Police Internet exposed child abuse baby man has been detained in a video to

Police: Internet-exposed child abuse baby man has been detained in a video, to stress his girlfriend home

Network explosion video. Tourists to casualties caused by Siberian Tiger

10th user broke the video was a baby of just crawl under your shower faucet and foot baby arm, children crying.

Police: Internet-exposed child abuse baby man has been detained in a video, to stress his girlfriend home

@ River police on November 10, the morning of November 9, report users to the Qingjiang Pu branch of Huaian city, urban rongqiao Washington a man abused his own children’s acts. Immediate verification of Qingjiang Pu branch 9th noon would suspect witnesses summoned to the public security organs to investigate. After preliminary investigations, Internet users reflect the case. Liu (female, 30 years old) due to family conflicts, running away from home, her boyfriend a sommelier (male, 31) Liu home for stress, in a plastic bag, poured over with cold water body, such as abuse of children two people together. At present, the injured children have been rescued and in good physical condition, and hand them over to the Liu to take care of his mother, a sommelier for alleged offences under criminal detention by public security organs. In the case is under further investigation.


Fayuansi Temple a long time no see drama

This figure is Jiang Yining photography

Tian qinxin the fayuansi Temple stills.

Continued last year in Beijing, two wheels one ticket for the popularity of the fayuansi temple at this year’s Shanghai International Art Festival became one of the most sensational performance. Four performances sold out early at the Shanghai Grand Theatre, Premiere even the Hall aisles are full of spectators. Every curtain calls continued for a long time, the audience clapping screaming, everyone is exhilarated.

Li Ao’s original, Tian qinxin, Director, Xi Meijuan, Zhou Jie, Yiping Jia, many stars and starring veteran lineup, the most excellent creative, national theatre team … … Such a superior team, in the world of contemporary drama, can be considered as the “hat”. Concern is not surprising, but the concerns go beyond the drama level, had a violent reaction in public and cultural life at the same time, but are people unprepared for.

Directing crowds, heard about the audience the same feeling: this play, long time no see. All St Cruz five loop who is responsible for the

Fayuansi Temple stills

Fayuansi Temple, is certainly not typical of the play.

This is not a historical play in the traditional sense. It set off from Li Ao’s novels, but get rid of the structure of the novel, in the context of historical plays, interspersed with legends and political dramas in the form of interpretation, both more centuries of history in late Qing dynasty and again resigned to changes.

Roles in the play are often told to the audience in public, sometimes narrative, sometimes next to Syria, the Empress Dowager Cixi, Emperor Guangxu, Kang Youwei, Li, all sorts of people would snatch up the phone from time to time, express the views of their respective claims, and later monk jumped out to gag, reviews the history from time to time.

In the fayuansi Temple, there is no general tells the story and replaced by long lines. People jumped into the jump, spatio-temporal past and present through the complex threads interwoven together that it is difficult to use language to describe how complex this intricate drama. Bottom line: burning brain hard look easy.

Fayuansi Temple stills

Stage actors are equally easy. In their own words – this play too hard, complete challenges to past experience.

Yan Emperor Guangxu Zhou Jie said, the play was sometimes Expressionism and realism.

Yiping Jia yan Tan said, “the stage does not support any plot, I would have to direct this role. Most of the time there is no opposite, are a and a rivalry. ”

Yan Li Huang Xiaoli is a veteran of over 80 years, laughed, said in an interview, “the play of lines longer than Shakespeare, play this scene is my learning process from scratch. ”

Xi Meijuan, who played the Empress Dowager Cixi, there was a four-minute long lines, all is the question of sentence, no action, no reason, extremely difficult to attract viewers. As a veteran performance artist, she felt the challenges interesting.

Director Tian qinxin is probably the least relaxing. She said many times himself and met Mr Li Ao’s adaptation of the FA Yuan SI Qian decided after a long talk about it, do a little “light”.

During script writing and Tian qinxin with an information panel, several young writers, read more than 40 sets of historical data, and thus fall into this period of history “that the public is justified, both sides” situation. Scripts before and after the overthrow of revising the 12 version, said Tian qinxin, “I show have never worked so hard. ”

Fayuansi Temple stills

Finally, the “Temple Tower, Room Theatre” this fayuansi Temple, on the stage, in an entirely different theatrical language, through the Court, civil, triple the space of the temple, to glimpse into the mists of history. Make extensive use of the traditional opera performance and aesthetics, and contemporary Western Theatre expression are intertwined, and Tian qinxin in this play, completed the creation of a new theatre.

However, the audience feeling “long time no see”, saying that this work is not just highly unusual stage appearances and theatrical innovation.

Thought, theatrical stage may not see anything nice historical drama. And some friends in the theater often Exchange, pessimism is our universal consensus.

Script and Director do not say is hard to find. This year, says sound lines, there is a play on the theatrical stage drama actor, especially young actors, feeling almost “extinct.”

Of course, not many people like to do historical drama. A producer once said, historical costs, difficult, bad acting, even harder to sell. Because we care about the history, seems to be the minority.

Not just nice-looking historical drama. Sometimes, theatrical stage, or see how many “China plays”. We tried to adapt Western masterpiece, past, present, and Shakespeare, and Agatha, Tony Award, the Olivier Award. We are also struggling to “borrow” a variety of “Vanguard”, “contemporary” form of Germany and the United Kingdom, and France.

However, no mention of “China”.

Telling Chinese stories, with the Chinese people’s feelings, convey Chinese aesthetics precipitation, about

Near septuagenarian janitor in junior middle school in Jiangxi province is accused

On October 28, chuzhou, Dafen town, suichuan, Jiangxi province, middle school students in Miao miao (not his real name) ‘s father, Mr Liao told the Word Press (www.thepaper.CN), from his daughter Miao miao was a school janitor “sexual assault” has been in the past 5 months, he repeatedly reflected to the schools, the Education Department and the police about it, never able to get a satisfactory answer. At present, the daughter, Miao still stay at home, not back at school. On November 1, the surging Dafen station in suichuan County Public Security Bureau official told the news, the families ‘ Edison guard was sexual assault case, police investigation without criminal facts, decided not to file.

Mr Liao told the word news, Miao is big fen Zhen a junior student, school is a boarding, go home once a week. In July of this year (during the summer), he hears about outside “Miao miao rape” the rumors, then call the school principal Gu Xiangping ask about it, the President replies, he said “there is such a thing.” Mr Liu said, two months after the incident, he knew her daughter had been sexually assaulted.

A copy of the certificate of Liao signature, by the hand of the interview records: May 18, 2016 after the lay teachers found, Miao miao put the rubbish to the guard room, the guard Zhang (nearly 70 years of age) on the bolt the door, let a British sex, took off her clothes and touching her body. After Zhang Miao miao 10 Yuan, Zhang and Edison said, come again tomorrow night to you 200 Yuan. May 19 after looking up and lay, Miao miao once again came to the guard room, guard Zhang stripping and sex with her pants, and sex cannot be completed with little Britain.

Record the last “preliminary observations”, which “recommends immediate alarm in our mandate, to deal with”, dated in August 2016.

Suichuan County Education Bureau staff surnamed Fung surging news confirms the authenticity of the interview issued by the school, and after about a week (May 26), the guards involved have been expelled from school. Central media talk driving safety special condition

On November 1, Mr Liu news sent the surging to not filing notice will affix a seal of suichuan County Public Security Bureau, according to the rape case against Edison July 29, 2016, following a review of Public Security Bureau that there is no crime, is not considered a crime under the People’s Republic of China provisions of the code of criminal procedure article 110th, decided not to file. Dated on August 11.

Surging Dafen in suichuan County Public Security Bureau in charge of the police station told the news, the families ‘ Edison guard was sexual assault case, police investigation without criminal facts, decided not to file.

The November 1. Suichuan County educational Bureau Director Yuan Xingjun surging told the news, the public security departments and local government comprehensive management Department has been investigating and law and regulation.