Doctor in Guiyang with 64 patients with psychiatric referral family members

Guihang Guiyang hospitals issued a statement condemning the doctor Yang Shaolei led 64 of psychiatric patients to his hospital continues. City Commission for discipline inspection shall

Doctor in Guiyang with 64 patients with psychiatric referral, family members said patients well who cares

Guihang hospital psychiatric wards, patients ‘ families in Guiyang

On February 4, surging accept News (www.thepaper.CN) interviewed several patients said, unwilling to return to hospital guihang Guiyang, where the environment and conditions are relatively poor. Also said, I now turn to the sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang “good external environment, but didn’t” because it can’t cook their own food, smoke and action is limited.

Doctor in Guiyang with 64 patients with psychiatric referral, family members said patients well who cares

The sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang City Mental Health Center for family members of Ward patients

A surging family members told news, has followed his wife Yang Shaolei physician for three years, “we no matter how noisy how to make two hospitals who treat patients well who we”.

On February 3, guihang Guiyang hospital issued a condemnation from the its website said Yang Shaolei, Director of psychiatric without permission of the section 64 patients were transferred to the sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang.

The next day, the Guiyang City Health Planning Commission official website is a message, said 64 patients with 4 your flight in Guiyang has been returned to the hospital, while the remaining 60 patients in the sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang.

On February 4, surging News visited the mental health center of the sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang, many of the medical staff at the hospital confirmed that, following Yang Shaolei referral to psychiatric patients in it.

Mental health center has seven layers, apart from a building under renovation, and two to seven layers are locked gates, outsiders could not get.

Surging news traveled to interview a few patients, they said was brought by Yang Shaolei, words expressing recognition of Yang Shaolei, “we all support him, he can rest assured to us”, while complaining about guihang Guiyang hospital environment is so bad.

A patient complain about guihang Guiyang hospitals don’t eat clean, no space, see Sun, Black Black Black. Patients also said, bathing is not easy, no hot water, and they have half a month without a bath.

A patient surnamed Zhang also complained to the families of your aviation Hospital of Guiyang environmental conditions are too poor, according to his description, the mentally ill eat no Chair there, seventy or eighty people crowded around a table to eat, only squat.

He said, for patients collective transfer of the various public opinion did not care, he only care about good medical services and conditions, “where conditions are good, prices are cheaper than there one-third”.

He told the word news, staying here is his wife, following Yang Shaolei treatment for three years, “we no matter how noisy how to make two hospitals who treat patients well who we”.

News field to the surging guihang Guiyang Neurology ward of the hospital, iron gates locked. A man claiming to be a hospital staff that the reporter had come, trying to obstruct journalists covering activities. Through the iron gates, the surging news find a wolf. In this regard, the low caste of the Office explained that with so many patients to leave, when “very”.


Bill by the lower House vote in support of the United Kingdom will start at

London, February 1, after a two-day debate, United Kingdom House of Commons vote 1st night in support of the Government’s “exit” bill authorizing Prime Minister launched “exit” program. That means United Kingdom to officially start “exit” is a step forward.

That night, United Kingdom ruling conservatives and the opposition labour party in the House of Commons with the support of a majority of members, based on 498 votes in favour, 114 votes against an overwhelming majority vote of support “exit”.

According to the program, “exit” Bill to finally have the force of law, also requires the Committee proposed an amendment to the House, and voted on by the upper House of Parliament passed in the coming weeks.

Britain’s highest court last month on the “exit” program suit in the Court of Final Appeal ruled that asking the Government to start “exit” must be approved by Parliament before. Government submitted to Parliament a short Bill, seek parliamentary approval to start the 50th article of the Treaty of Lisbon, officially opening the “exit”. The Ministry of environmental protection smog

The British Government said earlier it will start at the end of March, “exit” program. (Formerly titled the British House of Commons voted authorized the Prime Minister to start “exit”)