Hebei after breaking up a gay man suffering from AIDS to anger many prostitution

Huaihua red network news, a Hebei gay man, who “love” to hate, revenge through the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, many of the victims reported the case to police. On December 27, the suspected men were arrested by Hunan Huaihua spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

According to the police investigation, Wang captured suspected men, 29 years old, Tangshan, Hebei people. Wang is a gay man, had a gay boyfriend before, two people have very good relations. But by February of this year, Wang found out that your boyfriend on the phone “Mo Mo” in chat groups, had special conversation with a strange man, “come”, and the two men quarreled, relations are also cool. Once, when Wang went to the hospital for medical checkup, discovered he had AIDS, that is transmitted to their boyfriend of their love, heart complaints. Later her boyfriend find Wang Dear John, Wang felt feeling cheated, angry, so planning a retaliatory actions of others. Baiyuliang shared bike back to the streets of

April 2016, Wang rented a house in Zibo, Shandong province, through letters and other chat software, multiple homosexual prostitution. Later, many victims found he had sexually transmitted diseases, found is for Wang, immediately reported the case to local police, after Wang was wanted by the public security organs ‘ Internet access and friendly presence.

Wang ran to its friends in Huaihua of avoiding wars, did not dare to show up. Seeing the end of the Chinese new year, on December 27, he was prepared to travel back to Hebei province home. Huaihua train station when he accepted the identification, police found that Wang was a fugitive wanted by the Internet, instantly captured, Wang confessed to his crime. At present, criminal suspect Wang has been transferred to the police in Shandong province. (This article was originally entitled the gay man, who “love” to hate prostitution of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases to vent their anger several times)


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