outdoor sports adventure fans through a variety of channels, without organization, illegal crossing, and do not scatter, into the core area of protected areas, buffer zones, and the serious damage the reserve’s fragile plateau ecological environment and Wildlife Habitat while also occurred came as a painful sigh about personal life events. Received rescue calls per year in recent years more than 100 protected areas, and the increasing trend, resulting in substantial waste of public resources. According to the People’s Republic of China nature reserve Ordinance and the People’s Republic of China tourism law and other related laws and regulations, made 8 posting.

Reporters saw the announcement clearly prohibiting all units or individuals entering the national nature reserve of Inagi Aden illegally crossing the activities carried out, involving protected areas of illegal crossing activity to stern. Because of illegal crossing activity protected natural resources units or individuals, ecological damage, and transferred to the public security organs in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, be held criminally responsible.

How to search-and-rescue, the announcement official made it clear that, personal injury accidents due to illegal crossing activity, the responsibility borne by units or individuals that carry out illegal crossing of. By illegally crossing the voluntarily protected areas authority search and rescue, the implementation of paid search and rescue.

Reserve said Wu Xiaofeng, Director of the Office of the authority, a formal announcement is also affected by the recent situation. Previously only management, search and rescue system and some warning signs, but the reminder is limited. He only learned that Internet recruitment, personal adventure through privately protected areas more and more in high-altitude areas. The purpose of the notices, is to remind people disregard for life, the lack of preparation, not too selfish, and those who do not have the professional capacity of organizers of the outdoor team, to cherish life. In these cases, assume responsibility, the absence of exceptional circumstances, protected areas will adhere to the paid-for search and rescue.

“Background investigation”

According to the information provided by Mr Stone’s team, the reporter found the suspected “cross Inagi Aden” recruiting post.

Network recruitment hot

“The most dangerous to the outdoor through blind confidence”

In the post, the organizers to route broadcast mode, released along the unique beauty of the landscape. And the recruiting post, there are several in the same forum, is a different tour operators issued from Guangzhou, Shanghai and other big cities. In Chengdu, the local popular forums, organized through the recruitment of Inagi Aden reserves more and more professional, and marked a clear departure time, costs, routes, map.

“A cross between heaven and hell, is his transformation by new donkeys to the process. “In Chengdu on a website the statement described Mr Stone’s hiking routes. This reporter has learned, stone signed up for the team, is taking the Muli-Aden route planning is about 6 days, Internet call “moderate difficulty there is security, performance highlights, is Alice keen Inagi Aden unconventional trekking routes. “Mr Stone, 11 people pay a 2680 Yuan per person fee, by the organizers from the Muli, horse rental, logistics, supply and so on.

Wu Xiaofeng said that during the Golden Week this year, only his personal master data from the Lake, Muli, illegal crossing of Inagi Aden sanctuary more than 100 small teams of 3 to 5 people, 20 to 30 people. Mr SHEK’s participating teams are “privately through the online recruitment”, “in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and other cities, there are many semi-professional outdoor Club, in organizing such illegal crossing. ”

Wu Xiaofeng introduction, there was a private crossing is the most dangerous, is similar to individual tourists think they participated in outdoor activities, for their own outdoor experience blind confidence, or lack of knowledge of Sichuan plateau complex situations, in order not to experience walks alone through the core.

Forum one Alice told reporters, in fact, a lot of cross team are professional, “success through is not difficult, but similar crossing of people know, fear most to climate catastrophe, will bring unexpected risks. ”

(Formerly titled illegally crossing the brewing tragedy: 1 Alice through the protected areas of Aden were killed in Sichuan)