First BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province hundreds of migrant workers

Yang Guang, December 22, according to voice of reports the news vertical and horizontal, Wenxian County of Longnan city, Gansu province, the mountain trench depth, over the years, transportation has restricted the major bottleneck for local economic and social development. In January 2007, Longnan city, county governments through investment in the form of signed National Highway 212 and an investment company Tower Mountain tunnel and lead construction management contract, this is the first BOT projects of highway construction areas in Gansu province.

The so-called BOT, is the cooperation of the Government and social capital, a model for private sector participation in infrastructure construction, enterprise investment and financing, the Government granted the franchise within a certain period, recover the investment will return property to the Government. High hopes that local projects and several twists and turns, was not started until 2012, end of 2013 because of investor capital chain rupture, in a State of idle, hundreds of migrant workers ‘ hard earned money to beg for years to no avail.

First BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province, hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid for three years without success

High mountain tunnel of the gezhouba group has shut down more than three years.

High mountain tunnel on G212 a section (import) the construction site, the reporter did not see a worker only hook machines, trucks, cement and other construction equipment parked on the roadside, almost obsolete. Responsible for site construction services company official Chen Zhaolu told reporters, the tunnel has been dug to 566 meters. “We shut down for three years, wages for rural migrant workers and the completion cost of the project is so much money there’s no give, involving 25 million project at the time of deposit. ”

Down the hill from the construction site, walking on the narrow road not far, put a few simple tents. Poor living conditions in the tent, stove, TV, bed, blanket and eating bags of instant noodles and other debris piled up everywhere. Many unpaid migrant workers crowded in here.

Reporter: how long did you stay?

He Tinggui: this time for 3 months, before staying here for more than 1 year.

Reporter: how much do I owe you money?

He Tinggui: 6,000 a month, total is the beginning of 2013 to 2014. Owe owe so long, once called no money, once there is no money.

He Tinggui is in Guangyuan, Sichuan, and on site sprayed the gunman, his brother on this site He Tingrong, supported at the beginning. Two brothers at the site for over a year, and didn’t get paid. Hunan man family was suspected to have killed

Generation migrant worker Chen Jiaping said, he had twin sons, have been unable to get wages, child fever a doctor, all mouth wife reached out to neighbors to borrow. “No money, asking the boss for money, boss. Half moon fever before he spent thousands of dollars, it’s not, is ill at home. Cold fever, Burns had pneumonia, relatives and friends find a way to see him at home. ”

The boss of these migrant workers, is contracting tunnel labor Fuan, Fujian province, construction engineering and services company. Could not get the money, again and again, only to find the workers group leaders, group leaders to find services company, and service companies due to uncompleted works, nor did he get money from the construction company. In desperation, the beginning of the year, Chevalier Chen Zhaolu with several team leaders find people, Wen, head of the company, hope that the labour inspectorate can come forward to construction unit for the money. Society Secretary, Wen You Xiaolin said, “reflected later, we sent letters to the construction unit, and contact the heads of enterprises, they also made it clear that as soon as possible. ”

First BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province, hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid for three years without success

Gezhouba group buildings formed tunnel project has been deserted.

This reporter has learned, responsible for G212 high mountain tunnel is a section of the construction unit Southwest China gezhouba Group Company Ltd former branch. According to the society, Wen displayed the contents of a letter, construction units a total of 116 in arrears more than 10 million migrant workers. Foreman said, the uncompleted works project b contract section (tunnel) with 67 peasant-workers ‘ wages cannot be cleared. However, the construction unit of the b section of the winning bidder is a central and current disputes, the company has put the County Government, investors and companies tied to the defendant, the case to the Supreme People’s Court, the current case has not been closed.

Labor supervision team captain Roman society Council, Wen said in detail, according to letter mail message receipt, convinced him that gezhouba received a letter while gezhouba official promised on the phone, will be resolved as soon as possible, but have not found them to send someone to migrant workers can no longer reflect, thought the two sides settled. Until October of this year, they realized the seriousness of the situation. You Xiaolin said: “when we followed not so tight that’s somewhat lacking, and by October they again to reflect, we require and migrant workers check the books of the company, can not be resolved, we will according to relevant regulations, transfer of the public security department. ”

In recent years the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to agricultural workers ‘ wages, issued a series of policies and measures. Governments have also introduced documents, established a long-term mechanism to solve the problem of default on construction wages. But in this project, Wen, have already established a long-term mechanism does not play a role.

Under the migrant workers over unpaid pressure on November 18 this year, County Government inform you to China gezhouba Group Corporation. Call on the gezhouba to fulfill labor service obligations with the Chevalier company, all forms of debt payment is cash owed to Chevalier, especially migrant wages owed. Failing to comply, resulting in gezhouba to assume all the consequences, and reserves the right to inform the SASAC.

First BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province, hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid for three years without success

Society Council, Wen sent a letter to the gezhouba side requested 116 to pay workers ‘ wages.

However, the gezhouba project did not admit for owed wages for rural migrant workers. Gezhouba related official said: “we have no relationship with Chevalier company. ”

Reporter: Chevalier company offered me a ticket, is to the gezhouba group company, and why there are 25 million deposit?

In charge: owners of units (project investor: and company) requirements, this should be the changdu, qamdo is our subcontractors, they should hit margins. The unit how to find between Phu Yen that was their thing, and we have no relationship. But he called us, we called the owner, because we won the bid.

Reporter: I see a tunnel out of more than 560 m, the project who did it?

Leader: is our subcontractor under dry, find Fu Angan is chamdo.

Reporters looked at the gezhouba dam named Chang du Xin Lin and a concrete management signed a cooperation agreement, which refers to the gezhouba dam are responsible for tendering eligibility, qualification certificates and other documents, qamdo is responsible for ensuring that the bid of the company. In addition, the formation led by the gezhouba project Department, project settlement of 5% to be paid on time each month gezhouba project management fees. Counsel points out that the familiar with the area, as can be seen in this contract, gezhouba suspected foreign lending qualification in engineering bidding contract projects. From the gezhouba dam, Chevalier company and also stars Kay road and bridge construction company in Chongqing, a third-party payment orders, as can be seen, for illegal subcontracting, subcontracting of gezhouba project.

Gezhouba official said, at the County Government and the company entered into a project contract, the construction of the gezhouba project was the successful bidder, Chevalier companies and migrant workers are victims, but is also a victim of gezhouba. “He is victims, gezhouba is victims, but Government had signed BOT contract Shi signed to a private enterprise, private enterprise put this things do down has, and private enterprise and Government Zhijian signed of contract, on Government is adverse, so private enterprise and put Government sets live has, Government will bear responsibility, but accumulated down of trouble you let he suddenly took out so more things solution, it also helpless, didn’t money. ”

Gezhouba dam officials said gezhouba construction from the beginning to the project unfinished works, have not received a penny. “If I got, gezhouba how is it possible not to pay them. We are also the victims, the Government has no money, he thought trimming the rich, first take out the money to solve the problem, followed by consultations, the Government is to let gezhouba dianqian. ”

Gansu Provincial wages for rural migrant workers in the field of construction management of margin specified, before the project began by approving construction projects that the Administration responsible for notifying and monitoring unit under the 3% of the price of the contract wage funds to a bank account store. Before starting this project, the investor that the project owner has to pay adequate wages for rural migrant workers deposit? Society of labor supervision team leader Luo Wenxiang, Wen said, “gezhouba dam is the Central enterprises, outside the enterprise or local enterprises, migrant wages, Longnan city, security deposit paid to social labor supervision detachment. ”

According to regulations, the outside margin management by construction enterprises, State administrative departments of labor security, construction project management. Reporter contact people in Longnan, before but as of press time, society, Longnan City failed to get response.

However, the Government made clear that one person, the project’s wages for rural migrant workers and failing to pay security. Society Council of labor supervision team leader Luo Wenxiang, Wen said: “why is not this thing, I’m a grass-roots, that is the higher level of the tube, I also asked, but these are people of Longnan surveillance detachment of the thing. We have to look at his goal, after Nations have formal procedures and approval, approval should have procedures for bidding approval, which he did not, we dare not, and took offence. ”

Hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid back, whether the Longnan municipal government departments suspected of negligence, negligent migrant wages margin? Authority to make findings. But unpaid migrant workers issues, has become the first BOT project in Gansu province, one of the problems to be solved urgently. For migrant workers over unpaid, County Government officials said: “the Government has the responsibility and obligation to help migrant workers get paid, but it involves complex economic contract disputes between the companies, Government the inconvenience involved. Direct relationship between enterprises and the Government only with companies (investors), gezhouba, rich corporations, are directly or indirectly with the contract dispute between the company and, as the local government, we have been resolving contradictions among enterprises, but we cannot intervene directly in disputes between the companies. ”

Today, hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid, the investor capital chain rupture, contractor says he was a victim of gezhouba, also said he had the responsibility of local governments, these migrant workers who to pay? (Originally entitled the first BOT unfinished highway project in Gansu province hundreds of migrant workers over unpaid for three years without success)


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