Video Xian subway fare evasion full record trailing the holding company trip

CCTV news clients reported on January 7, took the subway to swipe in and out, it is common knowledge, indeed of civilization by car. Can be used in daily life, there are individual passengers want to take advantage of points. Xian subway station, many passengers tried pulling in, trailing, the holding company, tripping, no nothing. See Metro under the monitoring and recording of images.

This was the recent scene in Changle Xian Metro station. Many of the passengers were getting out of the station, a man wearing orange clothes suddenly accelerated, ran to a is ready to swipe a passenger behind him, a look that is going to “follow” approach to pulling out of the station. Didn’t think a problem with the front passenger ticket, could not go out. So, the man turned and looking for second chance pulling in, but this opportunity was a woman wearing a pink snatch. Beijing license plate hot rental market their

So, the man attempts to begin a new, results and met the front passenger ticket problems. But the man never gave up, and finally found the opportunity to pulling out of the station. However, he was stopped by staff.

Changle Xian Metro station duty AdSense Xu Wanjing: after when we stopped him, passengers said they lost the vote, said to be lost, where you said you get bought, we have ticket sales records, the passenger said nothing. Then we are according to the ticketing policy to give him a ticket.

Trailing arms mission trip, only to escape a ticket

In addition to this “trailing” pulling in, more of a “hugs” fare. As the family took the children fare, the couple shared a card out of station, these situations are very common.

There are more difficult, some passengers skip Gates is outbound. But such behavior is dangerous, 2014 in the library of Xian Metro station, a passenger trip fell wounded.

Staff reminder: purchase of Metro is not only the expression of civilized travel, is a guarantee of personal safety. (This article was originally titled XI: subway fare beaters gimmicky monitor records)


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