Hebei after breaking up a gay man suffering from AIDS to anger many prostitution

Huaihua red network news, a Hebei gay man, who “love” to hate, revenge through the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, many of the victims reported the case to police. On December 27, the suspected men were arrested by Hunan Huaihua spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the police investigation, Wang captured suspected men, 29 years old, Tangshan, Hebei people. Wang is a gay man, had a gay boyfriend before, two people have very good relations. But by February of this year, Wang found out that your boyfriend on the phone “Mo Mo” in chat groups, had special conversation with a strange man, “come”, and the two men quarreled, relations are also cool. Once, when Wang went to the hospital for medical checkup, discovered he had AIDS, that is transmitted to their boyfriend of their love, heart complaints. Later her boyfriend find Wang Dear John, Wang felt feeling cheated, angry, so planning a retaliatory actions of others. Baiyuliang shared bike back to the streets of

April 2016, Wang rented a house in Zibo, Shandong province, through letters and other chat software, multiple homosexual prostitution. Later, many victims found he had sexually transmitted diseases, found is for Wang, immediately reported the case to local police, after Wang was wanted by the public security organs ‘ Internet access and friendly presence.

Wang ran to its friends in Huaihua of avoiding wars, did not dare to show up. Seeing the end of the Chinese new year, on December 27, he was prepared to travel back to Hebei province home. Huaihua train station when he accepted the identification, police found that Wang was a fugitive wanted by the Internet, instantly captured, Wang confessed to his crime. At present, criminal suspect Wang has been transferred to the police in Shandong province. (This article was originally entitled the gay man, who “love” to hate prostitution of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases to vent their anger several times)


Dialog 2000 monthly wages to their mortgages sanitation workers money does not

“Eat a dumpling eating event. “The Zhengzhou sanitation workers and old” fire “in the future, the mood is very disturbing.

At noon on December 21, according to the winter solstice practices in previous years, Zhengzhou city bus company in several BRT rapid platform invites the garbage man to eat dumplings, Zhang Longhai Road station in tongbai road end after a bowl of dumplings, eyes suddenly falling tears.

Winter Solstice at noon, took the staff of dumplings, Zhang sudden tears. User photo

In front of the camera, he tears, and say his 2130 Yuan monthly wage, 2000 mortgage payments to the son, “had not eaten a good meal”.

After media reports on this matter, causing millions of netizens sad: “poor parents. “Lao Zhang’s son, was also involved in the whirlpool, doubts over lack of filial piety.

The afternoon of December 24, three or four hours of interviews, old surging more than 10 times to the press (www.thepaper.CN) journalist stressed, when tears are being moved, excited, “actually nothing wrong with making big things. Family and friendly and happy, I volunteered to give him money, I do not give my son to whom? ”

Zhang said, son and 3 daughters, and mortgages, a lot of pressure; son treated him very well, and he picked up waste every day, poor income said, but has enough of its own overhead.

However, when Zhengzhou last year, Lao Zhang weighed 140 pounds, but only 120 pounds.

Sell for more money, old round trip takes two hours every night riding a tricycle to the West third ring to sell scrap home, has more than 10 o’clock at night, but will get up at 4 in the morning.

Three days ago, streets deserted, people such as dragons, old sat on the edge of the road into a NAP. Suddenly woke up to see a photo, that is a health check, not light.

Zhang said a tough road, but he “used”.

For many young people to buy a House now asking parents for money, Zhang said “(parents), is as it should be.” Now, a family of 8 in the 58 square metres of room (Note: daughter once in a while back), Zhang was satisfied: “the House is small, much to nobody live. ”

“I didn’t know, eating dumplings you can eat something was wrong”

Surging News: eat dumplings on winter solstice day tears is going on?

Old: cry, because moving. That cold day, they came to deliver dumplings, my heart was moved, and a little excited. Said I on-line is bitter, (not), no nothing else.

Surging News: ever tried someone else’s dumplings?

Old: No. Prior to this, there is a restaurant for sanitation workers to eat dumplings, but too many people, needs, and so on. Sell scrap too late, I waited for ten or twenty minutes left.

Lao Zhang is on the road with the cleaning. Duan Yanchao surging journalists

Surging News: why say “had not eaten a good meal”?

Old: my wife says I have no color (dialect, meaning “nothing”). I eat every day (dumplings), yesterday (December 23) evening, 10 bucks a bowl and I ate for lunch today, and I don’t eat what I do? That day (crying) is being moved.

Surging News: how much do you pay per month?

Older: 2130, are discovered. Buckle 10 pieces each month, said the road clean, 2120.

Surging News: son?

Older: 2000. I volunteered to give money, I do not give my son to whom? Sometimes, he says give me 300 bucks a month, I said I would not. Sometimes said to give me $100, I went and gave him dark, what did I want that? I sell dozens of pieces of money waste every day either. I have to say that I sell scrap to earn more, well, they say you sell scrap and made his fortune.

Surging News: why give money to my son? (Note: old son is security, monthly wage of more than 3,000 pieces, houses 58 square meters, there are 160,000 mortgage)

Older: buying a House hundreds of thousands of Ah, there are 3 daughters, he stressed. No problem, but also (for loans) sleep she had in mind.

Surging News: Son House how much money did you get?

Zhang: I sell food money and money out of doing the construction work, and borrowed thousands of tablets, contributed to more than 50,000.

Surging News: When do you know your concern?

Older: the next day (December 22). Some people say I’m on TV, holding a cell phone to let me see. I said, I didn’t steal someone else didn’t take someone else’s, I was sweeping.

Surging News: did your son have a viewpoint on this matter?

Old: No. I had no idea, eat dumplings can also eat wrong. I should not eat the dumplings. Internet calling my son’s, in fact he treats me well. Those who caught me, them I want to go to Central. (Family) and the United States, these things make kids unhappy.

Surging News: kids how are you?

Older: he (the son), sometimes buying apples, chicken legs, told me, “Dad, you eat it.” I am full of teeth, eating Apple does not move, he gave me cut into pieces. Meat: no problem. The girl bought me a fur coat, I sweep, wear it what to do.

Surging News: you what everyday expenses?

Zhang: well, not much overhead. Breakfast 5, lane 4, Youtiao two steamed buns 4 bucks, a bowl of congee 1 piece. Go home at noon. Sometimes come home at night to eat, sometimes to buy something to eat on the way. A pack of cigarettes a day, 3 bucks and expensive we can’t afford it.

“His wife does cleaning 2000 a month, money for my son”

Ad posted on Lao Zhang is cleaning up the streets. Duan Yanchao surging journalists

Surging News: where is your native place? Home What happens?

Lao Zhang: I am zhoukou Tang Zhuang Xiang Zhang, shangshui village, who is 64 years old. A son and a daughter, and the girl haven’t married, worked in Zhengzhou. Son and 3 daughters, junior high, elementary school second grade three, five or six years younger. (Note: old originally also had a son 19 years ago in car accident deaths of the old hit)

Surging News: come to Zhengzhou?

Old: my husband came 6 years ago, son, let me also, the family has to get away. I was alone at home, thatchers will go to the construction site to open mixer. Last year, out of the six to eight thousand or nine thousand acres this year lease ran out, only gave half signed the contract matter. About this time last year, I came to Zhengzhou.

Surging News: why do garbage man?

Lao Zhang: when I first came to Zhengzhou, I go around the community, see security, interview, interviews, signed when they see my hand shaken, not me.

Surging News: when I watch you sweep his left hand trembled. Black radio and lucrative industry chain survey

Older: has this problem when he was young.

Surging News: garbage you do son agree?

Zhang: I first went to the waste transfer station, someone asked me to discuss with children. Discuss my son not to do is not nice to say, come too early. I would be in the parking lot for people to see tram, for 2 months and 20 days, say 1800 a month, old money, I don’t do it. 28 last year, I sweep the (garbage). I’m in charge of this two hundred or three hundred meters, this a good scan (Note: the road is a large supermarket), favourable conditions are close to home.

Surging News: when picking up junk?

Old: a sanitation worker is when everyone is picking up, I bought a Trike.

Surging News: what does your wife do?

Chang: she will be on the side of the supermarket to do cleaning, 2000 a month.

Surging News: money to son?

Lao Zhang: Yes. (Note: see old interviews, Zhang’s wife was angry, straight in the mouth called “no color”, also beat Zhang said: “he says is the truth, our children are very obedient. ”)

“Riding more miles, and an empty bottle of selling three or four cents”

Surging News: do sanitation work hard?

Zhang: I’ve worked in the construction site, which swept the same as playing.

Surging News: every day what to do?

Zhang: I fixed the table, get up at 4 o’clock, and then pick up the trash to the community waste, which began around 4:30 to sweep. To dry to a dark street lamps in the afternoon, almost 5:30. If his wife take afternoon classes, I will pick two granddaughters, finish to sell junk. Sold waste back home, more than 10 o’clock at night.

Old sorting garbage trucks to pick up waste. Duan Yanchao surging journalists

Surging News: sell scrap for so long?

Older: home and no place to put waste, street. Wife will go pick up points every day, in the evening, I want to go home to pick up her back over, and West third ring of yard sale. The place has more than 10 miles from here, riding a tricycle to an hour, I’m ruined. I said that I fear no shame, walk to the road have the paper to pick up the bottle. Sometimes halfway, hungry for a bowl of stew, also sometimes sold the scrap before you eat it. Go to places more than 8 points, to the bottle, paper or something to separate, selling for one hour, but came back just more than 10 points.

Surging News: Why go so far to sell scrap?

Older: close to cheap. Than that nearly half of local junkyards and the bottle is only five or six cents, to nine cents.

Surging News: have you go to bed?

Older: sometimes more than 11 points.

Surging News: back and fall asleep?

Lao Zhang: Yes, I was too tired to go back to sleep. Yesterday I fell asleep sitting in the street brats, newspaper with a big camera, like health team photos and inspection, have I ever felt frightened.

Surging news at 4 in the morning to come?

Older: I want to sleep, but sleepy, or else no one working. Requirement 5 o’clock to gang someone check, but generally 4:30 to, required finish cleaning before 6 o’clock.

Surging News: lost after you came to Zhengzhou?

Older: 140 pounds before, and now more than more than 120 kg.

Surging News: How do your son see you picking up scrap?

Older: he did not make, too ashamed, also said sell my tricycle. Everyone (garbage) pick up, some more than I found.

Surging News: daily waste products can earn money?

Older: more or less, forty or fifty, twenty or thirty, while there were a few dollars.

Surging News: prices are now expensive, in fact, many young people buying a House will ask their parents for money.

Older: (parents) should be. They have paid hundreds of thousands of kids buy a House for the elderly, boss, someone is rich, I have no money, and rural areas.

First BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province hundreds of migrant workers

Yang Guang, December 22, according to voice of reports the news vertical and horizontal, Wenxian County of Longnan city, Gansu province, the mountain trench depth, over the years, transportation has restricted the major bottleneck for local economic and social development. In January 2007, Longnan city, county governments through investment in the form of signed National Highway 212 and an investment company Tower Mountain tunnel and lead construction management contract, this is the first BOT projects of highway construction areas in Gansu province.

The so-called BOT, is the cooperation of the Government and social capital, a model for private sector participation in infrastructure construction, enterprise investment and financing, the Government granted the franchise within a certain period, recover the investment will return property to the Government. High hopes that local projects and several twists and turns, was not started until 2012, end of 2013 because of investor capital chain rupture, in a State of idle, hundreds of migrant workers ‘ hard earned money to beg for years to no avail.

First BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province, hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid for three years without success

High mountain tunnel of the gezhouba group has shut down more than three years.

High mountain tunnel on G212 a section (import) the construction site, the reporter did not see a worker only hook machines, trucks, cement and other construction equipment parked on the roadside, almost obsolete. Responsible for site construction services company official Chen Zhaolu told reporters, the tunnel has been dug to 566 meters. “We shut down for three years, wages for rural migrant workers and the completion cost of the project is so much money there’s no give, involving 25 million project at the time of deposit. ”

Down the hill from the construction site, walking on the narrow road not far, put a few simple tents. Poor living conditions in the tent, stove, TV, bed, blanket and eating bags of instant noodles and other debris piled up everywhere. Many unpaid migrant workers crowded in here.

Reporter: how long did you stay?

He Tinggui: this time for 3 months, before staying here for more than 1 year.

Reporter: how much do I owe you money?

He Tinggui: 6,000 a month, total is the beginning of 2013 to 2014. Owe owe so long, once called no money, once there is no money.

He Tinggui is in Guangyuan, Sichuan, and on site sprayed the gunman, his brother on this site He Tingrong, supported at the beginning. Two brothers at the site for over a year, and didn’t get paid. Hunan man family was suspected to have killed

Generation migrant worker Chen Jiaping said, he had twin sons, have been unable to get wages, child fever a doctor, all mouth wife reached out to neighbors to borrow. “No money, asking the boss for money, boss. Half moon fever before he spent thousands of dollars, it’s not, is ill at home. Cold fever, Burns had pneumonia, relatives and friends find a way to see him at home. ”

The boss of these migrant workers, is contracting tunnel labor Fuan, Fujian province, construction engineering and services company. Could not get the money, again and again, only to find the workers group leaders, group leaders to find services company, and service companies due to uncompleted works, nor did he get money from the construction company. In desperation, the beginning of the year, Chevalier Chen Zhaolu with several team leaders find people, Wen, head of the company, hope that the labour inspectorate can come forward to construction unit for the money. Society Secretary, Wen You Xiaolin said, “reflected later, we sent letters to the construction unit, and contact the heads of enterprises, they also made it clear that as soon as possible. ”

First BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province, hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid for three years without success

Gezhouba group buildings formed tunnel project has been deserted.

This reporter has learned, responsible for G212 high mountain tunnel is a section of the construction unit Southwest China gezhouba Group Company Ltd former branch. According to the society, Wen displayed the contents of a letter, construction units a total of 116 in arrears more than 10 million migrant workers. Foreman said, the uncompleted works project b contract section (tunnel) with 67 peasant-workers ‘ wages cannot be cleared. However, the construction unit of the b section of the winning bidder is a central and current disputes, the company has put the County Government, investors and companies tied to the defendant, the case to the Supreme People’s Court, the current case has not been closed.

Labor supervision team captain Roman society Council, Wen said in detail, according to letter mail message receipt, convinced him that gezhouba received a letter while gezhouba official promised on the phone, will be resolved as soon as possible, but have not found them to send someone to migrant workers can no longer reflect, thought the two sides settled. Until October of this year, they realized the seriousness of the situation. You Xiaolin said: “when we followed not so tight that’s somewhat lacking, and by October they again to reflect, we require and migrant workers check the books of the company, can not be resolved, we will according to relevant regulations, transfer of the public security department. ”

In recent years the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to agricultural workers ‘ wages, issued a series of policies and measures. Governments have also introduced documents, established a long-term mechanism to solve the problem of default on construction wages. But in this project, Wen, have already established a long-term mechanism does not play a role.

Under the migrant workers over unpaid pressure on November 18 this year, County Government inform you to China gezhouba Group Corporation. Call on the gezhouba to fulfill labor service obligations with the Chevalier company, all forms of debt payment is cash owed to Chevalier, especially migrant wages owed. Failing to comply, resulting in gezhouba to assume all the consequences, and reserves the right to inform the SASAC.

First BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province, hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid for three years without success

Society Council, Wen sent a letter to the gezhouba side requested 116 to pay workers ‘ wages.

However, the gezhouba project did not admit for owed wages for rural migrant workers. Gezhouba related official said: “we have no relationship with Chevalier company. ”

Reporter: Chevalier company offered me a ticket, is to the gezhouba group company, and why there are 25 million deposit?

In charge: owners of units (project investor: and company) requirements, this should be the changdu, qamdo is our subcontractors, they should hit margins. The unit how to find between Phu Yen that was their thing, and we have no relationship. But he called us, we called the owner, because we won the bid.

Reporter: I see a tunnel out of more than 560 m, the project who did it?

Leader: is our subcontractor under dry, find Fu Angan is chamdo.

Reporters looked at the gezhouba dam named Chang du Xin Lin and a concrete management signed a cooperation agreement, which refers to the gezhouba dam are responsible for tendering eligibility, qualification certificates and other documents, qamdo is responsible for ensuring that the bid of the company. In addition, the formation led by the gezhouba project Department, project settlement of 5% to be paid on time each month gezhouba project management fees. Counsel points out that the familiar with the area, as can be seen in this contract, gezhouba suspected foreign lending qualification in engineering bidding contract projects. From the gezhouba dam, Chevalier company and also stars Kay road and bridge construction company in Chongqing, a third-party payment orders, as can be seen, for illegal subcontracting, subcontracting of gezhouba project.

Gezhouba official said, at the County Government and the company entered into a project contract, the construction of the gezhouba project was the successful bidder, Chevalier companies and migrant workers are victims, but is also a victim of gezhouba. “He is victims, gezhouba is victims, but Government had signed BOT contract Shi signed to a private enterprise, private enterprise put this things do down has, and private enterprise and Government Zhijian signed of contract, on Government is adverse, so private enterprise and put Government sets live has, Government will bear responsibility, but accumulated down of trouble you let he suddenly took out so more things solution, it also helpless, didn’t money. ”

Gezhouba dam officials said gezhouba construction from the beginning to the project unfinished works, have not received a penny. “If I got, gezhouba how is it possible not to pay them. We are also the victims, the Government has no money, he thought trimming the rich, first take out the money to solve the problem, followed by consultations, the Government is to let gezhouba dianqian. ”

Gansu Provincial wages for rural migrant workers in the field of construction management of margin specified, before the project began by approving construction projects that the Administration responsible for notifying and monitoring unit under the 3% of the price of the contract wage funds to a bank account store. Before starting this project, the investor that the project owner has to pay adequate wages for rural migrant workers deposit? Society of labor supervision team leader Luo Wenxiang, Wen said, “gezhouba dam is the Central enterprises, outside the enterprise or local enterprises, migrant wages, Longnan city, security deposit paid to social labor supervision detachment. ”

According to regulations, the outside margin management by construction enterprises, State administrative departments of labor security, construction project management. Reporter contact people in Longnan, before but as of press time, society, Longnan City failed to get response.

However, the Government made clear that one person, the project’s wages for rural migrant workers and failing to pay security. Society Council of labor supervision team leader Luo Wenxiang, Wen said: “why is not this thing, I’m a grass-roots, that is the higher level of the tube, I also asked, but these are people of Longnan surveillance detachment of the thing. We have to look at his goal, after Nations have formal procedures and approval, approval should have procedures for bidding approval, which he did not, we dare not, and took offence. ”

Hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid back, whether the Longnan municipal government departments suspected of negligence, negligent migrant wages margin? Authority to make findings. But unpaid migrant workers issues, has become the first BOT project in Gansu province, one of the problems to be solved urgently. For migrant workers over unpaid, County Government officials said: “the Government has the responsibility and obligation to help migrant workers get paid, but it involves complex economic contract disputes between the companies, Government the inconvenience involved. Direct relationship between enterprises and the Government only with companies (investors), gezhouba, rich corporations, are directly or indirectly with the contract dispute between the company and, as the local government, we have been resolving contradictions among enterprises, but we cannot intervene directly in disputes between the companies. ”

Today, hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid, the investor capital chain rupture, contractor says he was a victim of gezhouba, also said he had the responsibility of local governments, these migrant workers who to pay? (Originally entitled the first BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid for three years without success)

Chongqing a law professor with the bank card business in Europe Cary of more

When a law professor to Europe on business in Chongqing, a bank salary card carry. On November 22 this year, his local phone bank in Europe when the payroll, was surprised to find more than 43,000 Yuan on the card was missing. After the incident, he immediately dialed international calls back to Chongqing immediately and call the police for help, police investigation in Chongqing. Yesterday, he has commissioned a lawyer sent letters to the banks concerned, without excluding the legal prosecution against each other.

The well-known University Professor named Li Li (pseudonym), taught at Chongqing University School of law.

Yesterday, he told reporters in mid-October, he went to Denmark as a visiting scholar at the University of Copenhagen, while a bank salary card carry. “That card every month thousands of Yuan of housing loans is bound. “Li Li says, the cards have never parted with him.

Denmark local time on November 22 at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon, Li Li in the dormitory phone banks for payroll, disappeared suddenly found more than 43,000 Yuan on the card. He found out details of inquiry, the money from November 17 to November 21, divided into more than 40 times by people taking on the ATM machines in the Philippines.

Family members confirmed that Li Li had never been to the Philippines, the bank card upon him.

After the incident, Li Li immediately to make an international call back to loss of Chongqing, simultaneously to the Chongqing Public Security Bureau police 110 command center.

Yesterday, the District Public Security Bureau police station four kilometers a police certificate displayed Beijing time on November 23, Li Li through the 110 call said he was in Denmark Copenhagen, found him carrying a bank card in the Philippines were fraudulent.

Back to Chongqing for the record and process the loan bank card is bound, on November 30, provisional on Li Li Yu-planes. On December 2 this year, Li Li came to the statement of the incident, he removed amounted to 43761.59 Yuan, after the South Bank taken seriously by the police, is now placing, is under further investigation.

Banks involved said one customer service, Li Li free SMS alerts when the card is opened, in September this year they have sent SMS to the customer, cancel free since October reminds, balance inquiries to customers to download the APP.

However, Li Li said he never received such SMS, “If there are SMS alerts will automatically remind me of stealing for the first time, you will not be such a great loss. “At the moment, he has commissioned a lawyer sent letters to the Bank involved, and intends to maintain their own rights through judicial channels. Nude lenders talk about meat service a customer

(Original title the Professor with the bank cards in Europe on a business trip, Cary of more than 40,000 yuan to the Philippines to be fraudulent)

Jiangxi village killed a villager driving injury village head official land

For Jiangxi hengfeng County villagers Xu Kaiwen driving SUV hit injury village party and village Director escape Shi again hit truck was burn died event, December 14, surging News (www.thepaper.CN) from Heng Feng Jie County propaganda confirmed, was hit injury of hengfeng County cenyangzhen Pu Qian village village Director 14th morning died died; incident Qian, Xu Kaiwen for its home door space hardening problem and village party and village Director occurred quarrel, then driving will two people hit pour Hou fled.

Previously reported in Jiangxi province, China, on December 13, hengfeng County cenyangzhen Pu Cun Jia Fang Xu Xu Kaiwen villagers into the town government hospital drive hurt village Party Secretary Zhang Huanshui, villager Liu June after escaping from 205 CEN village section of the province, crashed into the truck, driving the landwind sport utility vehicles immediately burst into flames, Xu Kaiwen was burned to death. Cenyangzhen cadre Zhang Huanshui, Liu June after being hit, immediately they rushed to hengfeng County people’s Hospital for treatment.

Jiangxi village killed a villager driving injury village head official: land issues

Off-road vehicle of the fire. After 6 years old boy lost in Ganzhou followed

Jiangxi village killed a villager driving injury village head official: land issues

White smoke emerged.

Incident day, hengfeng County Public Security Bureau Police Brigade through official micro-letter public, informed: by preliminary verification, 13th 15:45 around, driver Xu xxx (hengfeng County cenyangzhen Xu home square village people) driving license plate Gan E3XX79 breeze X7 car, by hengfeng County cenyangzhen direction to Heng Feng Jie County direction driving, via 205 province road 66KM+200M (cenyangzhen CEN village) sections beyond ahead by hair xxx driving of license plate Gan E36XX3 small truck Shi, Opposite yougong so LU LU H7XX2, H7XX8/trailer, driving license plate collided after colliding with Gan E36XX3 van, license plate, then rolled over to road, hit the road, street trees, resulting in Gan E3XX79, license plate car ignition of the fire, led license plate driver Xu Gan E3XX79 the car died on the spot. The case is under further investigation.

Heng Feng Jie County party Committee propaganda Department issued on 14th according to a new briefing: December 13 15:30, hengfeng cenyangzhen Pu Cun Jia Fang Xu hardened group villager Xu Kaiwen with its door open space issues in cenyangzhen compound found in a meeting of the Government’s shop-front village party branch secretaries, Director Zhang Huanshui, theory and throws an argument, followed by driving a blue landwind SUV Zhang Huanshui, Liu June flee after being knocked. Cenyangzhen cadre will immediately present the injured hengfeng County people’s Hospital for treatment. 14th 4:45 A.M., Zhang Huanshui provincial medical experts fully died. At present, relevant departments and personnel is stepping up investigation of the case and deal with the aftermath.

Local news featured Hunan Chongqing counties compete for Peach Blossom Spring

Youyang County land area. Photo: network

“Hunan Chongqing” County competition for “Peach Blossom Spring” are saying that they are “real”

Only one China “Peach Blossom Spring” Youyang in Chongqing and Hunan Taoyuan think so. According to the Beijing News reported recently, Youyang County of Chongqing high profile promotion in the County of peach blossom scenic spot, and exclusive attitude, avowed Youyang Utopia “authentic”. This in turn triggered the same main “Peach Blossom Spring” brand of Taoyuan County of Hunan province to fight back. Youyang and Hunan Taoyuan, respectively in tourism official website claims that he is the authentic works of Tao Yuanming’s description of paradise from the Peach.

Comments: paradise of authentic struggle only appearance, its essence is the monopoly of economic interests. Development of tourism economic infrastructure is the capital, telekinesis, “war”, is the substance. In the “peach war”, from time to time government departments platform figure. Tourist attractions vie for local government intervention, at the administrative level is appropriate, is behind this thought-provoking. Such disputes are not uncommon for cultural people, places, and can be resolved it should be solved by geography.

“Jiangsu” wall of Nanjing women’s waiting room gave birth to child passenger protect

As far as the Yangzi evening news reported, around 4:30 P.M. December 9, Nanjing South railway station waiting room when a pregnant woman give birth, South stand staff urgently looking for medical staff and look under the coat mats in the pregnant woman’s body. With the passengers and crew, spontaneously found bed sheet quilt, and formed a “human wall” shelter for pregnant women. About 20 minutes later, natural childbirth in pregnant women gave birth to a baby boy at this time South West Branch of provincial people’s Hospital, Dr Ching also rushed to the scene, the mother clean up the placenta and the umbilical cord. And mother and child are both safe, accompanied by the father of the child was taken to hospital by ambulance.

Comment: this positive energy is called, local station the rescue was timely, and care of passengers is very poignant. Warm in this room can still be seen behind the news, if in a public place with good emergency facilities and staff, will play a big role.

“Hunan” Chengguan officer living with a female subordinate in question be removed the woman’s husband committed suicide

It was reported in the Beijing News, December 9, the evening, a group of photos circulated on the Internet. In the photo, a young man lying in bed, and inserted a breathing tube. Upload the photo said, Xinhua County, Hunan, men’s last name has, his wife and unit leader – urban management enforcement team vice captain, Xinhua Yang live, after a quarrel with Yang, at the urban management Bureau, Xinhua Office oral pesticides suicide. It is learnt that the urban management Bureau enforcement agency Xinhua County, Hunan Vice Captain Yang has been dismissed.

Comment: severe nature of this matter, not only a breach of ethics, violate the law. This doping the two families are shattered, used to warm the past is hard to come back again. Hope that afterwards, local authorities will intervene and investigate this matter, and to provide appropriate counseling.

“Henan” over unauthorized use of college students ‘ information to apply for civil service for students

According to voice of reports the news vertical and horizontal, Henan normal university graduates information stolen, Faker used their personal information to apply for the 2016 year in Henan province civil service exams, registration organization including jiaozuo, Xinxiang city, and some government agencies or units. Students said that stolen information, registration systems, in addition to the ID card number and photos were his, other information is false. Even work experience, graduate school is false. These reactions of the students in Henan Normal University law student, who starts in 2008, graduating in 2012. School survey, the misappropriation of information of students is a student of the Faculty of law, when a class, and subsequent problems have been dealt with, but theft is unknown.

Comment: this has broken the law, the education system has such omissions are shocking, the local authorities should immediately investigate and punish those responsible.

“Henan” Xinxiang been dismissed alleged police beating father habitually

According to the Xinhua News Agency reported recently, a 55-second video on the micro-circulation. Video: an old man lying on the floor in the room, a young man on his stomach, older rebel, young people first-hand covered his mouth, his fist. Subsequently, the app that came out the young man Zhang Xu is police, habitually, for participating in the comrades of his father’s funeral on the day fail to meet Zhang at the Park in the child, Zhang father fights. Zhang Xu-Xinxiang city public Security Bureau traffic management branch according to the regulations, Zhang Xu, be dismissed. Office 8 measures to be taken to promote in the

Comments: Watch video was annoying, this is eye-opening for father and son. Father so domestic violence, not only lost their conscience, deformities of the family concern. There must be fruit, hoping the dismissed police realize his behavior is so should not.

“Anhui” chuzhou, formerly Party Secretary was sentenced to death for bribery 12 said in Court of appeal

Surging, according to news reports, on December 9, the former Secretary of jiangshan city, chuzhou city intermediate people’s Court in Wuhu city, Anhui Province taking bribes, abuse of the case publicly. Country crime of bribery, abuse of, and sentenced to 12 years and fined 1.4 million Yuan, illegal proceeds 4.339 million Yuan shall be recovered, embedded value 89000 Shoushan Stone pieces. After the verdict, jiangshan, a defendant in court, said the appeal.

Comments: very few appeals after the corrupt official sentenced, the official finds that the amount of bribes is not satisfied? Is one of the grievances? And below.

“Hubei” Wuhan Associate Professor research “not drunken”: 9 tests only 1 people drinking and driving

According to the chutian metropolis daily reported, Central South University for nationalities College of chemistry and materials Associate Professor Wang Lihua had developed a “no drinking”. Wang Lihua developed “not drunken” control the time and quantity of alcohol into the blood stream. In order to do that, Wang Lihua in liquor in certain edible substances, such “wine” after drinking, and form a gel in your stomach, most ethanol is fixed, so as to reduce the amount of alcohol into the blood. “After testing, 9 people to drink 100 ml or less ‘ do not drink ‘1.5 hours later, only 1 person up to drunk driving. “Wang Lihua had for his” not drunken “patent.

Comment: “not an” OK to drink? According to people who take the tests described, sample the wine retains the smell and taste of wine, the only drawback is the entrance has the sticky feeling. Also take a look at this, an Associate Professor, and in short, drive can’t drink, or not to touch this principle as well.

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