Doctor in Guiyang with 64 patients with psychiatric referral family members

Guihang Guiyang hospitals issued a statement condemning the doctor Yang Shaolei led 64 of psychiatric patients to his hospital continues. City Commission for discipline inspection shall

Doctor in Guiyang with 64 patients with psychiatric referral, family members said patients well who cares

Guihang hospital psychiatric wards, patients ‘ families in Guiyang

On February 4, surging accept News (www.thepaper.CN) interviewed several patients said, unwilling to return to hospital guihang Guiyang, where the environment and conditions are relatively poor. Also said, I now turn to the sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang “good external environment, but didn’t” because it can’t cook their own food, smoke and action is limited.

Doctor in Guiyang with 64 patients with psychiatric referral, family members said patients well who cares

The sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang City Mental Health Center for family members of Ward patients

A surging family members told news, has followed his wife Yang Shaolei physician for three years, “we no matter how noisy how to make two hospitals who treat patients well who we”.

On February 3, guihang Guiyang hospital issued a condemnation from the its website said Yang Shaolei, Director of psychiatric without permission of the section 64 patients were transferred to the sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang.

The next day, the Guiyang City Health Planning Commission official website is a message, said 64 patients with 4 your flight in Guiyang has been returned to the hospital, while the remaining 60 patients in the sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang.

On February 4, surging News visited the mental health center of the sixth people’s Hospital of Guiyang, many of the medical staff at the hospital confirmed that, following Yang Shaolei referral to psychiatric patients in it.

Mental health center has seven layers, apart from a building under renovation, and two to seven layers are locked gates, outsiders could not get.

Surging news traveled to interview a few patients, they said was brought by Yang Shaolei, words expressing recognition of Yang Shaolei, “we all support him, he can rest assured to us”, while complaining about guihang Guiyang hospital environment is so bad.

A patient complain about guihang Guiyang hospitals don’t eat clean, no space, see Sun, Black Black Black. Patients also said, bathing is not easy, no hot water, and they have half a month without a bath.

A patient surnamed Zhang also complained to the families of your aviation Hospital of Guiyang environmental conditions are too poor, according to his description, the mentally ill eat no Chair there, seventy or eighty people crowded around a table to eat, only squat.

He said, for patients collective transfer of the various public opinion did not care, he only care about good medical services and conditions, “where conditions are good, prices are cheaper than there one-third”.

He told the word news, staying here is his wife, following Yang Shaolei treatment for three years, “we no matter how noisy how to make two hospitals who treat patients well who we”.

News field to the surging guihang Guiyang Neurology ward of the hospital, iron gates locked. A man claiming to be a hospital staff that the reporter had come, trying to obstruct journalists covering activities. Through the iron gates, the surging news find a wolf. In this regard, the low caste of the Office explained that with so many patients to leave, when “very”.


Bill by the lower House vote in support of the United Kingdom will start at

London, February 1, after a two-day debate, United Kingdom House of Commons vote 1st night in support of the Government’s “exit” bill authorizing Prime Minister launched “exit” program. That means United Kingdom to officially start “exit” is a step forward.

That night, United Kingdom ruling conservatives and the opposition labour party in the House of Commons with the support of a majority of members, based on 498 votes in favour, 114 votes against an overwhelming majority vote of support “exit”.

According to the program, “exit” Bill to finally have the force of law, also requires the Committee proposed an amendment to the House, and voted on by the upper House of Parliament passed in the coming weeks.

Britain’s highest court last month on the “exit” program suit in the Court of Final Appeal ruled that asking the Government to start “exit” must be approved by Parliament before. Government submitted to Parliament a short Bill, seek parliamentary approval to start the 50th article of the Treaty of Lisbon, officially opening the “exit”. The Ministry of environmental protection smog

The British Government said earlier it will start at the end of March, “exit” program. (Formerly titled the British House of Commons voted authorized the Prime Minister to start “exit”)

Anhui old Lotus pond frozen squatting in the mud of the police as pillow rescue

People’s daily online, January 28, new year’s day, laian County, chuzhou city, Anhui Province, half Tower, a lost man in Lotus pool, the body had been frozen. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene after vital signs were found there, squatting in the mud in a Lotus pond immediately, with the body as a “pillow” implementation of emergency aid.

People’s daily online

On January 28 at about 8:10, half Tower laian County Public Security Bureau Police received the alarm, alarms called in semi-Zhen Yu tang Cun Lin gang group Lotus pond seems to be personal.

Reporter dares not come, not too sure about the specifics, half Tower drove past the police station police on duty Zhu Guoxing immediately brought people.

Police cars hurtling more than 20 kilometers all the way, arrived at the scene at about 8:40.

The scene is a Lotus pond, winter digging OU have the water dry and muddy. Attend to the bitter wind and cold water, Zhu Guoxing waded into the mud to the old man around.

That is a more than 60-year old woman, although she remained motionless, cold feet, but Zhu Guoxing finds the old man’s eyes move, and vital signs. And he immediately used his body as a “pillow”, the old man’s upper body up from the mud, she leaned against him, holding her hands to keep them warm, shouted the crowd of villagers came to help the old man carried ashore, while auxiliary police officers to quickly dial 120.

Accident on new year’s day and the arrival of police, alerted the village, and when the old man was carried ashore, village residents recognize the old man. Rent a girlfriend home business is hot the daily

People’s daily online

“The old man is 62 years old, daughter’s home in this village, there are more severe Alzheimer’s, new year’s Eve dinner in the evening, the family arranged for her to go to bed, I do not know why she was out the door, and then lost. “The police, the old man’s family has not been found she disappeared, until she was rescued.

The old man was carried home to wash and change clothes, Zhu Guoxing was already full of muddy water. Subsequently, to 120 doctors, elderly not life-threatening.

(Formerly entitled frozen in the Anhui elderly outang, police sat in the mud when the “pillow”)

Chongqing anti anti steak tips grilled civilian police for the Spring Festival

January 23 at 6 o’clock, when Chongqing when most people were sleeping, turns 35 years old this year, Yuan Bing (not his real name) got up to go out, rushed to the collection of Chongqing caiyuanba railway station with 3 other colleagues, they are about to begin a day of routine Street patrol anti chop.

Anti-surging Yuan Bing told the news of the BA worked for six years (www.thepaper.CN), and pick the most simple and effective way is to put valuables in own trouble spots, where pickpockets are also difficult to steal.

Chongqing City Public Security Bureau forensic Corps related head said, for effective maintenance 2017 years spring, and Festival during security order, forensic Corps for the big University holiday students tide, and spring passenger peak returned tide and Festival during tourism tide of coming, carried out “this winter next spring” anti-grilled special action, from January 13 to February 21, led city undercover investigation sector synchronization input anti-grilled security work, to territorial mainly, to playing promoting anti-, precise combat, closely prevention, Ensure that the stable situation during the spring of 2017 pickpocketing, guarantee people’s safety.

A month before the Spring Festival pickpockets frequent crime

Chongqing anti-anti-steak tips grilled civilian police for the Spring Festival: valuables in your trouble spots

Undercover investigation of civilian police detachment arrested the thief. The Chongqing Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Corps image:

Yuan Bing and his colleagues on the morning of January 23 the Chongqing caiyuanba railway station after inspections found no suspicious faces appeared on the streets.

He said lessons learned according to PA police for years, due to the theft after being captured at least 15 days of administrative detention, some pickpockets can go home for the new year, they will choose to stop committing half a month to return home before the Spring Festival. Pickpockets are home for the new year, but we cannot lower our guard, anti-PA police patrolling in the home during the Chinese new year is still adhere to the road of the masses.

Born in 1982 Yuan Bing, graduated from the Police Academy in Chongqing, after graduation in 2004 admitted to the police force. 6 years ago, he was put up at the Chongqing Public Security Bureau public transportation security administration stations in anti-grill work. Public transport security management branch after branch changed its name to the Public Security Bureau of Chongqing track traffic, Yuan Bing and his anti-grilled comrades go to Chongqing Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Corps of plainclothes investigative team continues to engage in counter-grill work.

After the experienced teacher mentor, Yuan Bing now can eyes determine pickpockets. He had the contact grill work, can do is by looking at the suspect’s clothing, through clothes, pants, shoes, to determine whether the other side is a pickpocket. “It is time for anti-pick the most low,” he said, with the economic and social development, pickpockets wearing dirty before whose time has past, now dressed most of the pickpocket has kind of mode, there is transport by plane to Chongqing to pick-pocketing.

The accumulation of experience, Yuan Bing advanced from suspect to suspect to determine whether pickpockets.

“Anti-PA is the most difficult to judge each other is through the eyes of” Yuan bing said, because the PA police inspections, pickpockets are also wary of the surrounding environment, both when the eye is in fact a bout. Civilian police by pickpockets a Flash short few seconds of eye contact, to judge the other party is suspected of suspects, and pickpockets in the eyes instantly ruled out civilian police was not ordinary passengers and after the walk, will choose to give up crime.

Yuan bing said, thieves looking for objects of the crime, his eyes differ from normal, normal people tend to stare at the chest above, and pickpocket moment eyes are staring at the pockets at the waist position of the object of the crime.

Surging Yuan Bing and his colleagues told the news, Chongqing section on major holidays, the pick-pocketing 15 days before, after the high season, pickpockets during this crime spree. Pickpocket one month before the arrival of the Spring Festival because of the lunar new year, its modus operandi is relatively frequent.

Theft crime information and intelligence

Chongqing anti-anti-steak tips grilled civilian police for the Spring Festival: valuables in your trouble spots

As of December 20, 2016, anti chop the auxiliary police forces assist caught pickpocketing men in civilian clothes, 1109. The Chongqing Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Corps image: 12306 service travel and use chicken soup inspirational

Yuan bing said that in 2016, their 6-person team as a whole has gone through more than 40 pieces of pick-pocketing. Through case management concluded that pickpockets are also in progress in the Internet era, than the previous sites, some fixed-line fixed “thief”, now the pickpocket will make use of the network to find opportunities to gather information and committing. They have captured a gang of pickpockets aimed specifically at Convention, these thieves locked exhibition information over the Internet, air travel, high-speed rail and other modes of transport to Chongqing during the exhibition period, and targeted theft with strong professional exhibits.

Surging Chongqing Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Corps official told news, theft crime information and intelligence at the same time, the police also constantly upgrading informatization level by enabling video in connection with award-winning recognition platform, build pickpocketing video extraction mechanism, establish a sound database and other methods, and continuously improve the capacity to combat pickpocketing information.

Surging the official told news undercover investigation of criminal investigation Corps detachment 2016 took various measures to strengthen anti-PA power, improving combat effectiveness. Under the leadership of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee municipal personal drive, led since March 2016 the City set up a team of more than 1300 people anti chop the auxiliary police forces in civilian clothes, “police attachés” way, works against Grill guard forces into the street. As of December 20, 2016, assist caught pickpocketing people, 1109.

While commanding an ad hoc investigation and dig deep. County Council found that reported significant clues, catch levels on a unified investigation. This year has been to organize and guide districts and counties of Chongqing Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Corps 13 police knock down pickpocketing gangs (two cases listed for the Ministry of supervision), gang members arrested 138 people.

The official said that in 2016, the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Corps led to the city’s public security authorities, “Yu-an, first” initiative as the starting point, always keep high pressure blow against pick-pocketing offences, as of December 20, 2016, nearly 5000 old pickpocketing, pick-pocketing nearly 3000 people prosecuted pickpocketing gangs 89, 338 members.

Due to anti-PA has worked first for 6 years, Yuan Bing and his colleagues now face difficulties in disguise. He said police are looking for suspects, also take into account whether there are familiar faces appear, looking at this need to remember that a lot of people. But these caught pickpocketing also remember police appearance, relatively speaking, grilled notes police looks much easier.

Yuan bing said he and his colleagues caught the most familiar face is 3 times, this person because some eye myopia, not too easy to find but grilled police. In order not to be recognized by familiar faces, Yuan Bing and his colleagues often changing hairstyles, spring, autumn and winter season by hats, masks and other disguises himself, but too hot in the summer in Chongqing, in summer they could not disguise the embarrassment of facing.

Anti chop: valuable on their own inconvenience took place

Anti chop work for 6 years, Yuan bing said he has not encountered any major risk, pickpocket encountered almost no murder weapon. He quipped, which mainly benefited from these pickpockets are good at studying law, if a murder weapon, pickpockets faces charges from theft to robbery, the shoplifters to steal money and doesn’t want his long-term detention.

Through their years of work, Yuan Bing summed up with a simple and effective method of anti-PA, it’s inconvenient valuables in their place, places like pickpockets steal is not very convenient.

Yuan bing said anti-PA to learn how pickpockets steal, he found through years of work experience, is pickpocketing cases is usually distracted by pickpockets, succeed. For example, when buses don’t sleep; don’t play mobile phone car try not to listen to music, music easy to nod off. Reduce these behaviors, pickpockets have been selected for the crime would be less likely to object.

Surging Yuan Bing and his colleagues told the news, because special anti chop, 365 days a year, they almost every day a colleague turns job inspections, while commuting or eating action time is the public. Yuan bing said, in their group 6 with a male colleague in the time, longer than the time with himself and his wife.

Head of the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau criminal investigation Corps said to maintain 2017 during the Spring Festival travel season law and order, criminal investigation Corps from January 13 to February 21, led the city’s undercover investigation department synchronization into anti-grilled security, ensure that the stable situation during the spring of 2017 pickpocketing, guarantee people’s safety.

Yuan Bing and his colleagues, also will participate.

Workers daily uncovering prolactin Division market turmoil barriers to entry

First anniversary of the implementation of comprehensive two-child policy, a large number of newborns. According to the national health planning Commission forecasts that in 2016, will exceed 17.5 million births. In the increasingly popular infant industry, domestic market demand. Among them, prolactin Division has become popular because of the high demand, high income career.

Mostly engaged in domestic service to migrant workers, lunar new year is approaching, people continue to return home for the new year, nanny, confinement, prolactin, teacher shortage in the market, and their salaries also rose. Of high income is not necessarily the quality of service, reporter for the daily worker prolactin Division market survey, found that mess a lot.

“To find a good Division prolactin is a chance”

Acupuncture needles, acupuncture and massage, hot towel on direct … … Because the milk that doesn’t drain in the month, Beijing’s new mother beinah has found several prolactin Division. Yichang inherited property for the elderly adventure

“Rather than having children still hurt, pain in my guikulanghao, prolactin Division has a shadow. “Was caused by inappropriate methods of prolactin in Burns, swelling and pain, such as after a lot, she has finally found a right to dredge the prolactin for her Division. She also lamented: “the Division line of prolactin is a mixed bag, prolactin teachers feeling that you want to find a good luck. ”

Xu Ling was not alone. Baby pregnancy parenting website communities such as tree, mother, laments breastfeeding difficult course, ridicule his meeting the unscrupulous milk Division post there. Some maternal breast problems, inflammation, and painful.

Many people find prolactin Division through acquaintances, such as Word of mouth communication channels, but due to the different maternal body condition, even with a prolactin engineer, effects are likely different. But no matter how effective, prolactin Division home service prices are not low. Beinah prolactin Division General massage for about two hours at a time, charges 400 Yuan to 600 Yuan.

Breast surgeon, breast of women during lactation serious jams, professional doctor should get to the hospital for treatment. Incorrect pass breast massage may aggravate the symptoms of discomfort, as for civil remedies are more gullible. So, now that demand is booming civil division prolactin “professional”?

Barriers to entry and low, no uniform standard

Currently available on a wide variety of prolactin teacher training and certification, many training bodies also specifically highlighted in the advertisement “crash”, spent thousands of Yuan of training 10 days half a month to get “prolactin Division”. Also on the “country”, “country”, “China” and other names, documents issued by its national certification authority. This makes many people think that so-called “qualification of prolactin test” really exist, so there are a number of people on the network to the so-called “milk Division to apply for time” to ask questions.

But journalists found that in one Department of education and training website, and not specifically for prolactin in teacher training. Skills training is with the nearest maternal and child care and job training, which refers to maternal postpartum milk, dairy-free little siltation, acute mastitis, breast pain, breast milk and other symptoms of maternal, domestic workers, maternal and child care knowledge system training month. Training and examination candidates, issued by Department of education training centre for maternal and child care training certificate, the certificate can be queried in the man Department of education and training online.

However, the fact is that money can do “prolactin Division”. A shopping website, prolactin Division documents for business, according to mark different certificate authorities, price range, 200 or 500 Yuan is more common, providing photo ID photos and documents can be processed.

February 2016, the housekeeping services maternal and child care service quality standards and the domestic service agency classification and evaluation of two national standards implemented. Maternal and child care staff can be divided into one-star to five-star, gold grades 6 grades, but reporters understand that in practice, many domestic companies have become a standard month grading is usually assessed in accordance with internal standards.

Market charges high, regulation is not in place

Recently, “aunt University” training month 8 day intensive on the Internet attracted widespread attention. Reporter to interview them to the daily worker, domestic service training course “Auntie University” is the domestic O2O enterprises “Auntie” start-up, including senior painless prolactin teacher training course fee is 3980 Yuan, includes 8 days of theoretical study is also needed on the two families for more than 10 days of practice, only the diplomas.

“Auntie” branding people Li Changze told reporters that domestic market there are two main categories of training certificates. One is the “vocational qualification certificate” and the other one is the “vocational training” certificate, and so far, “vocational training” certificates have all been finished. November 2016, “aunt University” part of the receiving society sectors notice people Department stopped the maternity and infant care card or commonly known as confinement permits, so “aunt University” now issued the relevant certificate is recognized by the institution itself.

Li Changze believes that is currently there is no national standard certificate found prolactin because prolactin is one of mother and child care skills, on a skill to launch exclusively national certification does not seem to be necessary. To solve Division prolactin chaos in the markets, companies can set a good brand through its own development. If forming a brand with a good reputation on the market, you will help consumers to make better choices.

Current month industry counterpart of the management there is no exact conclusion if only relying on market discipline without formal supervision, high salaries of temptation to avoid a situation of cohabitation. Prolactin Division as part of a month, as well as poor supervision of the phenomenon, and the more important problem is that directly related to maternal health.

Mother and child writer Huang z also believes that that prolactin Division markets its high fees are followed, is the most critical gaps in regulation. 2009 after her child has encountered dubious prolactin, and today the management of prolactin and no substantive progress, choice of prolactin Division should still be cautious. She also suggested that the new mother should have some basic knowledge of mother and child, in addition to regular doctors and nurses in the hospital care is relatively safe and secure. Said Dai Yaohua, an expert on children’s health, in addition to monitoring in place, women can learn through a variety of channels such as breastfeeding week breastfeeding knowledge.

(Originally entitled the mess needs to be regulation of prolactin Division market)

Jia Yue Ting from Shanxi hometown brought reinforcements linfen State participation

Music as a new round of investors show his true body, which also includes Le Jia Yue Ting, founder home of linfen, Shanxi, State figure.

On January 13, the music video network (300104) that got sunac China strategic financing, into its Tianjin Jia duo to the TV plus Hui Xin Management Ltd will invest 15 billion yuan in total to get the music video network, TV plus film and TV plus the new stake.

In the process of negotiating with sunac China, quietly introduced two other investors: China Ningbo Hangzhou Bay area music life and investment management partnership (investment), also shares the music as the network subsidiary music video new. Chinese life and Casper watched invested 400 million Yuan, and the price of 1.43 billion yuan, respectively, access to the new 1.1% and 4% per cent.

Among these, investment holding and linfen, Shanxi, State-owned and has a central setting with all of the British capital.

Business and information display, but investments registered in March 2016, linfen city, its shareholders include TV plus Holdings Limited, investment group, Shenzhen British asset management company limited and the China investment management co., Ltd.

Jia Yue Ting from Shanxi hometown brought reinforcements: linfen State participation in financing

Linfen State last year, has been involved in the investment company investment of capital increase. Song Youzhou white painting of the Israeli Palestinian

4 shareholders, as the holding is the music, as the network’s parent company, holds 14.27% shares of investment; investment and investment holding subsidiary, holds 0.14% shares of investment; British asset management company limited, Shenzhen 57.06% investment shares investment holdings limited held 28.53% shares of investment in linfen city.

British asset management company limited, Shenzhen was established in 2015, with registered capital of 20 million Yuan, the sole shareholder of British fund management co., Ltd. National grid through a network of State-British great international holdings group limited and State online sea-British Fund owned municipal electric power company.

Linfen city investment group is purely from Jia Yue Ting, the hometown of the State-owned assets.

Business statistics, linfen city investment group, founded in 2004, the registered capital of 1.5 billion yuan, the sole shareholder is the Finance Bureau in linfen city.

According to linfen city investment group official website introduced, linfen city investment group of credit rating for AA, debt items rating AA+, since established yilai play as “Government capital operation, and voted financing platform” role, always insisted “Government means of implementation who, market means of operation who” of positioning, cumulative financing more than 30 billion yuan funds, support has Barry fenhe, and new high school, and new hospital, and civil aviation airport, and five households enterprise policy sex bankruptcy, city focus livelihood project.

Jia Yue Ting, linfen and interaction, depending on the funding problems before the start.

Linfen, according to the daily, the afternoon of August 18, 2016, linfen met in Beijing party Secretary Yue Puyu vision group holdings Chairman and CEO Jia Yue Ting, Wang, Vice Mayor of linfen, municipal and civil units and Houma, head of xiangfen County attended the meeting.

At that time, “Yue Puyu in-depth understanding of music depending on the company’s corporate culture and the main products, introduced the basic situation of linfen, welcome to Jia Yue Ting back home to invest … … Linfen and hopes to strengthen communication and cooperation in the film, financial, automobile and other fields. ”

At the time, Jia Yue Ting introduces music depending on the present development situation and discussed the possibilities of cooperation with linfen. He said will support home-building, learn more about the current situation and investment environment of linfen, linfen, fully into account in the music as the next step in the development of culture, industry, location advantage, do our best to return home.

Jia Yue Ting from Shanxi hometown brought reinforcements: linfen State participation in financing

After the meeting, the two sides witnessed the Houma City Government and holding Group investment cooperation framework agreement, Governments, Le Le, Houma and strategy of bonded logistics center in Shanxi province sign cooperation agreement.

Linfen, according to news reports, TV plus in largest eco-experience hotel opened on September 17, 2016, a press release said: “Jia Yue Ting from xiangfen County go out of Shanxi merchants return home French implementation of the project. On September 18, letv holding group, 5 State-level poverty-stricken counties, I donated 100 70-inch smart Internet TV, worth millions of Yuan. ”

Even after the music depending on the funding crisis, there are senior officials in Shanxi to support Jia Yue Ting.

On December 11, 2016, the closing ceremony of the annual Conference of Chinese business leaders, Vice Governor of Shanxi province Wang Yixin said in his speech: “(Jia Yue Ting) is our new business representative, he is the pride of our people. “Wang Yixin of Jia Yue Ting shouted:” the people of my hometown would support you. Do you want to apply for Internet banking in Shanxi in my hometown, today I’m here to say, I’m in charge of finance, we support you! Home was always the warmth of your home front. ”

However, the music video did not disclose in Shanxi’s bid for private banking information.

It is worth mentioning that, this time to spend 15 billion yuan investment letv sunac China, Sun Hongbin, Chairman of the Shanxi people.

Shenzhen 1 woman lift robberies were cut several knives silver rings burglary

2017 new year’s eve of Shenzhen Ms Yao was followed by a man into the elevator, robbed of property after being slashed with a knife. Yao says, the time of the incident, the man is not saying a Word, knife cut and pulled out a ring from her hand, because the mind is a silver ring and discard.

On January 10, police staff to the Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen Baoan branch of Nansha surging News (www.thepaper.CN) confirm this, at present, the suspects have been detained and the case is under further investigation, in accordance with the procedures will prosecute the suspects further.

The surveillance video shows a 1 minute 20 seconds, lift, a man dressed in light suddenly took out a knife, woman cut down several knives in the elevator, the woman hands from being cut down. 30 seconds of the video, the men began searching women shoulder bags, will the phone into my arms, while the woman sits on the ground, surrounded by full of blood.

Shenzhen 1 woman lift robberies were cut several knives, silver rings burglary committed mind throw away

Subsequently, the men squat again, unplug from the woman after a ring, and a wave of his hand, threw away the ring.

Woman Yao told the word news, December 30, 2016, at three or four o’clock in the morning of the incident, returned to his home with friends after the party “Lido apartment”, then a man trailing into the elevator, Elevator starting soon, the man holding a kitchen knife to cut her. Nude lenders talk about meat service a customer

Ms Yao’s relatives to a surging news photo shows Yao ladies left hand index finger, middle finger and stitched on the back in the middle. Their relatives said, by Shenzhen City shajing people’s hospital doctors ‘ diagnosis, Ms Yao a large wound on his head, a skull fracture, two fingers and Tendon ruptures.

Yao says, no talking to the man in the video would took out a knife and began to cut her, Ms Yao with his hand holding his head after the man from Yao pulled out a ring on a woman’s hand, “one is silver, no. ”

Currently, suspects have been detained and the case is under further investigation.